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 Applied Statistics Assignment Help

What is Applied Statistics?

Applied Statistics mainly deals with the applications of theorems and related concepts of the business, research and development industries. It is the collection, analysis, interpretation, organization, and presentationof data. The term 'Statistics' used by the analyst to characterize a data set. It involves various methods i.e. mean, median and mode for solving mathematical problems.

Applied statistics are divided into two categories namely

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
Descriptive Statistics

It is a way to summarize and interpret the collected data so that a meaningful pattern is formed. It requires two types of statistical ideas: the amount of spread also called graphical summary. The graphical summary uses graphical representation to analyze data. Second is the measure of central tendency also called numerical summary. In case of numerical summary, mean, median, mode, quartile is used to analyze the given data.

Inferential Statistics

It is all about takeen the randopm data from the set of poplulation to describe the inferences about the population. It also uses some sets of methods that draw inferences on the basis of data from the sample.

Topics related to applied statistics

Our applied statistics homework help experts are professionals, highly qualified and have extensive experience in handling applied statistics projects. They can manage any topic related to applied statistics. Here we define a list of some subtopics


SAS Assignment Help

It is a programming language that is used to save data from any source which follows a database format.

SPSS assignment help

It is a software package that is used for analysis and computation of statistical data.

PHStat Assignment Help

It is one of the popular software that is use with the Microsoft Excel to explore statistics. It is widely used for regression, utilities, summarized and un-summarized data.

STATA Assignment Help

It is a joint statistical software package that is mainly used for data analysis, data management, and graphics. It also used by the researchers of various fields to examine data patterns.

Business Statistics Assignment Help

It involves collecting, classifying, summarizing, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data. It used almost all the fields, including Public sectors, Private sectors, Health and medical fields, business management and so on.

MegaStat Assignment Help

It is a full-featured Excel add-in that performs statistical analyses with an Excel workbook. It also performs basic functions, such as descriptive statistics, frequency distributions, and probability calculations as well as hypothesis testing and more.

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