Top 10 Best Bookkeeping Books of all Time to Improve Your Knowledge


The life of your business depends on how well you manage your finances and investments. Starting a business might sound easy, but running a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Whether it’s a startup or a well-established business, you should have a basic knowledge of all the important terms. And the best way to gain knowledge is simply by reading books. If you want to learn the basics of finance and accounting, one of the best ways is to refer to different Bookkeeping books available in the market. Bookkeeping and accounting are the two crucial elements of any business. 

In today’s article, I am going to give you a list of books for bookkeeping. But, before that, it is very important to understand, What Bookkeeping means? And why do people confuse this term with Accounting? So, let’s start with a detailed definition of Bookkeeping. 

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What is Bookkeeping? 

Bookkeeping is the process of recording a company’s financial transactions on a regular basis. It includes financial details of a business, individual, company, or even a non-profit organization. Bookkeeping helps companies to regulate and keep a track of all the information on their books. It also helps in making various investment and financial decisions. The person who stores all the financial data of a company in the books is known as the Bookkeeper. 

Most people confuse themselves with Bookkeeping and accounting. There are similarities between the two, but they are two different processes having their importance. We can say Bookkeeping provides a base for accounting by providing the necessary information. Accounting uses that information to generate financial reports and official statements. 

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To clear your doubts, here is a list of some of the best bookkeeping books of all time. These books will help you in understanding various concepts of Bookkeeping and Accounting (also check the best accounting books) as well. 

Top 10 Best Bookkeeping Books Of All Time

Bookkeeping is the act of storing, recording, and retrieving the financial affairs of a company, an individual, or even a non-profitable organization. With so many bookkeeping books in the market, you might get confused while choosing one to read. Below is the list of best bookkeeping books of all time

1. Bookkeeping Made Simple

By David A. Flannery
Bookkeeping Made Simple: By David A. Flannery

This book helps in understanding the use of numbers and their importance in Bookkeeping. Flannery has tried to explain Bookkeeping using the basics of Financial management. It is a different approach but it is very effective, especially for beginners.

The book will also teach you the process of the accounting cycle using various accounting and Bookkeeping theories. If you are weak in accounting maths, this bookkeeping book is a must-read for you. Apart from this, you will also learn about equities, assets, payrolls, account adjustments, etc.

2. Bookkeeping-All-In-One For Dummies

By Ita Epstein, and John A. Tracy
Bookkeeping-All-In-One For Dummies: By Ita Epstein, and John A. Tracy

Undoubtedly, one of the best books for bookkeeping that has all answers to all your questions. This book is a good combination of 5 books on bookkeeping that forms the basics of this subject.

  • Bookkeeping kit for dummies
  • Accounting for dummies
  • Bookkeeping for dummies
  • Reading financial reports for dummies
  • Accounting workbook for dummies

The book provides all the fundamental learnings about accounting and bookkeeping. It is written in very simple language and you can also use this as a textbook. With over 550 pages, this book is a treat for the bookkeepers and accounts to manage their work in the easiest way possible.

3. Full Charge Bookkeeping

By Nick J. Decandia
Full Charge Bookkeeping: By Nick J. Decandia

It is a premium book that focuses on different businesses, their size, nature, and style of working. The book starts by providing basic information about bookkeeping and accounting. As you proceed further, it discusses advanced bookkeeping topics as well. The author has himself worked as a bookkeeper, so he knows how this process works and that is what he explains in the book. This book is recommended to high school graduates and bookkeepers. 

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4. Bookkeeping Essentials

By Steven M. Bragg
Bookkeeping Essentials: By Steve M. Bragg

This book is a guide for people who want to build a bookkeeping business. It provides tips on how you can succeed as a bookkeeper using different methods to analyze the bookkeeping challenges.

This book is directed at the people who are already practising bookkeeping and need guidance to succeed in this field. You can buy this book from online book stores such as Walmart, Audible, eBay, etc. 

5. Bookkeeping and Accounts

By Frank Wood and Sheila Robinson
Bookkeeping and Accounts: By Frank Wood and Sheila Robinson

This book provides all the basic details about Bookkeeping and Accounting. It is one of the best bookkeeping books for beginners to start their careers.

All the facts are explained in a very informal language so that all the level students can read them with ease. Well, you can also say this book is more of a textbook that helps in understanding the fundamentals of Bookkeeping and accounting.

6. E to Z bookkeeping

By Barron’s E – Z series By Kathleen FitzPatrick and Wallace W. Kravitz
E to Z bookkeeping: Barron's E - Z series By Kathleen FitzPatrick and Wallace W. Kravitz

This book refreshes your bookkeeping knowledge i.e you can use this as a support to furnish your knowledge. A perfect supplement that highlights the use of bookkeeping daily.

There are many examples and problems used in the book to help you in understanding every concept to the core. It also provides various quizzes at the end of each chapter to make the learning process more interesting.

7. The E Myth Bookkeeper

By Micheal E. Gerber, Roberts Debbie, Peter Cook
The E Myth Bookkeeper: By Micheal E. Gerber, Roberts Debbie, Peter Cook

If you want to start a Bookkeeping business, this book is a must-read for you. One of the top-rated bookkeeping books, it helps in understanding the idea of building a business from the scratch.

The speciality of this book is that you can use it in two ways. First, you can use it as a textbook to clear your doubts and highlight the main points. Second, you can use it as a reference for generating an idea to start your business. 

8. Keeping The Books

By Linda Pinson
Keeping The Books: By Linda Pinson

This book is all about recordkeeping and accounting, directing its focus on small businesses. Linda says, the more your business is small the more, your accounting is manageable. If you have a small business, it is easy to set up a proper bookkeeping system and analyze financial statements.

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The book is very easy to understand and provides various tips to young entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses. You can find this book on Amazon, Audible, eBay, etc.

9. Bookkeeping Basics

By Debra L. Ruegg and Lisa MVenkatrathnam
Bookkeeping Basics: By Debra L. Ruegg and Lisa MVenkatrathnam

There are very few books available for non-profit Bookkeeping, this book stands on the top. The book offers very good help to people who do not belong to the Bookkeeping/accounting field. Moreover, if you want to work as a non-profit bookkeeper, this book is a must-read for you. It is a short book of 128 pages but highly effective and helpful.

10. Bookkeepers Boot Camp

By Angie Mohar
Bookkeepers Boot Camp: By Angie Mohar

This book shows a relationship between bankruptcy and bookkeeping. It says, “you do not know how well your business is doing unless you record it”.

This book is directed at small businesses showing them the importance of a bookkeeping system. It keeps a record of all the financial activities within an organization. One of the best bookkeeping books, you will ever read.


Bookkeeping is something that requires basic accounting knowledge. As mentioned earlier, all the books are worth reading and highly useful. If you are a beginner in bookkeeping and want to learn at a very basic level, we suggest you start with the basic bookkeeping books. You can also try some of the advanced books in the above list. On the other hand, you need to decide which book suits you the best. This is the end of this article which is about bookkeeping books. I hope you like it and find it helpful. Have a Great Day!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the basic difference between Bookkeeping and Accounting?

Bookkeeping and Accounting are both important parts while managing your finances or managing other stuff related to finance. At first, both seem pretty similar, but they are not. There are a few main differences between Bookkeeping and Accounting. 

Well let’s first talk about bookkeeping, Bookkeeping focuses on organising and recording financial data. On the other hand, Accounting is the interpretation and presentation of that data to business owners and investors.

In simple words, we can say Bookkeeping is a part of accounting. It provides information for accounting to get the financial statements of the business.

Bookkeeping consists of:
1. Payroll
2. Invoicing
3. Receipts and bills
4. Recording business transactions

Accounting consists of:
1. Financial statements and reports
2. Budgets
3. Tax returns
4. Analysing business performance

Q2. What is the basic role of a Bookkeeper?

The basic role of a bookkeeper is to keep an eye on the financial data of a company. It includes a compilation of account books, payrolls, ledger entries, record payments, etc.