What are The Best Data Analytics Platforms?


If you want to know the past, current and future position of your company on the basis of the raw data or information thereof then the data analytics comes into play. Data analytics as the name suggests help you in analyzing the business data in order to make future predictions and decisions of the business. Data analysts basically arrange the raw data into structured form and then use different data analysts tools and methods to draw conclusions thereon. Thereafter, the management takes the decisions on the basis of such conclusions and interpretations. One of the objectives of data analytics is to present and visualize the data in a well structured form so that data can be easily extracted and utilized at the right time. 

Data analytics platforms are basically a system whereby the entire process of data analysis is performed. This is why it is very important to learn about these platforms.

Data analytics platforms

It is basically a service system based on technology which is used to perform data analysis processes from converting the large unstructured data into well structured data to analyze all the aspects of the business on the basis of such data. 

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Such platforms help to store the data in a systematic way so that the relevant information can be accessed instantly instead of searching the relevant information from the entire information. These data analytics platforms have a number of inbuilt tools and techniques which are capable of performing all the data analytics processes. Thus, you can easily perform data analytics including data visualization and data predictions and eventually you can make decisions for the growth of the business. 

If we talk about the significance of data analytics platforms in one line then you would also agree that businesses can use all kinds of business data or information for making business decisions and to make future predictions about the results of such decisions. 

In today’s times almost the entire corporation world uses these platforms as they can plan the strategies for the business growth and profitability. For example you can get data such as which age group purchases your products more so that you can target them more by offering more fascinating services or by moulding the product as per their whims and usage. 

Significance of data analysis platforms – 

  • To present the large structured and unstructured data in a systematic manner 
  • You can have a transparent view of the business data and you can present the same transparent details to your users and customers 
  • Data analytics platforms are used to store and manage the business data so that such data can be easily accessed, understood and secured. 
  • Management of the organization can also monitor all the data and thus they can review the business performance of the whole organization. 
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Why do we need to learn Data analytics platforms? 

  1. To compare and establish relationship between variables
  2. To study the market conditions whether they are favourable to the organization or not 
  3. To predict the outcomes of the business decisions 
  4. To check the execution of business plans
  5. To discover the customer demands and how much demand has been satisfied 

Topmost Data Analytics Platforms in brief 

Sumo Logic 

This data analytics platform has a number of applications such as Airbnb etc. It’s main function is to solve the troubleshooting problems and to keep a check upon the business decisions and growth. Thus, you can check if there is any security breach or fraud committed within the organization. It absolutely supports machine learning with 100 % efficiency. 

It helps the data analysts to manage the fluctuations in data as it adapts the data even if there is sudden alteration in the same. 

Microsoft Azure

 As we know that we can store our data on Microsoft’s Azure. It is best known for its wide open source spectrum such as hadoop and spark. 

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With this data analytics platform, you can perform all the data analysis including cluster analysis. 


This data analytics platform is mainly used for handling the massive data so that you can easily perform all the data analysis operations. Thus you can manage a large amount of data such as logs, texts etc. 

Google cloud 

We all must have heard about this platform and it is best known for its massive storage. You can also keep a track of ongoing data streams and you can also check the past data. 

Data analytics uses this platform to convert the data into graphics form. 


Data analytics platform has become the need of the hour for storing, monitoring and interpreting the business information. There are several such platforms and all the data analysts are in a hurry to learn all of them in order to excel in this competitive world. If you are looking for a data analysts platform then we hope the above mentioned tips and guide would help you in clearing all of your donuts relating thereto. If you are still facing any difficulty then you can ask your doubts from our expert panel anytime for immediate solution. Get the best data analysis assignments from our experts.