Digital Certificates: Meaning and Benefits

Benefits of Digital Certificates

What Are the Benefits of Digital Certificates For Remote Workers?

Today, several companies value digital certificates. They show that you constantly update yourself with new trends in your field. Moreover, providing them to your remote workers is a great way of motivating and refining their skills. 

Importance of Digital Certification Programs for Remote Workers

The outbreak of coronavirus has completely changed the functioning of the world. Today, we depend on digital commodities to get our work done. In addition, to take advantage of this digital era could drive your business towards success. One of the things you can do to achieve that is by providing digital certificates.

Because workers operate from remote locations, you can offer them online learning opportunities. They can learn new skills and earn online certificates for the same. Such online training sessions motivate workers to do their best. It also boosts productivity and streamlines work processes. By improving employees’ skills, you enable them to solve problems quickly. In addition, when they know they will be rewarded with a certificate at the end, it acts as a motivation to complete the program and ace it.

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Benefits of Digital Certificate

We have highlighted some of the benefits of online certificates below.


Henry Ford rightly said, “Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Digital certificates help your employee in their learning journey. They do not have to make space for their certificates. They can simply store it on their digital devices. 

Earlier, people thought online learning held no value over traditional learning methods. However, with changing times, online courses have gained popularity. They enable your staff to learn at their pace. After course completion, they can download their certificates and store them on cloud servers. 

The work-from-home concept is here to stay. In addition, digital courses help employee’s upskill. Therefore, as time goes by, you can track your employees’ progress and offer them growth opportunities. You can ask your staff to update their credentials on company servers to track their key performance indicators.

Because digital certificates are not large, anyone can store them on their devices without deleting any existing files. Even if they unintentionally delete it, they can retrieve it within minutes.

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Digitization is a boon as well as a bane. Like most people say, “if there’s good then there’s bad too.” For example, several eLearning companies provide digital certificates after completion. They help individuals in their lifelong learning journey. However, not every employee will tell the truth about his or her certifications. You should trust your employees but not blind trust them. 

With applications like Photoshop, anyone can create certificates or edit grades in order to get a job or promotion. Online certificates assist you in determining the accuracy of the certificate. You can search the credential by its unique number and if the certificate does not show up that means, it is a fake. 

For instance, all courses offered by Coursera have a verification link on downloaded certificates that you can click to determine the certificate’s accuracy.


It is convenient to store certificates in a cloud environment. However, that raises questions about its security too. To protect your data from cyber threats, you can implement a digital certificate system. They are often backed by blockchain technology that enables you to secure certificates efficiently. 

Some of the other advantages of blockchain technology are as follows:

  • The audit trail feature enables you to trace the certificate.
  • You can automate verification processes.
  • Because of its distributed network, you do not have to create multiple databases.
  • Saves data from third-party interventions.

Online certificates are encrypted with a key that protects your data from manipulation. It becomes difficult for hackers to steal information because when they try to access data, all they can see is a jumble of numbers, characters, and letters. 

Career Progress

Remember the old days when we used to go to libraries and read newspapers to gain knowledge. In the last few decades, the world has shifted from physical to online reality. Today, you can just search for things on Google or download apps, and the information will be at your fingertips. 

Employees no longer have to visit a store and buy books that will take space in their drawers. They can download books and take courses online. They can rewatch modules for revision purposes. So, why do not empower them?

You can provide digital certificates when they complete a particular program. Learning new things about their industry will help them work in an efficient way.

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Certificate programs for remote employees can do wonders in their career development journey. Everyone wants to learn something new at their job. They want to feel confident and work on projects that open up newer career dimensions. In addition, digital certificates help them achieve the same.


Remote workers have to deal with isolation. Therefore, their productivity level decreases. In addition, for a business to achieve success, efficiency is of utmost importance. The only way is to keep workers involved with certification programs. When they learn new skills, they can think of an efficient way to get the job done. They would also enjoy other self-development programs when they feel like they are rewarded with a certificate that makes them stand out from the competition.

You can offer your remote workers to learn an application that could help them streamline their workflows. For instance, writers can learn how to use visual collaboration tools to simplify their research processes. The more learning opportunities you offer, the quicker workers will be able to perform their tasks.


The age of social networking has given rise to a marketing strategy called “personal branding.” Today, people promote their skills using social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. For instance, if employees receive a digital certificate for leadership skills, they would like to post it on LinkedIn to inform their networks about the same. 

Everyone depends on personal branding. Self-promotion helps them land great opportunities. Individuals even make separate professional profiles to help businesses discover them easily.

If you offer your employees in-house training, they can share their online certificates on their social media accounts. They learn new skills and your company gains recognition. It’s a win-win situation for both, employees and your organization.

In several workplaces, certificates play an important role in career development. For example, some companies offer promotions based on the training they completed. You can also provide online training for your remote workers and offer them incentives when they meet the business criteria.


Having to scan your physical certificate every time you want to share it via the Internet is time-commerce hosting. Online certificates are downloadable and shareable in nature. Therefore, if you want to share it with anyone, you can just share it via a link. For instance, LinkedIn provides an option to share your certificates on your behalf. You do not even have to worry about posting it.

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When you provide your remote workers with a similar option, it allows them to stand out from the crowd. Sharing achievements never goes unnoticed. So, you are not only displaying that your company values learning but your employees can share their talents with their professional networks.


Whether you run a small- or large-sized company, digital certificates fit every company. They provide the same encryption functionalities and can be easily revoked, published, and renewed within seconds. You do not have to store your employees’ certificates on different devices. You can store it in a centralized location and access them using a login and password. You can also grant authorized access to the human resources team to track workers’ certificates in order to offer them the benefits they deserve.


Apart from course completion certificates, you can also get digital certificates to encrypt your communications in this era of cyber threats. These certificates ensure that the message intended for the recipient does not fall through data leaks or is not readable by hackers. Some types of digital certificates include:

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL): Encrypts website if you are an e Commerce company, look for eCommerce hosting that includes free SSL certificates in the plan.
  • Secure or Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME): Used to secure email communications.
  • Software Signing: Utilized for securely software code hashing and encryption.

If you want to protect your network, you can invest in a Comodo SSL certificate. It will help you protect your login details, legal documents and contract, personally identifiable information, transactions, proprietary information and much more.

In Conclusion

The importance of digital certificates has increased over the years. Today, organizations look for candidates possessing additional skills. Degrees and diplomas do matter still. However, with a digital certificate, employees can reach new horizons. You can motivate your employees to keep learning and support them in their career development journey.

Digital certificates allow you to run your company in an efficient manner. You can also invest in online certificates to protect your company network, especially in a cloud environment. It helps you keep cyber criminals at bay.

In summary, you can acknowledge your employees’ skills and talents by issuing a digital certificate. It is a digital world. Moreover, it is available at your fingertips. So, why not use it to your advantage to boost productivity, simplify workflows and maximize your profits.

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