Excel vs Minitab: Which is More Powerful


I know you are well familiar with Excel and Minitab. But do you know how they are different and which one is best? 

Maybe yes or no!

If you don’t know the specific purpose of Excel and Minitab, we are here to provide you with the best guidance.

In this blog, we will compare Excel and Minitab with their special features. Thus, to know more, you need to read the entire blog.

Excel Vs Minitab is the closest competitor in the world. There are many similarities between Excel Vs Minitab. That’s why it is quite hard for the students to pick either one between these two statistics software. This comparison blog will help you to pick the best one between these two. Let’s get started with the overview of both Excel and Minitab.

Excel vs Minitab


Introduction to Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and widely used spreadsheet programs in the world. It is the most commonly used spreadsheet software of all time. Millions of businesses and people around the globe are using excel to manage their daily tasks. The reason is, you can insert all sorts of data into excel. Besides you can also perform various financial, statistics, and mathematics calculations.

In other words, it is used to record and analyze numerical data. Like other statistics software, it is the collection of rows and columns. The numbers are assigned to the rows, which is quite useful. The group of both rows and the column is known as the cell.

And the address of the cell is denoted by column number and the row number with a hyphen between them. Microsoft Excel is considered as one of the oldest spreadsheet software. It was launched around 1982. But the improved version of MS Excel was launched in the year 1987 by Microsoft. From that day until now, excel is getting popular and becoming more user-friendly. Therefore, it is the first choice for small and medium enterprises. 

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Introduction to Minitab

Minitab is not for all types of users. It is specially designed for six sigma professionals. Six Sigma professionals are one of the most important factors for the business. They use Minitab to analyze the data, and on the basis of their analysis, they improve the business process. Six sigma is all about quality management techniques.

They do a lot of analysis to eliminate the defects in the products or services. Minitab was developed by Barbara F. Ryan, Thomas A. Ryan, Jr., and Brian L. Joiner in 1972 at the Pennsylvania State University. They were the researcher at that university. Minitab help has automated the calculation and the process of graph creation. Moreover, It allows the users to put more focus on data analysis and results in interpretation. 

Excel Vs Minitab: Features

Features of ExcelFeatures of Minitab
Conditional FormattingPivotTablesPaste SpecialAdd Multiple RowsAbsolute ReferencesPrint OptimisationExtend formula across/downFlash FillINDEX-MATCHFiltersMeasurement systems analysisContour and rotating 3D plotsAnalysis of VarianceLinear and nonlinear regressionBinary, ordinal, and nominal logistic regressionMeasurement Systems AnalysisExact failure right-, left-, and interval-censored dataRandom number generatorExtensive preferences and user profilesChi-square, Fisher’s accurate, and other tests

Excel Vs Minitab: Key Differences


Excel Cost

Microsoft excel is not an individual product of Microsoft. It is the part of Microsoft office. But nowadays you can purchase MS excel separately. MS Excel will cost you around $129.99 for one pc activation. You can’t install and activate it on another PC. It is compatible with the latest version of Windows 10 and offers multi-language support. Purchased the licensed version of MS Excel at Buy now 

Minitab Cost

Minitab has two types of licenses, the first one is the annual network license, and the other one is a single license. You can purchase the Minitab, or you can upgrade it to the latest version by paying some money to Minitab.

For academic users, the Minitab cost you around $29.99 for 6-month rent and $49.99 for 12-month rent. For a multi-user network, you need to get in touch with them. And for the single-user license, you need to spend $2348 one time. Or if you upgrade you Minitab version to the latest one, then you need to pay $1432.

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Also Read

Ease of learning

Excel learning

Excel is offering quite easy to use interface to the users. It is easy to do the basic math calculations in Excel without any prior training. Nowadays, there are lots of free platforms where you can learn to excel for free. If we talk about the ease of learning for beginners, then yes, it is easy for beginners to get started with excel.

Microsoft has initiated the best excel training support to the students on a freemium basis. It means that some of the services or products are paid for in their training area, and some are free. Besides, you will find plenty of stuff like full excel training from basic to advanced level, some pre-built templates, tips from the experts, expert tips directly from YouTube. You can also join their community to solve all your queries related to excel. Get Microsoft training at Excel Training.

Minitab Learning

Like MS Excel, Minitab is also offering training support for the users. But if I talk about the ease of learning, then it is not as easy as MS Excel. It is popular among Six Sigma professionals. It means that if you want to perform specific tasks in Minitab, then you need to have prior training.

Minitab is officially offering many courses to the users, and these courses are divided into 2 Categories i.e., Manufacturing and Services. You can also get onsite training and public training from the Minitab. Apart from that, it is also offering E-learning to its users. You can access E-learning from anywhere. Get the official Minitab training at Minitab Training.

Online Support

MS Excel Support

Microsoft excel is offering excellent online support to users. You can get in touch with their experts with the help of their community, or you can jump into the section where you can type your issues, and their experts will resolve your problems as soon as possible. 

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Minitab Support

Minitab beats MS Excel at this point of comparison. It offers outstanding support to the users and a variety of online support to the users. You can get the data set, the documentation, download the additional tools for Minitab, videos, webinars, FAQs of installations, blogs, software updates, licensing, and activation.


Excel jobsMinitab jobs
Financial AnalystsAdministrative AssistantsRetail Store ManagersProject ManagersBusiness AnalystsData JournalistsAccountantsCost EstimatorSales ManagerInformation ClerkQuality ManagerProject Development EngineerSales Management AdvisorData AnalystDesign EngineerProcess Improvement ManagerQuality Assurance SpecialistSenior Automotive EngineerManufacturing EngineerPower Supply Quality Analyst

Average Salary

Excel Salary
Excel’s annual average salary is $49,303.
Minitab Salary
Minitab’s annual average salary is $40,153.

Bonus Point

Benefits Of Choosing Minitab Over Excel

Creating Graphs With Raw Data Easily

Excel is a spreadsheet software program. It is best for sorting, compiling, and highlighting big amounts of data. It can be cumbersome in creating graphs and advanced statistical calculations as it does not do specific mathematical functions, especially related to statistics.

On the contrary, Minitab can create a bar chart easily from the raw data in the worksheet. Just in a few clicks, Minitab displays the results. 

Manage and Organize Multiple Graphs

When we start working with a new set of data, we usually create different types of graphs and statistical output to get insight into the shape and distribution of the data. 

Excel stores all graphs and formulas that are represented directly in the worksheet. It shows the data accurately in the worksheet at the moment. 

Like Excel, Minitab enables you to cascade various worksheets and graphs, but the window makes a little mess when you have a large number of reports. The solution in Minitab to this is to use the Navigator. It enables you to switch between worksheets, graphs, and statistical output.


Now you may quite confident to choose the best between Excel vs Minitab; from the above comparison, we have found that anyone can use MS Excel, and it is quite popular among small and medium enterprises.

On the other hand, Minitab is used in educational, small, medium, and even large enterprises. Matlab is offering lots of features that are not provided by Excel. But wait, if we talk about the cost of both of these products, then excel is quite cheaper than Minitab.

Besides you can fulfill all the primary requirements of small and medium businesses. Excel also has numerous job opportunities. Minitab is also offering diverse job opportunities, but you need to have excellent command over Minitab. Now it’s up to you what you are going to learn between Excel vs Minitab.Also, get the best Minitab assignment help at nominal charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Excel instead of Minitab?

Of Course, yes! There are various free Microsoft Excel alternatives to Minitab for statistical analysis.

How do you do Minitab in Excel?

Navigate to your excel file and select it. But before you click ‘open,’ take a look at the buttons that appear at the bottom of the dialog box. Click ‘preview’ to view how Minitab recognizes the data in the worksheet.