Excel VS Numbers: Which One Makes You Smart

Which One Makes You Smart: Excel VS Numbers

Excel vs numbers both have similar and identical features. Excel includes an entire sheet with lots of rows and columns, i.e., a single table. On the other hand, numbers are used to count, measure, label things, codes, and serial numbers. With the help of numbers, you can easily keep track of records, but with the help of excel, you can permanently save the records for future decisions. Both excel vs numbers play an essential role in our daily work and solves many problems.

When students want to learn, they must know the basics of both the topics, whether excel vs numbers. For that, they move to online tutors for better guidance. Let’s understand both the topics and explore its difference so that you can clear your doubts.

Have A Look At The Working Of MS Excel

MS Excel is widely used in most companies, businesses, or organizations. It is known for its features, tools, functions that make companies profitable in various fields. So that it is necessary to learn excel for organizing the data properly and can able to keep track of all the records, which are helpful for future decisions, you must know it’s basic for making your records accurate because it is a powerful tool. 

There are some uses of MS Excel that make it is unique – As you all know, it is widely used to organize data and perform complex calculations. It is necessary because for getting accurate outputs for financial analysis. Most of the companies apply for the following requirements.

  • Data entry
  • Data Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Modeling
  • Accounting
  • Time Management
  • Task Management
  • Programming
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Charting, Graphing, and Reporting
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It is compatible, and every student can easily learn for any type of business and is used in various fields. Both excel vs numbers are different from each other and have different working criteria.

Some benefits to using MS Excel – 

  • The perfect way to store data – You can easily store data in excel and can access it from anywhere. It can store a large number of data set accurately.
  • Calculations – Excel has pre-defined formulas and functions to give you prominent and accurate answers.
  • Analyze – In excel, you can now analyze very easily and do calculations.
  • Print reports – Excel can easily print reports in a formal format for business purposes or for companies. That’s why it is widely used for businesses or companies.
  • Templates – There are so many templates for free or paid. So, you can present in so many formats.
  • Store data – In Excel, you can store data in many rows and columns.

Time To Learn About The Working Of Numbers

 Numbers belong to any character, whether it is positive or negative. Positive numbers belongs to “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0” and negative belongs to “-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7, -8, -9”. Numbers represent many work or relationships with computers like measuring clock speed of CPU, binary numbers, etc. When you work with numbers, it is known as the number system. 

There are many forms of number systems, but some are mostly used that are – 

  • Decimal number system – It is the number system based on the digit 10. It is used daily, and the digits used are (0 – 9). The plus point of this number system is that when there is a number without a base, its base is 10. 
  • Binary number system – Binary number system uses only two digits is 0 & 1 and represents two as its base. It also represents each successive digit with a power of 2.
  • The Octal number system uses numbers from (0 – 7) and represents eight as its base. You can’t believe that octal numbers represent binary numbers when grouped in a pair of three.
  • The hexadecimal number system is described as 16 digit numbers in which numbers must be (0 – 9), and alphabets must be (A – F).
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Both excel vs numbers has different meaning and working criteria. You must know the basics of both if you want to work accurately. You can use it both personally and professionally, only when you do it practically to understand. Let’s focus on the interesting facts of both excel vs numbers.

Excel VS Numbers: Some Interesting Facts

Both the tools are important for every business environment and can be used for professional and personal analysis. Excel help in maintaining the records for the longest time, and numbers are used to keep track of records but not for a longer time. There are some common differences between both the tools, “excel vs numbers”, let’s look at these differences.

Microsoft has developed MS Excel that has many rows and columns.Egyptians have developed numbers.
When you use excel with numbers is more user-friendly.When numbers are compared with excel is less user-friendly.
Functions of the excel tool have more than 400 and are divided into 11 categories.The functions of the numbers are over 262 and are divided into ten categories.
Excel works on operating systems or windows with huge datasets.Numbers works on only the operating system and can’t work on any platforms.
The speed doesn’t lose speed when there are huge datasets were loaded.Numbers do lose speed when there are huge datasets.
MS Excel is the most popular tool.Numbers are a less popular tool.
Excel treats the entire sheet as a single table.Numbers treats each table as separate whether it includes 2 or 3 tables in one sheet.
Excel is not installed in tablets or pads.Numbers are installed in tablets or pads.
Excel is used for businesses purposes.Numbers are used for general or personal purposes.

Are Excel VS Numbers Which One Is Better?

Both excel vs numbers are important, but you must know which one is better by studying deeply. Students must involve in their studies by giving their full time and resources. They have been given so many assignments to complete on time when they are in college. It suffers when they are eager to complete a task but having less time make their knowledge incomplete. It affects their studies and their growth in companies or businesses. There are some reasons why we use excel rather than numbers – 

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Excel is more compatible in place of numbers because it has plug-ins that can easily make tablets or can add two cells together. To know the difference we must know about both the topics excel vs numbers – 

  • Easily understandably organize data.
  • It can do calculations, whether for basic or complex mathematical functions.
  • You can present through graphics and charts more properly.
  • You can also predict or forecast data by analyzing it.
  • It helps create, edit, or build images, i.e. it is creative.

In getting things done – Through excel, you can save lots of time in getting your stuff done. Sometimes employees have to maintain so many expenses, profits, inventories, etc. You can easily do it from excel in an understandable form, and you can share it with all the employees or your seniors.

Increase your salary – When you are working for a company, they want you to be updated in almost every tool used in your profile. So, if you know about excel formulas and functions that save your time, companies can hire you instantly. Numbers are, as compared to excel is difficult to understand. If you are an expert in this tool, your salary must be increased by your seniors.

Helps you better at your job – So many people are dependent on excel because of its functions which are not available in numbers. People must be accountants, teachers, scientists, bankers, etc. You can easily edit your changes and save them for the future, which helps them answer for the seniors. So, it helps maintain your position in companies.


The tools, excel vs numbers, have different objectives and ways to use both tools. Companies and businesses are constantly working on the tools and making them updated. When tools are updated, you can move with the latest technology and profit. The companies aim to make it user-friendly and more compatible to use. 

Excel vs numbers are important and are not so difficult to understand. Students must focus on the depth of these two topics because they contain formulas and functions to perform. They are combined, but the working criteria are different. There are many websites that help in making you understand and also help in completing excel assignment help, excel homework help.


Is excel different from numbers?

The key difference between excel vs numbers is their compatibility and versatility. Excel works on MAC or Windows and keeps things simple, while numbers confuse users when working with functions. 

Which one is better, excel vs numbers?

Excel is suitable for business purposes, while numbers are used for personal use. The use of numbers is difficult on large datasets as compared to excel.