Geometry vs Trigonometry | What is the Best Between Them

geometry vs trigonometry

Geometry vs trigonometry, is it important to understand the difference? Yes!! Why?? Because trigonometry is the study of different properties of triangles. On the other hand, geometry helps to study the properties of the geometrical figure.

Besides these, there are several differences between geometry and trigonometry that each student must know. This blog will help you understand those differences, so let’s check them.

Before that, let’s get some details about what is geometry and what is trigonometry?

Key point

What is Geometry?

It uses to study the relationship in the different lines, points, and angles over the plane surface. There are three kinds of geometry: plane, 2-D geometry, 3-D, or solid geometry. 
The 2-D geometry deals with lines, points, plane figures, curves, and more.

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What is trigonometry?

It is one of the fundamental branches of math. It deals with the length, height, and various triangle angles, particularly right-angled. 
There are six different kinds of trigonometry ratios. And these are sine (sin), cosine (cos), tangent (tan), cosecant (cosec), secant (sec), cotangent (cot).
All these ratios are taken from the triangle sides like the opposite, adjacent, and hypotenuse sides.

Is there any important formula(s) for geometry and trigonometry problems?

Yes, there are!!

Several formulas are used for solving the geometry and trigonometry problems, respectively. Below are the formulas:



Learn these formulas along with understanding the geometry vs trigonometry differences. So, let’s check the differences below.

Geometry vs trigonometry: Trending graph

As you can see, the geometry field of study has more in trend as compared to trigonometry. The reason for this might be that geometry helps in understanding trigonometry ratios and their concepts. 

Therefore, it would be beneficial if you learn geometry first and then proceed to trigonometry. If you check them individually (from geometry vs trigonometry graph), the trending graphs of both move up and down throughout several years.

So, both branches of mathematics can be useful for mathematics students in solving real-life problems. Also, their advanced knowledge can allow you to solve difficult problems like conceptual engineering problems and more.

Is trigonometry harder than geometry?

Well, each person has their own capability to learn and understand mathematical concepts. There are various students who find geometry hard, and others find trigonometry quite tricky. It means that it depends on person to person. 

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But I personally say both geometry and trigonometry are not challenging for me. I simply find both quite interesting. Trigonometry might be difficult for you as it needs higher-order thinking. 

But if you follow the right strategy and plan to study trigonometry and geometry, you can simply understand the concepts. That is why planning, the right approach, and practice help you to master the concepts.

Geometry vs Trigonometry: Major differences

As per Wikipedia, geometry (mathematics, uncountable) is one of the branches of mathematics that deal with spatial relations. 
Or it (mathematics, countable) is a kind of concept that deals with specific properties like spherical and more.
As per Wikipedia, trigonometry (mathematics) is one of the branches of mathematics. 
This provides information about the angles and the sides of triangles. The calculations are done based on the trigonometric functions.
Geometrical and Geometer are the related terms that are used to define the geometry word.Trigonometry is also defined by trigonometric and trigon.
“Geometry” is derived from the Greek word: “Geo” means Earth, and “metron” means measure.“Trigonometry” is derived from the Greek word: “Trigonon” + “metron”.
Geometry considers as the superset of trigonometry.Trigonometry considers as the subset of geometry.
Geometric concepts are useful for constructing buildings, dams, roads, rivers, temples, more. 
Also, it has applications in Computer Graphics, Art, Interior Design, Measuring Orbits, and Planetary Motions, and more.
Trigonometry concepts use to study the structure of a roof in a house for constructing the roof inclined. 
Also, it supports studying the height of the roof in buildings and more. The naval and aviation industries also use the concept of trigonometry. 

What do the geometry and trigonometry problems look like?


Find the value of x?

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=> The angles are vertical angles as these are opposite angles where the two lines cross each other.

=> Therefore, they are vertical equivalents. That is why x = 35 degrees.


Find the value of cos 15°.


Where can I study the concepts of geometry and trigonometry?

There are different ways to enhance your knowledge of mathematical concepts. Offline and online are the two ways. 

For offline, you can check different books from the library, bookshops, and other places. This might be a little bit time-consuming for you. As you need to check several book shops for the particular problem. 

But in the case of the online method, you can check the following websites to get the best material and conceptual blogs about both geometry and trigonometry. And these websites are:

  • Statanalytica
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Skillshare
  • edX


There is another way to learn the concept of geometry as well as trigonometry. And that is statanalytica experts’ help. They can help students with their assignments and homework. Their easy-to-understand solutions can help you to understand the concepts with ease.


There are several students who actually do not know the difference between geometry and trigonometry. That is why I have explained all the necessary details in this blog (geometry vs trigonometry). 

So, share the link with your friends to clear their doubts about mathematical concepts. If you still need any kind of help regarding the geometric and trigonometric concepts, let me know. You can comment your queries in the comment section. And I will try my best to solve it effectively. Get the best help with trigonometry problems from our experts. Get the best geometry homework help from our experts.

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“Keep practicing the numeric problems to master the mathematical concepts.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is trigonometry in algebra or geometry?

Trigonometry is the mathematical branch used to examine the relationships among the angles and sides of triangles. Moreover, trigonometry can be seen throughout the geometry. Because each straight-sided shape can split into different triangles.

Is trigonometry easy or hard?

Trigonometry is quite hard as it is designed to solve difficult real-life problems. We also know trigonometry is all about the right triangles and triangles using the Pythagorean Theorem concept. Therefore, some students find trigonometry difficult to learn and understand.

Do I need geometry for trigonometry?

As you know, geometry is the study of triangles, so the geometry is beneficial to learn trigonometry. By learning geometry, you can understand the concept of the Pythagorean theorem. This also helps you understand trigonometry ratios.