Quick Tips on How to Solve Math Equations

how to solve math equations

We all use Mathematics in our daily lives still many of us are scared of mathematical problems. No-one can cram the mathematical problems as there are n number of mathematical concepts, equations and questions so it is always better to understand the rationale of the mathematical concepts and then solve the questions. Thereafter, we must practice these questions on a daily basis and you will master the math. Many students get stuck with Mathematical equations. Thus, they frequently ask how to solve math equations. So follow the following steps and practice that daily. You will 

What is Equation in mathematics? 

An Equation has two sides which are equal to each other and thus it has an ‘equals to’ sign that is ‘=’ between both sides. Left side of an equation is called the left hand side whereas the right side of the equation is called the right hand side of the equation. 

For example – 

X + 2 = 4 

Basics of Equation

Firstly, learn what is an equation and what are the essentials of the equation as then only you can understand the methods and processes of how to solve math equations. 

Variable : An equation has one or more variables. Equations are meant to find out the value of such variables. Variables are written in alphabets such as x, y, z etc. 

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All the variables in the equation have coefficients. Variables are alphabetics whereas coefficients are numerical and are written just near to the variables. 

Let’s understand through an example – 

2X + 2 = 4 

X is the variable and 2 written with x is the coefficient. 

Solution : 

Since we have to find out the value of variables in the equation so we can find the values in place of such variables and if both sides get equal then it is the correct answer. Thus, the values we put in place of variables and which make the equations true are called solutions. 

For example 

X + 2 = 4 

Let’s take 1 as x’s value. 

1 + 2 = 4 

3 ≠ 4 

Thus 1 is not the solution of this equation. 

Let’s put 2 in place of x then we will get – 

2 + 2 = 4 

4 = 4 

Since both the sides are equal to each other therefore 2 is the solution of the equation as it is making the equation true. 

  • It is not necessary that the equation has only one variable as there can be more than one variable. 

For example – 

2x + 3y – z = 4

In this equation, there are 3 variables that are x, y and z and coefficients of such variables are 2, 3 and -1 respectively. 

Ways : How To solve math equations 

There are several ways to solve mathematical equations – 

Addition : how to solve math equations 

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If you add the same number to both of the sides of an equation then also both sides will be equal. 

For example we have following equation – 

X = Y 

Let’s add 2 to both sides then we will have following equation – 

X + 2 = y + 2 

Let’s take the values of x and y as 5 as both are equal to each other. 

5 = 5 

And if we add 2 to both sides then we will have – 

5 + 2 = 5 + 2 

7 = 7 

Thus, both sides are still equal. 

Subtraction : how to solve math equations 

Subtraction method is the same as addition. Likewise, if we subtract the same number from both sides then also both sides remain the same. 

For example the equation is 

X = Y 

And here value of X and y is 7 and let’s subtract 2 from both sides – 

X – 2 = Y – 2

7 – 2 = 7 – 2 

5 = 5 

Hence, both sides are equal. 

Division and multiplication :  How to solve math equation 

Division and multiplication rules are also the same as addition and subtraction. Thus, if you divide or multiply the same number from both sides then also both sides of the equation shall remain the same always.

Example – 

X = Y 

Value of x and y is the same as 10. 

Now let’s divide both sides by 2 then we will get the following result – 

X/2 = y/2 

10/2 = 10/2 

5 = 5 

Hence, both sides are equal. 

Now let’s multiply both sides by 2 – 

X x 2 = Y x 2 

10 x 2 = 10 x 2 

20 = 20 

Hence, both sides of the equation are equal. 

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Examples : How to solve math equations 

Example 1 : 2X + 2 + 3X = 12

Let’s solve this equation. 

So the first step in how to solve math equations is to add the variables on the left side. Thus we will get the following equation – 

2x + 3x = 12 -2 

Now add the left hand and right hand sides of the equation. 

5x = 10 

Now we have 5 as a coefficient of x on the left side so we will send it on the right side. Since 5 is in multiplication so if we will write it on the right side then it will be in division form. 

X = 10/5 

X = 5 

Thus the value of x is 5.

Example 2 : 5x – x + 4 = 20 

So we will first write the variables on the left side and other numerical values on the right side. As we know the shifting rules – 

Positive number becomes a negative number when it is written on the other side of the equation. 

Likewise , a negative number becomes a positive number. 

Multiplication number goes in division and division number becomes multiplication namber. 

Solution of given example – 

5x – x = 20 – 4

4x = 16

X = 16/ 4 

X = 4

hence , the value of x is 4. 


How to solve math equations has become a prevalent question among students. They are always looking for different methods and ways of solving such equation problems. Go through the given fundamentals and ways of solving equations thoroughly and master the equations in easy steps. If you have further queries relating to it then ask our experts team anytime to do my homework maths. Get the best help with math homework from the experts.

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