The Best Ever Tips on How to Study For Exams


Every student wants to score high grades in exams. But they don’t know the right methods or ways to score high grades in exams. Most of the students try to leave the preparation until the last minute. Even some of the students thought that they could prepare for the exam in one night. But this is not the best way to prepare for the exams. Therefore the study should know how to study for exams.

The very first thing that comes into our mind before studying is planning. We should plan for the study because it will help you throughout your exam preparation. Let’s have a look at some of the best tips on how to study for exams. Here we go:-

How to Study For Exams


As I have mentioned earlier, the plan is the key to anything you are going to achieve. It is kind of a blueprint that guides you throughout all the phases of your journey to achieve the goal. Whenever you start studying for the exam, first you need to create a solid plan for the exam. All you need to do is focus on time management.

Now time management is creating a time table according to your subject’s topic. For example, if you create an hourly based time table, then you need to divide the minimum time to an easy topic and maximum to the harder one. If you are going to create the time table for every subject, then you need to calculate the time that you have before your exams.

Then you can do the same thing set the maximum days preparation for the tough subjects and minimum days for the easy subjects. In this way, you can find the perfect balance between the preparation of all of your subjects.

Organize your study space

Before we start preparing for the exams. The first thing we have to do is organize our work space. Because, if we study in an unorganized space, then we can’t concentrate on our studies. So how can we organize our study space? To organize our study space, we need to be sure that we have enough space for our textbooks and notes.

We also make sure that we do have enough lightning for reading or writing. Also, make sure that you have a comfortable chair to sit on. In my personal opinion, I would like to suggest that you should have a study table with a study lamp that will help you to study for long hours.

Don’t you ever try to explore on your bed because whenever we try to study on the bed, our brain sends signals to the body that this is the time to get relaxed and sleep? The more you focus, the more you can prepare better for the exams. Everyone has their ways to concentrate, therefore make sure that you are organizing the right environment for your study. 

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Use flow charts and diagrams

Flow charts and diagrams can be tricky for some studies. But do you know that visual aids are more useful for us than the text? Yeah, I know you already know it very well. Therefore you should give preference to the flow charts and diagrams. Whenever you start learning any topic, first, you need to create a flow chart of that topic.

In this way, you can systematically learn that topic. In this way, you can also find the hard point that you are finding difficult to understand. Thus you can put more time and effort into understanding that point. The flow charts and diagrams will help you to revise the entire topic just before the exams quickly. 

Practice on old exams

Practicing old exams works like having a mock test. Most of the time, the new exam pattern may be based on old exams. Therefore it also has the chance that the past exams question can also appear in the new exams. Thus the students should try to practice the old exams.

It just does not give them a hint about the exams that they are going to take. But it also helps them to boost their confidence. Besides, it also helps you to manage the time during the exams. In other words, with the help of old exams, you can have a clear idea of which section needs how much time to solve. In this way, you can save plenty amount of time during your exams. 

Explain your answers to others

Explaining your answer to your parents and your siblings works better than what you think. Whenever you try to explain your answer to them, it helps you to be sure about your answer that you are going to write. It also helps you to highlight the area that needs more work from your end. If your siblings are older than you, then they will help you to improve your mistakes. 

Organize study groups with friends

Your friend also helps you to prepare for your studies. Whenever you start studying any topic of your exams. Then you can ask your friend about the topic to clear all your doubts. If you have a question, then they can answer it and vice versa. Because we know that most of the time, our friends know what we don’t know and vice versa.

In this way, you can help each other to do the solid preparation for the exams. Your friends can also motivate yourself to do more study because whenever we found someone is doing more than us, we always try to do more than them. In this way, we get into the battle to win it. 

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Take regular breaks

Never miss the breaks while you are studying for the exams. Because breaks work as the energy booster for ourselves. If we take regular breaks, then it helps us to study with more focus. During the exams, we need to keep the long-term retention of knowledge. For this, we need to take regular breaks.

Everyone has their own ability to keep knowledge. You need to make sure that you are following the best practices that will help you to keep the knowledge retention for longer times. I would like to suggest that you should start studying in the early morning. The reason is, our brain remains more proactive in the early morning as compared with the late nights.

So make sure that you are going to start studying around 4 am and then take a 15 to 20 minutes break for lunch. Most of the students are also proactive in late nights so they can follow their own routines. They also need to take a long break before starting studying for the exams.

It will help them to keep studying late at night. Whether you are an early morning bird or a night owl. You should study within the sunshine because it will provide you vitamin D, which is quite helpful for the healthy brain.

Snack on brain food

Food plays a crucial role in our mental performance. We know that healthy food leads to a healthy mind. You have to eat snacks while studying for the exams. Because it will help you to retain your energy level during the preparation. Don’t you ever try to eat junk food, always try to eat healthy snacks and fruits.

I would like you to suggest fish, nuts, seeds, yogurt, and blueberries to eat while studying, Because this kind of food will help you to keep your body and brain well fueled and proactive. You should also try to eat the same food before an hour of your exam. 

Drink plenty of water

Water is essential for a healthy brain and body. Whenever we get tensed, our brain requires more water than we expect. It automatically drains the entire water of our body. Thus our body gets dehydrated, which leads to heatstroke. To overcome this problem we need to drink plenty of water while we are studying for the exams. It is also the crucial part of how to study for exams. We should also do the same thing on our exam day. 

Study smarter

As I have mentioned earlier, you need to put more time and effort into the hardest topic than the easy one. Studying smarter follows the same pattern of study. I wouldn’t like to suggest that you should memorize all your topics. Memorizing needs lots of hard work because it is not that easy. Apart from memorizing, you should try to understand the subject; therefore, you can retain your knowledge for a longer time.

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Whenever you prepare for the hard topic, please make sure that you are going to clear all your doubts by asking the help from your mentors and teachers. You can also take the homework help to clear all your doubts on the most robust topic and provide the more information that you are going to require in the exams.

Apart from your teacher and mentors, if you think that there are some other people in your family or friends who have good knowledge about the subject, then you can ask them for your help. You can also utilize some of the more resources at schools and colleges that can help you to clear all your doubts. 

Sleep still matters

Don’t ignore the importance of sleep. Sleep is most important for students. It is also the crucial part of how to study for exams. Whenever we sleep, our brain gets into relaxation mode. In this way, the brain gets enough time to overcome its fatigue and get back to work when we wake up.

On average, the students need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep for a well-focused brain. Most of the students think that if they sleep less, then they will cover more topics. But it is not the right thing, because your brain will stop working for some time if you don’t get proper sleep. 

Pay attention in class

Having a significant focus during class is always beneficial for the students. If the students pay attention in class, they increase their chances to take minimum time for the exam preparation. Because most of their topic has already been covered in the classroom. If you want to get the knowledge during the class, then you have to be an active learner.

Because our brain can’t absorb anything without paying attention. You should always try to sit in front of the class. Always try to listen to your teacher carefully because most of the time, the teacher gives hints to the students about the most important topics. In this way, you can put more time and concentration into the crucial topics. 


Now you have seen the best practices of how to study for exams effectively. All these tips on how to study for exams will help you to prepare for the exams more effectively than you have expected. If you want to prepare better for your exams, then you should not miss the single steps of tips on how to study for exams.

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