Is Homework Slavery? What Do The Experts Think About it?

is homework slavery

We all have to do Homework from school to college. Students do homework on a daily basis in different subjects. Thus if you are a student, you have to do homework in different subjects despite your grade or stream. But many people ask the question: is homework slavery?

Now a day’s a different movement has started against homework, and they claim homework is slavery. 

Let’s look at a study in which a student had registered a case against the homework:

Ben Berrafato, 11-years old middle school student of the fifth standard, challenged the country’s most enduring belief: kids need homework. As per the CBS NEWS correspondent report- Ben needed to write an essay about what he liked the most. As he hates homework, he mentioned some of the things about homework in his essay writing.

A statement in his essay: “Homework is assigned to students like me without our permission. Thus, homework is slavery. Slavery was abolished with the passing of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. So every school in America has been illegally run for the past 143 years.”

After this case, people start thinking that homework is slavery. Before this, let’s first know what slavery is or whether homework is slavery or not.

Almost all countries have barred slavery or any other form of exploitation, and it is an offence to have exemplary punishments.

What Is Slavery? 

Slavery is a kind of forced labour whereby one person dominates another person’s will for his or her benefit. Generally, a slave is a person who is uneducated, and the master makes the slave work against his wish under harsh conditions. Thus, the slave becomes bound to complete the task in any manner, and he does not have any choice to say no. He even gets paid less for the work he does. 

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Since now we know the meaning of slavery, let’s compare the sine quality non of slavery with homework.  

Why is homework considered slavery by many students? 

Read the following points to understand why it is slavery –

  • Students are not willing to do homework, so they think they are bound to do homework. 
  • Secondly, they get punished for not completing homework and lesson plans on time.
  • Thirdly they get overburdened as they have to do homework not in just one subject but in many subjects and thus they don’t get time for playing or doing any other activities they want. This is the main reason for saying yes to ‘is homework slavery’. Well, if you think that homework should be banned then you should read this blog.

Let’s check some of the stats that will help you to understand why students and parents find homework slavery.

Why Is Homework Not Slavery?

  • The intention of giving homework is to ask the students to revise what they have learned in school; otherwise, they will forget all the concepts.
  • Secondly, The answer to the question: is homework slavery? No, as slavery is done for the exploitation of slaves, and giving homework or doing homework is not an exploitation activity. Rather it improves the understanding level of intelligence of students.
  • Homework ultimately benefits the students as the intention of giving homework is not to keep students busy or burdened. But to make them revise and learn and ultimately to make them educated. 
  • Homework is a practice exercise, so students practice whatever they study in school. Since students either don’t give attention in classes or fail to understand the concepts; therefore, this practice is necessary. 
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Otherwise, they will forget everything in the end, and the purpose of their studies will fail. It completely goes hand in hand with the phrase that practice makes a man perfect. This is why the answer is no to the question ‘is homework slavery?’.

  • Learning is a key to career, education, and success. It is not a one or two-day process; it has to be continuous, so even a 3 years child learns daily. 

Similarly, a 70-year-old person also learns something new on a daily basis. 

Homework is a kind of learning process as every time you note down anything or do your homework; you learn something new. 

That is why homework If anyone asks you if homework is slavery, then the answer is no.

This Is Why The Answer Is No To The Question ‘Is Homework Slavery?’

If you ask what should be the priority of any country, then the answer is education. Every country becomes developed in proportion to the country’s literacy rate

It directly contributes to many factors such as the country’s economy. Education is not a one-day thing or an exam thing that you will learn something 2 days before, and you will get marks, and then you will become educated.

No, it comes with the ongoing learning process, as discussed above and homework plays a key role in learning what teachers teach you. 

You will also get doubts, and when you do homework on the same day, it retains in mind more. 

Because when you listen to something, and then you write it down or revise it on the same day you won’t forget it for long. 

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So homework also works as revising practice what you learned in school. This is why the answer is no to the question ‘is homework slavery?’.

If students feel that they are not getting time for playing or doing other activities, they should manage their timetable and invest their time for overall development. 

How much does a student spend their time on homework?

As per the experts, it is always beneficial for the students to follow the “10-minute rule.” It can be very grade to grade. This means for 1st grade, 10 minutes are enough, for 2nd grade, 20 minutes; therefore, for 12th-grade students, 120 minutes are more than enough for completing the homework. Spend less time on social media like Facebook to save your time for completing homework and assignment.


Homework is not slavery; rather, it improves your mental health and your education level. You learn new things, principal, and revise what teachers have taught in the class. Thus considering homework slavery in itself the most uneducated thing. 

So if you are looking for Is homework slavery, then the answer is a big NO as neither it is nor it can be ever. Slavery exploits you while homework teaches you. 

Thus homework is for students’ ultimate benefit in improving grades. They will learn something, and then they will become disciplined and can make a career and get success. If you are still not satisfied with these reasons, then feel free to ask our experts 24/7 for immediate relief. Get the best statistics homework help from the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who invented homework?

An American educational reformer & politician, Horace Mann, invented the concept of homework. Because he made an education essential in all the schools. He got a homework idea when he travelled to Prussia and attended The Volksschule.

Q2. Does homework cause depression?

In some cases, students registered to suffer from health-related issues just because of the stress of homework. Moreover, they experience anxiety and depression due to the pressure of attending the class.

Q3. Is homework good or bad?

Although homework benefits students in improving knowledge, too much homework can harm the students. As per the researchers, too much homework can cause boredom and burnout, less time for extracurricular activities and family, increase stress, and lack of sleep.

Q4. Is homework a child Labour?

The new york times which is a famous newspaper company write something against homework in 1930. They say that as per the American Child Association homework is the form of child labour.