MBA Essay Format | How to Write An MBA Essay in The Best Format


MBA essays are also known as MBA Application essays. Sometimes colleges need a little more than your scores in exams and academic background. In order to select the best candidates for their university. It is also a chance for students to showcase their potential which they could not cover in their resume.

Where to MBA Essay are Needed?

During the time of admissions. Best colleges receive tons of applicants. Which arise a problem for the organization because it sort of creates pressure on the organization to select the best students out of their applications. That’s where they decide to test a little more about the students. MBA essays pretty much disclose your personality and how you are as a person. Which makes it easier for the organization to select capable students.

Basic Tips for an MBA Essay

Before actually getting into discussing the MBA essay format. There are some things other than the perfect “MBA Essay format” that is needed to be taken care of. Let’s have a look at these basic tips listed below that one must keep in mind while writing the MBA essay.

  • Select a font that looks professional. Fancy fonts should be avoided. 
  • Always remember to set some margin on the top and bottom. So that the paper looks more presentable to the reader.
  • Avoid grammatical errors and any sort of mistake.
  • Utilize a five-paragraph format.
  • Structure the essay. Outline the essay in advance, so you constantly have the motive to write. 
  • The average word limit is between 750 to 1000 words. Unless it is already mentioned by the client.
  • Use active voice and verbs. A strong MBA essay should avoid passive voice.
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MBA Essay Format

The MBA Essay format has three parts. The first part is for the introduction. The introduction should be done in one paragraph. Starting should be catchy, something that keeps the reader stuck to it. It would be great if this paragraph does contain a thesis. And a thesis must be chosen very carefully. Because the whole theme of the essay depends on it. You can also give a hint of your previous academic experience.

The second part is for the main body of the essay. This should be three paragraphs long. This should have facts, details, and evidence supporting the theme. You can also tell stories in this part. But don’t just start rambling. Whatever you write must be authentic and accurate. Also, remember to tell a story that keeps your reader hooked to it. 

  • You can use the “S.T.A.R” approach to describe your story. Where S stands for “situation”. Here you will set the foundation of the story. Conflict and problems will be discussed here. Like “the company’s market was going down”.
  • T stands for “task”. Recognize the solution to the problem that was needed at the time. And the task that has to be done to solve the problem. For instance, ” a new plan and strategy were developed by me”.
  • A stands for “action”. Explain what and how the steps were taken to solve the situation. And tell your part in it.
  • And the last R stands for “Result”. Conclude the whole story with the final results. Speak about the difference you and the organization made together. For example, ” the whole plan went as expected and the profit margin increased by 40%”.
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The third part is for the conclusion and is of just one paragraph. This part is, to sum up, the aim of the whole essay. All the main details out of the essays are to be added here. Do not add anything new in this part. 

Models of MBA Essay Format


While printing out the paper, make certain to print it on white paper. Do not use color papers. And make sure that your essay is glitter-free, sticker-free, or any sort of fancy thing.

If the college has asked to send it over mail. Double-check all the instructions. And know how it is supposed to be sent if it is instructed to be sent with some particular application component. Do as it is instructed. It will show you more professionalism. 

And before sending, double-check the whole essay. If in case of mistakes or grammatical errors, fix it. If you are still struggling to find it difficult to understand then hire our MBA essay writer for your help.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How to start an MBA essay?

The start of the essay is very important, so it should be interesting. Every word should get a reader on a hook. You can talk about your background, direction, goals, and more. Try to show that you are passionate. Talk about past experiences and achievements.

What is an MBA essay format for application?

The MBA Essay format consists of three parts; introductory, main body, and conclusion. And it is five paragraphs long. Where each of the paragraphs is preferably 5 to 6 lines long.
INTRODUCTORY- one paragraph
MAIN BODY- three paragraph
CONCLUSION- one paragraph

How to write an MBA essay?

Just keep few things in mind while writing the essay. That is, to not make mistakes and grammatical errors. And language should be professional. Use active voice. And always make sure you check the format. The correct format can help a lot in designing the perfect essay. This is very well answered in the blog above. Check it out for detailed information.