Top 50 Best Ever Research Topics for Marketing By Experts

Are you struggling to find a well-thought marketing research topic for your thesis? Finding a research topic for marketing can give hard times. Marketing students spend a lot of time doing assignments. But they also have the opportunity to utilize their time and discover their true interests. Marketing has a wide range of aspects. Therefore it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect topic for your thesis. In such a time, this article is your savior. In this article, we brought you some research topics that are interesting and equally unique. We have tried to cover every niche in this blog. From marketing research topics to social issues.  

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Below is the list of all interesting marketing research topics for your thesis. 

  1. A study on consumer buying behavior for Coca-Cola.
  2. The distribution system in small-scale companies and multinational companies. Compare.
  3. Business marketing paradigms and tactics in the modern market.
  4. Use of CPR (Corporate social responsibility) by companies to build their brand.
  5. Marketing research and business sales. Define the relationship between them, need, and importance.
  6. Different market segments.
  7. Impact of globalization on consumer behavior.
  8. Covid-19 and its effect on the global economy. 
  9. How does advertisement on TV affect consumer’s top mood?
  10. Impact of advertising in the recession period.
  11. Marketing strategy in the fashion industry.
  12. Using Starbucks as an example. Explain International Market Entry.
  13. Views on celebrities promoting brands. Result and impact on return on investment.
  14. Artificial Intelligence.
  15. Conversational Marketing.
  16. A new trend of marketing- Video Marketing.
  17. Digital Marketing and Search engine optimization.
  18. The strongest form of marketing strategy- The influencer market.
  19. Marketing and Social media management.
  20. Importance of email in the market: Email Marketing.
  21. How important information and computer technology (ICT) in Supply Chain Market.
  22. Impact of ICT on Supply Chain Market.
  23. Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Describe it with the example of Adidas.
  24. Content promotion on Pinterest. Briefly explain.
  25. How can you boost followers on Instagram?
  26. How to organically increase Return on ad spend.
  27. Advantages of following your competitor on social platforms.
  28. Social Media Marketing Strategy: Dos and don’ts.
  29. How to create content that is engaging? 
  30. The most successful and powerful form of promotion.
  31. Social media and consumer behavior. Their relationship and impact on each other.
  32. Effective ways of generating leads.
  33. Expected trends in the future for marketing. 
  34. Methods of creating a captivative e-newsletter for the public’s attention.
  35. Importance of Brand name, Brand image, and reputation.
  36. Thought of running a business without marketing. Views, pros and cons.
  37. Facebook advertisement promotion: effective or not.
  38. How often a business should launch new campaigns.
  39. Are giveaways on social media worth it?
  40.  How huge a Giveaway should be according to the business scale?
  41. The whole strategy for making content go viral.
  42. Is Snapchat capable of effectively advertising?
  43. Effective and unique campaign ideas.
  44. Difference between the quality of small business products and well-known business products.
  45. Should radio still be preferred as an advertising option?
  46. Facebook versus Instagram: which is best for marketing.
  47. Difference between leads generated from Facebook and leads generated from Instagram.
  48. Click baited sponsored content. Impression on the consumer.
  49. Social media marketing, advertising, and business to consumer marketing. Advantages and disadvantages.
  50. Influence of BREXIT on UK financial institutions.


All of these are unique research topics for marketing students. And they are perfect for college students to write their marketing thesis because the internet has plenty of information on each one of them. Make sure to read enough about the selected topic before starting to write. And also make an outline of the thesis at the start, so that you have reason to get going with the thesis. Once finished, make sure to ask for feedback from your instructor. And cross-check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and any sort of mistake. if you need an assignment of marketing, then contact our marketing assignment writer.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to select the best research topic for marketing thesis?

Whatever topic you decide to go with. Just make sure that you’re interested in it. Because being interested in what you write makes the whole process go a lot smoother and easy. Sit back and think of the possible ideas that excite you and you can write about. And write down a bunch of ideas before you select the main one. Because it is good to select from a long list rather than just going with the first topic that came into your mind. This might take time. But that is what this article is for, above 45 different topics in different aspects of marketing are given. You can go through it, we’re sure there will be one that might interest you.

How to make your marketing thesis sound more realistic?

A marketing thesis is totally different from one that is an essay. So you can not aimlessly ramble on it. You need to add facts to it to support your main argument. And also make sure that your facts are very well supported by examples and references. That can only be done when you have thoroughly searched through the subject. The Internet has an abundance of information on the topics discussed above. Make sure to acknowledge enough information before starting the thesis.

What should a marketing thesis structure look like?

After you are done finding the perfect research topic for marketing, you may struggle with how you should outline it on paper. Therefore, we brought you this ideal outline for your thesis that you can use or you can change it here and there to make it more like you. 

 INTRO: Foundation of the thesis
Stating the purpose.
Stating the thesis.

MAIN BODY: Argument 1: Precise explanation.   
Support evidence. 
Argument 2: Precise explanation.   
Support evidence. 

Argument 3: Precise explanation.   
Support evidence. 

 Restate the argument.and summarize everything 
 Slightly conclude everything.