What Are The Interesting Applications Of Data Science?


Hi, Siri… What’s the weather in New York? Alexa… Can you please tell me today’s date? How does this virtual assistant know what I am asking for? Well, this is one of the applications of data science that works on the speech recognition concept.  Moreover, it is clear that demand for data science is increasing … Read more

Best Books for Data Science To Be a Master Of Data Science

Best Books On Data Science

Do you want to be a Data scientist and looking for the best books for data science? Your search ends here because you will know the different books that will help you be a master of Data Science. Data Science is the most emerging field nowadays and has become the topic of the town. It … Read more

R vs Python: Which Programming Language is Better for You?


R vs Python is one of the most common but important questions asked by lots of data science students. We know that R and Python, both are open source programming languages. Both of these languages are having a large community. Apart from that, these languages are developing continuously. That’s the reason these languages add new … Read more

Top Reasons For Why Should You Use R for Data Science

R is becoming on of the most popular language in the world . Due to increasing the need of big data. R comes into the popularity index among students. Basically R is used for statistical computations, data analysis and Graphical representation of data. R is facing a huge competition from Python. R programming plays an … Read more