Top 10 Reasons For Why to Learn Python in 2020


There are several coding languages that have different uses in various fields. Python is one of those programming languages. It is a widely used and standard level coding language. Learners can operate Python to develop desktop areas for GUI applications, online sites, and web applications. Additionally, It can be used as a high-level coding language. And allows learners to highlight the functionality of the application that deals with common coding job profiles. This basic coding language syntax has various rules that make it easy for learners to understand the code base with coherent and application maintainable. There are various reasons why to learn python to another coding language. Below we have discussed some of the uses of python coding language.

What Is Python?

Python is used for general-purpose as this is a high-level programming language. By Guido van Rossum this language was originally created in 1991. And developed by Python Software Foundation. It was essentially utilized for emphasis on code readability. And the python’s syntax enables the programmers to write the concepts in some lines of code. It also gives support for packages and modules, which allows system modularity and program reuse. Besides all this, python is one of the quickest coding languages as it needs very few lines of code. Because of this, its rich support and library, it has applications in Machine Learning, Web Development, Desktop Applications, and much more. Now, let’s check the top 10 reasons for why to learn python in 2020.

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Reasons for why to learn python

Python language helps a cross-platform system that is applied to form complex applications. These applications can create a more suitable environment for programmers as well as for learners. There are remarkable applications of this coding language like DropBox, YouTube, BitTorrent, and others. Python is practiced to obtain the functionality of different applications. Let’s check some of the top 10 reasons for why to learn python in 2020 to support their career, and these are listed below:

Python is in-demand

This is the foremost reason for why to learn python. Nowadays, this programming language is one of the popular languages.  Besides this, it is also a quickly growing programming language. Furthermore, the python was placed in the list of top coding languages as per the IEEE Spectrum 2018. Additionally, because of its multiple uses and popularity. The developers of python are considerably extremely satisfied with the salary pay, particularly in Web development, Machine learning, and Data Science.

Uses of Data science 

It is the modern coding language for the study of Data Science. One of the main reasons is that this gives various frameworks and libraries like NumPy, PyBrain, PyMySQL, SymPy, and much more. The Python has a data analysis library, which is known as Pandas, which is multifaceted.

Uses for Web development

It is beneficial for web development as it has various frameworks and libraries like web2py, Django, Flask, CherryPy,, Pyramid, and much more. For instance, Django has various characteristics and in-depth documentation simultaneously that offer web development manageable and simple to do. Many reputable sites are powered using Python frameworks like Reddit, Mozilla, Yelp, Spotify, and much more.

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Python contains a large community

Python offers a large online community for its users and specialists that are especially suitable for beginners and other python coders. Moreover, various python issues can be accomplished on the internet, which includes several sources.

It utilizes for automation and scripting

Additionally, this coding language is one of the scripting languages. A Python script includes various functions that can be imported to its function library for other scripts. Moreover, This coding language can automate various businesses that significantly decrease the energy and time spent.

Python allows GUI

This coding language can be utilized to create desktop applications or GUI (graphical user interfaces). Tkinter is one of the standard GUIs combined with the standard Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows installation for Python. There are various GUI toolkits for cross-platform that are accessible as PySide, PyQt, Kivy, wxPython, and much more.

Python can be extensible and portable

Various cross-platforms processes can be implemented simply on Python as it is extensible and portable. Moreover, various platforms promote Python codings like Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Solaris, and much more. Additionally, this coding language can be combined with .NET elements, Java, or C++/C libraries as it has an extensible view. That is why learners should consider this point for why to learn python.

Python is utilized for Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning

It is one of the renowned languages utilizing Machine Learning. It can be applied to create algorithms with statistics that enable computers to do various operations. Few python modules are accepted to assist machine learning. And these are Theano, Tensorflow, Scikit-learn, and much more. Python is considerably beneficial for Artificial Intelligence. This has libraries like Keras that allow neural system experimentation.

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Python has several frameworks and libraries

Python coding language has multiple frameworks and libraries for various goals. For instance, Django is prepared for the development of the website; Tensorflow is used for machine learning; PyBrain is applied for data science, and much more. It assumes that the application’s development is very simple and easy, as its library and frameworks can be applied as per the requirements.

 Python is easy to understand language

Python is a manageable and easy-to-understand language, as this does not hold any complex syntax norms or any other tough rules. It matches the English language, which is quite close and is considered one of the foremost reasons why to learn python. It is the most traditional language for beginners/learners.

Sum up

This post has provided the top 10 reasons for why to learn python. Once the learners get the idea regarding the importance of python programming, then they can learn it efficiently. That’s why we have listed some of the basic reasons to learn this programming language. Python language can help you support your future career objectives; therefore, you can learn this to get your dream job too.

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