Office Upgrades Promoting Work-Life Balance & Productivity

Office Upgrades Promoting Work-Life Balance & Productivity

Achieving work-life balance is something we all strive for. We become more productive, inspired, and passionate in our work. The results will speak for themselves. 

Unfortunately, we tend to forget that our work environment plays a critical role. So, whether you run a business with several employees or a freelancer working from a home office, stick around!

We’re here to give you our top recommendations for office upgrades that’ll help boost work-life balance. 

Office Upgrades That Promote Work-Life Balance

Many factors play into why people struggle with maintaining a work-life balance. The main ones include office hours bleeding into personal life, issues at home, or heavy workloads. 

Both employees and employers need to address this. But, we can tackle these issues through employee engagement software to easier with a few tweaks in our workspaces such as:
Integrating with recruiting CRM software for recruitment agencies can help streamline the hiring process, reducing the workload on existing employees and allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities By utilizing such software, organizations can efficiently identify and onboard new talent, improving team dynamics and alleviating some of the stress on employees. Additionally, employee engagement software can facilitate better communication, task management tool, and scheduling, enabling a more organized and efficient work environment. These tools can also provide valuable insights and analytics to help employers identify areas where work-life balance may be compromised and make informed decisions to address those issues proactively. Ultimately, implementing employee engagement software, including software for recruitment agencies, can contribute to creating a healthier work-life balance for employees and foster a more productive and satisfied workforce.

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Creating a Recreational Activity Area

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All work and no play drive productivity away. Some of the biggest companies in the world have dedicated spaces for recreational activities. We’ve got Google, Microsoft, and even Nike. 

These companies understand that recreational areas help promotes creativity, help distress, and build interpersonal relationships. This also works for people working remotely, where digital marketing strategy plays a crucial role. 

You just need a free space that can be turned into a dedicated area for recreational activities. Use a square footage calculator to know the dimensions of the room then start designing. 

A pool or foosball table are great starters. Have soft seating areas where people can chat. Or, add an area where people can meditate and relax. Recreational activity area’s surround unique things will be a plus point for the area environment. 

Invest in Ergonomic Chairs

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Most workers spend the day sitting down. This gets uncomfortable fast. Most of us just get used to it—then, we get back pain. It’s a minor issue that stacks up. 

Investing in ergonomic chairs protects you from back pain and promotes productivity. According to studies, employees given ergonomic chairs increased productivity by 17.7%

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But, you can’t rely on the chair alone. Even with the best ergonomic chair in the world, sitting down for long periods can still result in negative effects on the body. 

To help ease this, try using the Pomodoro method. It’s 25 minutes of deep work followed by a short rest. You can use this resting period to stretch or walk around to keep the blood flowing. 

Quality Speakers

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Music provides us with relief and a feeling of bliss. But, when used correctly, it can help us to be more productive with our work. 

Studies from the University of Miami’s Music Therapy Department suggest those who listen to music while working can complete tasks faster with better results than those who don’t. 

Getting good speakers for your office can help fill your workspace with great tunes that can drown ambient distractions. But, you’d want a playlist that’s not that distracting. 

Even simple instrumentals, coffee shop music, or music with simple rhythms give a homey feel to your office. 

More Desk Space or Standing Desks

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Working means spending a lot of time at your desk. If you want employees to feel more at home, why not start where they spend the most time at? 

Wider deskspace helps eliminate the feeling of a cramped working environment. It also gives more roof to put items that mean a lot to your employees such as photographs or plants. 

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Another option is investing in a standing desk. According to Healthline, it promotes better health, weight loss, and even helps reduce the chances of diabetes. 

Whiteboards and Sticky Notes

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We live in a digital age where everything’s at our fingertips. Sometimes, we just need a change of pace. A whiteboard or some sticky notes you can write ideas on might just do the trick. 

Staring at screens all day is exhausting. You’re limited to typing. Meanwhile, studies show that going pen to paper allows better brain engagement. And, it helps you feel like you’re not stuck in an office the entire day. 

Writing on a whiteboard during brainstorming is a fun way to engage. You get to visually map out your ideas, create concepts from scratch, and allow your eyes to rest from hours worth of screen time. 

Benefits of Work-Life Balance

Having a balance between your professional and personal life allows people to thrive rather than just survive the 9 to 5 grind. Here are the major benefits of promoting it in your workplace:

  • Improved productivity.
  • Fewer turnovers.
  • Reduced stress.
  • Promotes mental and physical well-being.
  • The staff gets more engaged and ready to tackle tasks. 

Key Takeaways

Work-life balance is a necessity. This goes for both employees working at the office, those working from home, and employers managing businesses. To help promote this in your office, you can try the following: