Top 7 Interesting Uses of Accounting That Business Students Must Know


There are numerous uses of accounting in the world. Here in this blog post we will going to cover some of the top accounting uses that the business students should know. Gentleman, do you want to save money to buy your favorite car? Hi, Ladies, do you want to get the dress you had seen … Read more

Top 5 Business Analytics Tools To Use In 2021


When you go to a restaurant, you have noticed that staff are already prepared to serve you quality food even when customers arrive at a peak level. Well, this is just because of the business analytics tools. But, how is this happening? The restaurants use tools of business analytics to speed up their order process … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide On What Is Statistics In Math


Statistics and math are two different things for data scientists. Really? But I thought statistics is the branch of mathematics!!  I think the author has written it wrong :D… This is what you might be thinking after reading the first statement.  But let me clear to you that statistics and math are not the same … Read more

Top 5 Steps to Create an Effective and Good Marketing Presentation

Top 5 Steps To Create Marketing Presentation

Do you know how to deliver a good and effective presentation on marketing? To begin, try to grasp the true meaning of presentation. It’s all about the marketing presentation style. Presentation is very important in marketing because it allows you to introduce the services and goods to potential customers while also increasing brand recognition. The … Read more

Tips on How to Write an Effective Time Management Essay


Has your teacher given you to write a time management essay? OR Are you confused about how to write an essay on time management? If you want to get answers to these questions, then you come to the right place. Here we will provide you complete guidance on the time management essay. Before diving into … Read more

What Are The Interesting Applications Of Data Science?


Hi, Siri… What’s the weather in New York? Alexa… Can you please tell me today’s date? How does this virtual assistant know what I am asking for? Well, this is one of the applications of data science that works on the speech recognition concept.  Moreover, it is clear that demand for data science is increasing … Read more

What Are The 4 Measures Of Variability | A Complete Guide for Beginners


Measures of variability play an important role in our life isn’t it? Let me explain it with an example. Suppose two pizza restaurants advertise that they can deliver your pizza within an average of 20 minutes.  Doesn’t it sound good!!! But when you are hungry, you might get confused about what would be the best … Read more

A Useful Guide On Statistical Package For The Social Sciences [SPSS]

statistical-package-for-the-social-sciences (2)

Each business wants to operate: Efficiently, Effectively, Profitably. But, it has been seen that new risks and threads can cause a hurdle in the path of operational goals. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) provides a systematic approach that helps achieve the operational goals. Several businesses collect the details to analyze the customers’ requirements … Read more

What are Branches of Accounting and Types of Accounting Methods?


When people ask what accountants do, they always discuss jobs like tax agents and independent auditors. The several roles performed by skilled accountants who work in companies are often overlooked and misunderstood. What do a company’s independent director, internal auditor, and chief financial officer have in common? All of the people in these positions may … Read more