Top Business Intelligence Trends You Should Know About

Business Intelligence

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, businesses want to leverage data analytics and informatics to gain a competitive edge in their respective markets. One field emerging from this is business intelligence (BI). 

The business intelligence and analytics software market is expected to reach a $18 billion market value by 2026. This article will examine the top trends reshaping business intelligence, focusing on data analytics and business administration. 

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence, a business administration subcategory, uses technology, processes, and applications for data analysis. The idea is to give your company the tools it needs to make informed business decisions. It involves collecting, processing, and analyzing large volumes of data from various sources to uncover industry trends, patterns, and relationships to use for your organization’s benefit. 

Trends to Watch Out For

Business intelligence (BI) has become more popular since the COVID-19 pandemic and AI revolution. BI systems now employ tools like data warehousing, dashboarding, data mining, performance management, and predictive analytics to streamline your business operations. 

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DBA Programs and Advanced Analytics 

As the demand for skilled BI professionals continues to rise, the importance of advanced education and specialized training is becoming more evident. Doctorate programs in business administration (DBA) also incorporate business intelligence into their coursework. DBA programs typically cover many topics, including data management, predictive analytics, strategic decision-making, and leadership skills. 

You can now enroll in DBA online programs with a concentration in business intelligence and analytics and learn while managing your business or work life. These emerging programs are your calling to implement business intelligence strategies in your company, leveraging various analytical tools and techniques to make data-driven decisions. 

Augmented Analytics

Academics aside, another emerging trend in business intelligence and management is leveraging AI to streamline your data flow and operations. 

Data analysis can be a complex and time-consuming process that requires a diverse set of skills and expertise. It would take you a long time to collect, clean, and prepare data before analyzing it. Augmented analytics can help automate insight generation, data preparation, and insight sharing.

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Augmented analytics involves incorporating AI and machine learning into your business intelligence and management systems to speed up data processing. This empowers your employees to make more efficient and unbiased executive decisions, even non-technical ones. This trend is expected to continue gaining momentum as businesses prioritize agility and self-service capabilities more in their business initiatives.

Democratizing Data

Data democratization, another aspect of BI, aims to make data accessible to a broader audience within your company. As an extension of augmented analytics, it enables you to analyze data independently without relying on IT or data specialists. 

Integrating may require training sessions, online courses, and certification programs before your company fully adopts them. However, once BI becomes a part of your company’s operation, it fosters a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the organization, with tools and platforms that facilitate sharing insights, best practices, and lessons learned.


Business intelligence is evolving and emerging rapidly, driven by technological advancements, shifting market dynamics, and changing business needs. Augmented analytics, data democratization, and the emergence of online DBA programs are just a few BI trends you should look for when managing your business. Consider hiring a BI professional to position yourself ahead of others in your industry. However, make sure that your company’s employees understand the limitations of BI when it comes to creative thinking. 

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