9 Best International Money Transfer Options Available In The Market

International money transfer

If one is moving overseas and requires international money transfer, you might be confused with the different choices for money transfer options that are accessible in the market. You might be thinking about where to go for money transfers, how much it cost you, and which company can be the best to use.

If you are thinking about all these questions, this blog will help you with the proper guide on International Money Transfer. This will provide you the best 9 options which are available to transfer the money internationally. This blog will help you to trust a bank that uses the safest methods to transfer money overseas. There are various online methods available to transfer money because of which clients are more empowered as compared to the advantages of lower fees, which these money transfer services offering.

To make sure that one is availing the best deal, one needs to check that what a company is offering when they send money online to the other nation, such as the exchange rate with a reasonable amount of fees. Now, let’s jump to what exactly an International Money Transfer means and which companies can be the best for it.

What do you mean by International Money Transfer?

The International Money Transfer includes the sending of money to either another nation’s company or person who is living overseas. This transaction can be done either through the bank (which is known as traditional way) or specific money transfer services. The money is received through electronic means or in cash.

There is a wide majority of money transfer that is transacted through peer-to-peer payments (P2P) or SWIFT that is renowned nowadays, and its use is increasing day by day, and its mainstream has resulted in the reduction of fees because of the improved security and speed. To put the data into context, according to the US Treasury, SWIFT can handle $5 trillion of transfer per day, which provides an insight view of the market’s size of International Money Transfer.

Top 9 best methods to send money internationally


It can receive a full star rating from TrustPilot, and it has become a renowned name in International Money Transfer. It provides various features that are not provided in a single place that is offering the facility of money transfer internationally. They provide the option for same-day money transfer to the various countries in almost 170 nations, and they transfer the same currency that is used in the transferring nation. Besides, they provide some of the remarkable exchange rates in the market, and isn’t it the things which are liked by all the consumers? They also not charge the fee for money transfer. 

This is the company that grants several kinds of purchases to recieve and send the money from their houses, and a user can create its own personal account on their website so that the user can operate this company’s website to transfer their money at any time, 24/7. XE enhances over 280 million customers over its website per year, and its app was downloaded by almost 60 million persons since the first launched of this website. XE works with almost 200 leading global brands like Walmart, Amazon, Apple, Google, and much more. Because of their services, almost $70 billion dollars have been transferred quickly and safely to another country.

XE is protected by Norton Security and authorized by the FCA. Clients can sign in with the free accounts on its website for business or personal use. This website provides 24 hours tracking system for money transfers of each customer.

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This is another International Money Transfer company that is not required any transfer fee to transfer your money. This company offers the transfer of money from the debit card of the purchaser or through the wire transfers. But it is a little bit limited for how to receive money, and it needs that the money should be deposited directly to the bank account of the receiver. 

OFX is a well-renowned brand name globally, and its offices are located in various nations, such as Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. They have the feature of lock-in rates, which allows the clients to lock-in the particular rate before proceeding to the actual transfer of the money. 

OFX supports almost 55 different currencies, but it is not limited to the currencies like Canada, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Indonesia, South Korea, Pakistan, Switzerland, Mexico, Poland, China, Isreal, Russia, and much more. This company also offers the tracking of the transfers, and keep the transfer history of the clients using their private account on its site.

But this company is not offering the facility of same-day transfers. There are certain factors that are considered during the transfers with this company, but they can transfer money anywhere within one or two days and almost three to five days for a few more exotic places. There are mentioned all the currencies on its website to which they deal.


On the bases of the United Kingdom, TorFX is another International Money Transfer company that has got a five-star rating from the Trustpilot website. This company has won some of the renowned awards, like the Money facts Consumer Awards for the Best Customer Service and Exceptional Money Transfer Provider, which is awarded within the four years in a row. This website also does not charge any additional transfer fees to transfer money from one country to another, but this company has high exchange rates.

The processor of creating an account on the TorFX website is quite easy. It takes a few minutes to create an account on its site. After creating an account, this company assigns you a few agents who is work as your personal Account Manager. Then, both of you can work together on a specific rate that works best for you. When you agree on a rate, the confirmation would be sent to you, and then you need to give certain information about the person who will receive the money on the other side of the money transfer. Then you need to add some funds to the account; they will send immediately to the receiver’s account that you have specified in another country.

The best feature of this company TorFX is that it is secure and safe to use. This is not only awarded with a level one rating from Dun & Bradstreet, which is a leading UK agency but also authorized by the FCA. This company has the highest rating that has segregated customer accounts with Barclays, which is a highly secure and well-respected credit company.


This is another website that offers the facility of International Money Transfer, which is a four-star rating by TrustPilot. This website provides several competitive benefits along with the 24/7 service and monitoring of the account. Besides this, it offers both the same day and next day facility of transferring the money to another country. The International Money Transfer service has no additional charge fees for another WorldFirst customer, but if you are sending money to another recipient who does not have any WorldFirst account, then it will charge some additional fee. Even though this website is liked by several users as it deals with more than 187 different currencies.

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Till now, WorldFirst has sucessful to make 400,000 customers and even more than 100,000 business customers all around the globe. The company was launched in 2004, and they are able to transfer over 70 billion pounds successfully. But there is the biggest complaint about this company that from February 2019, there is no transaction in the United States, as they have switched over another new platform called Omega.


MoneyGram is one of the most trusted brands for International Money Transfer in the United States. You might be found that there are several MoneyGram centers or head to the service desk. MoneyGram is the most widely used in entire nations to transfer money internationally. This has the most comprehensive countries’ list to which money is transferred by them, involving over 350,000 locations in almost 200 nations.

This company can send money in the quickest way that has been sent on the very same day, but in the case of bank holidays or closed, it might take a little longer time. On the business day, they can send money on the same day, and they can transfer up o $5000 dollars in a single month. As it is available in several nations and because of its high-speed transfer money methods, MoneyGram is considered to be one of the most expensive transfer services. It has added up to 3% high rates.

Ther is another best feature of this company, which is it makes it very easy for individuals to receive transferred money without any bank accounts as it has various physical locations where one can easily go and get their money without going to any banks.


It is another renowned International Money Transfer company, especially in the United States. It is similar features as that of MoneyGram, and it is operating almost in 200 different nations, but it beats the MoneyGram in terms of 550,000 places all around the globe. They provide the facility of same or next day delivery, but its costs might be high if one wants to deliver in a rush, and it is not fixed. This company also has expensive rates. Sometimes, it might go up to five dollars, but it depends on the transferring money amount, and the inflation rate goes up to 6%.

The benefit of using this company that can outweigh the disadvantage is that one can send money to an obscure nation too. Due to the abundance of places and availability of various options to get money to the individual instead of through a bank transfer. 


This company was established in 1996, that is why it has a bit of history, and it is much older than other companies. In recent years of this company, it has served almost 250,000 clients. It does not charge any additional fees for the transfer of money, and its exchange rates also extremely low as compared to other companies. The accounts can be set up through any device with the online method, and these accounts can be created at zero cost, and they are quickly set up.

Today, it has one of the best ratings, and anyone can use it who is looking for International Money Transfer. This company has a drawback that it can deal with only 20 different currencies. Therefore, if one wants to transfer money to other country’s person, then one can not use this specific company as it might not deal with that country’s currency. 

But, its drawback can be overshadowed by its other features, such as it is available for 24*7, and it works in favor of their clients instead of against them. This company also awarded the awards, like Money Transfer Provider of the Year in 2018 and the Consumer Champion of the Year award in the year 2017.

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It is working for a decade, and it has exchanged almost 9 billion US dollars. This company is based in countries like Ireland, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. The process of account set up is fast, easy, and free. It provides access to receive as well as sending money to almost 150 different nations. Its clients seem to use it more to receive money instead of transfer money, although this company offers both facilities.

The money receiving directly to its bank account is free, but if one receives money from another account, then it might cost some fee for the process. If there is any third party involvement in the process of International Money Transfer, then it also costs additional fees for that. The feature of this company called ChatBot is the online help tool, which is available 24*7, and the user can ask any question related to the money transfer and recieve problems without waiting for someone to receive their calls on the other end.

The feature of automatic transfers can amaze the clients that can be sent up to 2 weeks before the real date of transfer. These are also adjustable and canceled within some particular time duration. On their website, they have detailed all the instructions to set up the accounts, but if you face any issue with setups, then you can use their ChatBot feature that is available 24/7 to help you. 


This company is known for its safe and secure methods for the International Money Transfer process. It has almost 12 offices all around the globe that deal with almost $3 billion dollars every month, with its over 6 million clients in more than 59 countries. It charges some additional fees to send their money, but they are of a low rate of $1 + 10% of a total transfer money per transfer. This is relatively low as compared to other companies. Besides the fees, there is no hidden and surprising fee, and they have cleared the doubts about the charges on their website.

It is available in several countries to transfer money with direct methods. Besides this, customer can transfer their money with credit and debit cards and from one bank to another bank and even use the Apple Pay method. This company provides the facility for next day transfer, but it is not the same for all transfers. The sender can transfer money at any time, and the receiver does not need to access the transferred money at the same time. For example, if the sender transfer money on Friday evening, the receiver can not take it until another institution or bank opens one more time, so it can be taken almost on Monday. 

There is the biggest drawback of TransferWise is that it uses the exact exchange rates that are released by their government, and it adjusts its exchange rates as per the released exchange rates. It means that their customers need to pay the inflated exchange rates for transferring their money to another country.


This blog has provided information about what is an International Money Transfer and the top 9 best methods to send money internationally. The companies are such as OFX, WorldFirst, WesternGram, CurrencyFair, and much more. You can use any of these companies, but you have to remember that they have different exchange rates that can be higher for you. So, know all their additional charges details and then use them wisely. and also if you need finance assignment help online, then contact our finance assignment helper.