Top 10 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs You Can Do In 2023

legitimate work from home jobs

A few years back, there is no such variety of work that one can get legitimate work from home jobs. But nowadays you have different opportunities that are portable to you with several benefits such as time duration, save travel allowances, and much more. But there are several scams that are registered daily related to online work;.Therefore, it might become difficult to sort out the list of the website that providing real opportunities for work from home.

But you do not need to get panic as this blog will help you to decide which are the top 10 legitimate work from home jobs for 2020. This list has genuine works that definitely pay you a good salary. And you can get the work from several genuine websites such as PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, writool, and much more. 

With the advancement of technology, work from home is a steadily growing field. That gives birth to several jobs such as bloggers, online tutorials, freelance writers, and so on. But the best concern that arises here is that one should have safety devices on which they are working. And the other one is the protective area network that you are using for your communication. If you have these things, then you can decide which is the option is best for you that matches your job profile and with your skills.

Survey entry jobs

There are several businesses that what to know what are the products and services that people want to get through online media. This is the right place where individuals can do certain online surveys about products and services. By which you can share the opinion of the people about products. And then submit these online surveys to the company that helps them to improve the quality of their products. The survey entry jobs are best for retired persons, housewives, college students who want to work part-time. 

Less than 1-year experience can expect $42,000 based on 8 salaries.

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Academic writing jobs

According to the 2020 survey, academic writing jobs can be one of the most demanding and legitimate work from home jobs. There are many students who are facing a hard time completing their assignments; therefore, they take help from these Academics Writers as these Academic writers use their years of experience for their assignment writings. 

If anyone of you is planning to become an Academic writer. Then you won’t need a degree to start as an Academic writer as this specify that you can write any of the paper as per your qualification. But you should have a solid command over the language and knowledge of that particular subject.

You can easily earn $20 to $400 per assignment.

Median annual wage:$70,000.

Virtual Assistant

Nowadays, various businesses are working online, and many hire VA to support them by organizing and managing their administrative. According to the International Virtual Assistants Association(IVAA), online employees are independent employees who work from home and support various customers in a diversity of organizations by giving administrative, technical, and creative services. The job of virtual assistant change drastically, and these can incorporate creating and distributing documents related to business, responding and composing to emails, replying to business and media inquiries, creating and writing content, and more. Virtual assistants can normally get the pay between $30 and $80 an hour. 

Online Tutors

The availability of high-speed internet and advanced technology has opened so many options for students and teachers to work together from an online source. If you have at least a bachelor’s degree and have teaching experience. Then they can prefer it as their real work from home jobs for the students who want to study with online resources. Your pay will depend on the type of subjects that you are going to teaching. And how much time and effort you are supporting for the teaching. 

Median annual wage (elementary school, kindergarten): $57,000.

High school: $60,000.

CollegeUniversity: $78,000.

Freelance writer

The need for writers arises when there is a need for writing and creating new articles. And it should come up with unique ideas almost for each website accessible with the internet. There are several sites that hire content creators and freelance writers who can write content for their websites. You don’t need a degree in any field to get started. All you need is writing experience, ambition, and ability to write unique content in a well-structured manner.

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If you want to get hired, then it is necessary that you should have a solid work portfolio or at least some writing samples that you can include in your profile details. Many freelance writers can easily earn at least $100 per article. And some of them also earn up to $1,000 per completed work.

Median annual wage: $61,000.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is also called the word of mouth marketing. It is a powerful strategy and one of the best marketing drives for conversion and sales. As the names specify here, a person refers to a product, and due to a recommendation of that particular person, the referee buys that product. Referral marketing works because the consumers trust on the words than trusting traditional advertising. Individuals are more likely to buy these products and services when it is referred to by his friend. You can join at many referral marketing sites and earn better.

Median annual wage:$46,000.

Freelance computer science jobs

To be a computer science freelance first, you should be good at specific languages so that you can legitimate work from home jobs like android app development, web designing, content writing, etc. Otherwise, no one prefers you to hire. Don’t worry if you are not good at any of the computer programming languages. Then just start working on the domain that is interesting for you. Once you think you are good at coding language then:

  • Follow the guidelines and create a nice profile of each of the platforms.
  • Start with registering on websites like Freelancer, Guru, Upwork, etc.
  • Once you are good at programming, you must have the work sample that you can show to your clients so that they can trust you can assign you the work.
  • Start applying for projects.
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Median annual wage:$40,000 to about $70,000.


As per the BLS, several translators consider translation work as a legitimate work from home jobs and mostly work under the specific deadlines. A degree might not be the real concern for getting a job in this area. But one must have fluency in at least two languages besides their native languages. There are many organizations, such as technical services, hospitals, private educational services, scientific where anyone can work as a translator.

Median annual wage:$50,000.

Freelance Proofreading Jobs

This can be another option for real work from home jobs; a person can work from home and utilize their leisure time in editing content. If you have the skills like spotting errors and fixing egregious misspellings. Then proofreading can be the best option for you. The best way to become a proofreader is by starting by signing up for a free workshop that guides you on how you can become a proofreader. The salary of a proofreader depends upon the time they are utilizing in their work and their efforts for managing it. 

Median annual wage: $49,000.

Data Entry

A number of organizations need employees to enter different data to their work files. Whether the data is used for shipments or tracking inventory, for creating business plans or measuring performance. The most important requirement for this job is a knowledge of computer and typing skills. According to the BLS, those who are working as a data entry operator can easily earn a normal national medium wage around $29,000. Since most of the data entry jobs are home-based. You can find various data entry jobs posting on sites like,, and

Median annual wage: $29,000.


This blog helps you to get the information on the top 10 legitimate work from home jobs for 2020. As this has 10 job options, you can select any one of them as per your accordance so that you can work easily and use your skills at an appropriate place. These top 10 options can be beneficial for you as they are one of the highest earnings options. Choose one or more of them and earn money remaining at home.  You can also have a look on real work from home jobs