150+ Quantitative Research Topics For HumSS Students In 2023

Quantitative Research Topics For HumSS Students

Are you a student in HumSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) wondering what that means? HumSS is about understanding how people behave, how societies work, and what makes cultures unique. But why should you care about finding the right research topic in HumSS? Well, it’s important because it helps us figure out and deal with the complex issues in our world today.

In this blog, we are going to talk about HumSS research topics, specifically Quantitative Research Topics For HumSS Students in 2023. We’ll help you choose a topic that you find interesting and that fits your academic goals. Whether you study sociology, psychology, or another HumSS subject, we’ve got you covered.

So, stick with us to explore 150+ Quantitative Research Topics For HumSS Students. Let’s start this learning journey together!

What is HumSS?

HumSS stands for “Humanities and Social Sciences.” It is a way to group together different subjects that focus on people, society, and the world we live in. In HumSS, we study things like history, language, culture, and how people interact with each other and their environment.

In HumSS, you learn about the past and present of human societies, their beliefs, and how they shape the world. It helps us understand our own actions and the world around us better, making us more informed and responsible members of society. So, HumSS is all about exploring the fascinating aspects of being human and the world we share with others.

Why Are Humss Research Topics Important?

HumSS research topics are important because they help us understand people and society better. When we study these topics, like history or how people think and behave, we can learn from the past and make better choices in the present. It helps us solve problems, like how to create a fairer society or how to preserve our culture. HumSS research topics are like a guide that helps us make the world a better place by learning about ourselves and others.

  • Understanding Society: They allow us to comprehend human societies’ complexities, values, and norms.
  • Problem Solving: HumSS research helps us tackle societal issues like poverty, inequality, and discrimination.
  • Cultural Preservation: It aids in preserving and celebrating diverse cultures, languages, and traditions.
  • Historical Lessons: Research in HumSS enables us to learn from history, avoid past mistakes and make informed decisions.
  • Personal Growth: These topics contribute to personal development by fostering critical thinking and empathy, making us more responsible global citizens.

How To Choose A Humss Research Topic

Here are some points that must be kept in mind before choosing the research topic for HumSS:

1. Pick What You Like

Choose a research topic that you find interesting. When you enjoy it, you’ll be more motivated to study and learn about it.

2. Think About Real Problems

Select a topic that relates to problems in the world, like fairness or the environment. Your research can help find solutions to these issues.

3. Check for Books and Information

Make sure there are enough books and information available for your topic. You need resources to help with your research.

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4. Make Sure It’s Doable

Consider if you have enough time and skills to study your topic well. Don’t pick something too hard or complicated.

5. Ask for Help

See if you can get help from teachers or experts. They can guide you and make your research better.

150+ Quantitative Research Topics For HumSS Students In 2023

Here are some points on 150+ Quantitative Research Topics For HumSS Students In 2023: 

HUMSS Research Topics in Philosophy and Religion

The HumSS strand, which encompasses Philosophy and Religion, allows students to delve into the complexities of belief systems, ethics, and the nature of existence. Below are research topics in this field:

  1. Examining the ethical aspects of artificial intelligence and robotics.
  2. Analyzing the role of religion in shaping social and cultural norms in the Philippines.
  3. Investigating the philosophy of environmental ethics and its relevance in sustainable development.
  4. Exploring the concept of free will in the context of determinism.
  5. Analyzing the ethical considerations of genetic engineering and cloning in the Philippines.
  6. Evaluating the intersection of philosophy and mental health in the Filipino context.
  7. Investigating the philosophical foundations of human rights and their application in the country.
  8. Exploring the ethical dilemmas of capital punishment in the Philippines.
  9. Examining the philosophy of education and its impact on pedagogical approaches.
  10.  Analyzing the role of religious pluralism and tolerance in Philippine society.

HUMSS Research Topics in Literature and Language

Studying Literature and Language within the HumSS strand provides students with a deeper understanding of human expression, communication, and culture. Here are research topics in this field:

  1.  Analyzing the themes of identity and belonging in contemporary Filipino literature.
  2.  Examining the impact of colonialism on the evolution of Philippine literature and language.
  3.  Investigating the use of language in social media and its effects on communication.
  4.  Exploring the role of folklore and oral traditions in Filipino literature.
  5.  The ethical consequences of artificial intelligence and automation are being investigated.
  6.  Evaluating the influence of English as a global language on Philippine languages.
  7.  Investigating the use of code-switching and its sociolinguistic implications in the Philippines.
  8.  Examining how mental health issues are portrayed in Filipino literature and media.
  9.  Exploring the role of translation in bridging cultural and linguistic gaps.
  10.  Analyzing the impact of language policies on minority languages in the country.

Quantitative Research Topics For HumSS Students In The Philippines

Quantitative Research Topics For HumSS Students involve using numerical data and statistical methods to analyze and draw conclusions about social phenomena in the Philippines.

  1.  Analyzing the relationship between income levels and access to quality education.
  2.  Examining the impact of inflation on consumer purchasing power in the Philippines.
  3.  Investigating factors contributing to youth unemployment rates.
  4.  Investigating the connection between economic expansion and environmental damage.
  5.  Assessing the effectiveness of government welfare programs in poverty reduction.
  6.  Exploring financial literacy levels among Filipinos.
  7.  Analyzing the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  8.  The role of FDI in the Philippine economy is being investigated.
  9.  Studying economic challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
  10.  Analyzing the economic implications of infrastructure development programs.

Social Justice And Equity Research Topics For HumSS Students

Social justice and equity research topics in the HumSS field revolve around issues of fairness, justice, and equality in society.

  1.  Examining the impact of gender-based violence on access to justice.
  2.  Analyzing the role of social media in advocating for social justice causes.
  3.  Investigating the effects of government’s “war on drugs” on human rights.
  4.  Exploring the intersection of poverty, gender, and healthcare access.
  5.  Assessing the experiences of indigenous communities in pursuing justice and land rights.
  6.  Analyzing the effectiveness of inclusive education in promoting equity.
  7.  Investigating challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in accessing legal rights.
  8.  Examining responses to juvenile offenders in the criminal justice system.
  9.  Analyzing discrimination’s impact on employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
  10.  Evaluating the effectiveness of affirmative action policies.

Cultural Studies Research Topics For HumSS Students

Cultural studies research topics in HumSS examine culture, identity, and society.

  1.  Analyzing the influence of K-pop culture on Filipino youth.
  2.  Exploring the preservation of indigenous cultures in modern Filipino society.
  3.  Studying the impact of Filipino cinema on cultural identity.
  4.  Investigating the influence of social media on cultural globalization.
  5.  Analyzing the cultural significance of Filipino cuisine.
  6.  Investigating how gender and sexuality are portrayed in Filipino media.
  7.  Studying the influence of colonial history on contemporary Filipino culture.
  8.  Investigating the significance of traditional festivals and rituals.
  9.  Analyzing the portrayal of mental health in Filipino literature and art.
  10.  Exploring the cultural implications of migration and diaspora.
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Environmental Ethics Research Topics For HumSS Students

Environmental ethics research topics in HumSS delve into the moral and ethical considerations of environmental and sustainability.

  1.  Analyzing the ethics of mining practices in the Philippines.
  2.  Investigating the moral responsibilities of corporations in environmental conservation.
  3.  Examining the ethical implications of plastic pollution in Philippine waters.
  4.  Exploring the ethics of ecotourism and its impact on ecosystems.
  5.  Assessing the ethical aspects of climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  6.  Investigating the moral responsibility of individuals in sustainable living.
  7.  Analyzing the ethics of wildlife conservation and protection.
  8.  Exploring cultural and ethical dimensions of sustainable fishing practices.
  9.  Examining the ethical dilemmas of land-use conflicts and deforestation.
  10.  Assessing the ethics of water resource management.

Global Politics And International Relations Research Topics For HumSS Students

Global politics and international relations research topics in HumSS focus on issues related to international diplomacy, governance, and global affairs.

  1.  Analyzing the Philippines’ role in the South China Sea dispute.
  2.  Investigating the impact of globalization on Philippine sovereignty.
  3.  Examining the country’s involvement in regional organizations like ASEAN.
  4.  Exploring the Philippines’ response to global humanitarian crises.
  5.  Assessing the ethics of international aid and development projects.
  6.  Analyzing the country’s foreign policy and alliances.
  7.  Investigating the challenges of diplomacy in the digital age.
  8.  Exploring the role of non-governmental organizations in shaping policy.
  9.  Analyzing the influence of international organizations like the United Nations.
  10.  Investigating the Philippines’ stance on global issues such as climate change.

Psychology And Mental Health Research Topics For HumSS Students

Psychology and mental health research topics in HumSS involve the study of human behavior, mental health, and well-being.

  1.  Analyzing the impact of social media on the mental health of Filipino adolescents.
  2.  Investigating the stigma surrounding mental health in the Philippines.
  3.  Examining the effects of government policies on mental health support.
  4.  Exploring the psychological effects of disasters and trauma.
  5.  Assessing the relationship between personality traits and academic performance.
  6.  Investigating cultural factors affecting help-seeking behavior.
  7.  Analyzing the mental health challenges faced by healthcare workers during the pandemic.
  8.  Exploring the experiences of Filipino overseas workers and their mental well-being.
  9.  Studying the impact of online gaming addiction on Filipino youth.
  10.  Evaluating the success of school-based mental health programs.

Education And Pedagogy Research Topics For HumSS Students

Education and pedagogy research topics in HumSS encompass the study of teaching, learning, and educational systems.

  1.  Assessing the effectiveness of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2.  Investigating the role of technology in enhancing classroom engagement.
  3.  Examining inclusive education practices for students with disabilities.
  4.  Analyzing the effects of teacher training on student outcomes.
  5.  Exploring alternative education models like homeschooling.
  6.  Studying parental involvement’s impact on student achievement.
  7.  Investigating sex education programs’ effectiveness in schools.
  8.  Exploring the role of arts education in fostering creativity.
  9.  Analyzing the challenges of implementing K-12 education reform.
  10.  Assessing standardized testing’s benefits and drawbacks in education.

History And Historical Perspectives Research Topics For HumSS Students

History and historical perspectives research topics in HumSS delve into the study of past events and their significance.

  1.  Reinterpreting indigenous peoples’ roles in Philippine history.
  2.  Analyzing the impact of Spanish colonization on Filipino culture.
  3.  Investigating the historical roots of political dynasties.
  4.  Examining the contributions of Filipino women in the fight for independence.
  5.  Exploring the role of propaganda and media in key historical events.
  6.  Assessing the legacy of martial law under Ferdinand Marcos.
  7.  Investigating indigenous resistance and revolts in history.
  8.  Studying the evolution of Philippine democracy and political institutions.
  9.  Analyzing the role of Filipino migrants in global history.
  10. Exploring cultural and historical significance through ancient artifacts.

Economics And Economic Policy Research Topics For HumSS Students

Economics and economic policy research topics in HumSS focus on economic systems, policies, and their impact on society.

  1. Analyzing the economic impact of natural disasters.
  2. Investigating microfinance’s role in poverty alleviation.
  3. Examining the informal economy and labor rights.
  4. Exploring the effects of trade policies on local industries.
  5. Assessing the relationship between education and income inequality.
  6. Analyzing the economic consequences of informal settler issues.
  7. Investigating agricultural modernization challenges.
  8. Exploring the role of foreign aid in development.
  9. Analyzing the economic effects of healthcare disparities.
  10. Investigating renewable energy adoption’s economic benefits.
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Philosophy And Ethics Research Topics For HumSS Students

Philosophy and ethics research topics in HumSS involve exploring questions of morality, ethics, and philosophy.

  1. Examining the ethics of truth-telling in medical practice.
  2. Analyzing the philosophical foundations of human rights.
  3. Investigating ethics in artificial intelligence and automation.
  4. Exploring ethical dilemmas of genetic engineering and cloning.
  5. Assessing moral considerations in end-of-life care decisions.
  6. Investigating ethics in environmental conservation and sustainability.
  7. Analyzing the ethics of capital punishment.
  8. Exploring the moral responsibility of corporations in social issues.
  9. Assessing the ethics of data privacy and surveillance.
  10. Investigating ethical considerations in public health.

Healthcare And Public Health Research Topics For HumSS Students

Healthcare and public health research topics in HumSS involve studying health-related issues, healthcare systems, and public health policies.

  1. Analyzing the effectiveness of the Philippine healthcare system in addressing public health crises.
  2. Investigating healthcare disparities and their impact on marginalized communities.
  3. Examining factors contributing to vaccine hesitancy in the country.
  4. Exploring the role of traditional medicine and alternative healthcare practices in Filipino culture.
  5. Analyzing the mental health challenges faced by healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  6. Assessing the accessibility and affordability of healthcare services in rural areas.
  7. Investigating the ethical considerations of organ transplantation and donation.
  8. Examining the effectiveness of health education programs in preventing diseases.
  9. Analyzing public perceptions of the pharmaceutical industry and drug pricing.
  10. Investigating the social determinants of health and their impact on population health outcomes.

Exploring HumSS Research Topics in Gender Studies

Gender studies research topics in HumSS focus on issues related to gender identity, roles, and equality in society.

  1. Analyzing the representation of gender in Philippine media and popular culture.
  2. Investigating the experiences of transgender individuals in the Philippines.
  3. Examining the impact of religion on gender norms in Filipino society.
  4. Exploring the role of gender-based violence prevention programs.
  5. Assessing the impact of gender stereotypes on career choices and opportunities.
  6. Analyzing the portrayal of women in political leadership roles.
  7. Investigating the role of masculinity and its effects on men’s mental health.
  8. Exploring the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth in Philippine schools.
  9. Studying the intersectionality of gender, class, and race in the Philippines.
  10. Evaluating the effectiveness of gender mainstreaming policies in government agencies.

HumSS Research Topics in Global Governance

Research topics in global governance within HumSS focus on international diplomacy, governance structures, and global challenges.

  1. Analyzing the role of the Philippines in regional security alliances like the ASEAN Regional Forum.
  2. Investigating the country’s involvement in international peacekeeping missions.
  3. Examining the country’s stance on global human rights issues.
  4. Evaluating the effectiveness of international organizations in addressing global challenges.
  5. Exploring the Philippines’ participation in global climate change negotiations.
  6. Analyzing the country’s compliance with international treaties and agreements.
  7. Investigating the role of Filipino diaspora communities in global governance issues.
  8. Assessing the impact of globalization on Philippine sovereignty and governance.
  9. Analyzing the country’s foreign policy responses to global health crises.
  10. Exploring ethical dilemmas in international humanitarian intervention.
  11. Investigating the diplomatic and economic implications of the Philippines’ bilateral relations with neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

After exploring 150+ Quantitative Research Topics For HumSS Students, now we will discuss tips for writing a HumSS research paper

Tips for Writing a HumSS Research Paper

Here are some tips for writing a HumSS Research Paper: 

#Tip 1: Choose a Clear Topic

Start your HumSS research paper by picking a topic that’s not too big. Instead of something huge like “History,” go for a smaller idea like “The Life of Ancient Egyptians.” This helps you focus and find the right information.

#Tip 2: Plan Your Paper

Before you write, make a plan. Think about what you’ll say in the beginning, middle, and end of your paper. It’s like making a roadmap for your writing journey. Planning helps you stay on track.

#Tip 3: Use Good Sources

Use trustworthy sources for your paper, like books, experts’ articles, or reliable websites. Avoid sources that might not have the right information. Trustworthy sources make your paper stronger.

#Tip 4: Say Thanks to Your Sources

When you use information from other places, it’s important to give credit. This is called citing your sources. Follow the rules for citing, like APA, MLA, or Chicago, so you don’t copy someone else’s work and show where you found your facts.

#Tip 5: Make Your Paper Better

After you finish writing, go back and fix any mistakes. Check for spelling or grammar error and make your sentences smoother. A well-edited paper is easier for others to read and makes your ideas shine.


Understanding HumSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) is the first step in your journey to exploring the world of quantitative research topics for HumSS students. These topics are crucial because they help us unravel the complexities of human behavior, society, and culture. 

In addition, we have discussed selecting the right HumSS research topic that aligns with your interests and academic goals. With 150+ quantitative research ideas for HumSS students in 2023, you have a wide array of options to choose from. Plus, we’ve shared valuable tips for writing a successful HumSS research paper. So, dive into the world of HumSS research and uncover the insights that await you!

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