Does Unbreakable Security Even Exist? Get Closer to Perfection

Unbreakable Security

Regarding security, people don’t want to settle for any middle ground. The Unbreakable Security service that advertised that you would be secure most of the time would probably go out of business quickly.

On the other hand, there has never been a 100% secure system. In 1790 a renowned English inventor Joseph Bramah designed a fool-proof lock and even announced a challenge: whoever managed to break into his shop will get a sum equivalent to $25,000 nowadays. The lock resisted for an outstanding 67 years until it was broken, even forcing the Bank of England to change all its locks.

Today, you may often see cybersecurity services boasting absolute protection services. Since the first online banking operations, Internet users have much more to lose online – their finances. Current Advanced Encryption Algorithm with a 256-bit (AES-256 encryption) key is considered a worldwide cybersecurity standard, and we are told it’s absolutely safe to use. How close to the truth is that?

The Myth of Unbreakable Security

AES-256 may have provided unbreakable security for over twenty years, but the Internet is still plagued by cybercrime. There’s a common misconception that cybersecurity can be achieved with a few quick steps, luring Internet users into a false sense of safety.

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For example, the global World Wide Web structure migrated to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) over the last several years. It uses encryption to secure all WWW communication, and some may think they’re sufficiently safe online. But this protocol does not protect against password hacking, data leaks, or Phishing – three extremely popular cybercrime methods.

To answer the threats, cybersecurity enterprises launched password managers for online account protection from unauthorized access. However, one of the most renowned password managers got hacked a few months back by losing its source code to hackers.

Should you then distrust any cybersecurity software? No. The answer is to remain vigilant and never take your safety for granted. It’s always a cat-and-mouse game. Cybercriminals are working tirelessly to develop new hacking tools, and until cybersecurity companies come up with defense solutions, some users will be at risk.

How to Stay Safe Online

Numerous pieces of research illuminate that human error is the weakest link in most cybersecurity systems. For example, you may use a robust Firewall and a trusted Antivirus to protect your home network but give away your banking credentials in a well-crafted Phishing scam.

Just recently, hackers exploited the Covid-19 pandemic to target millions of people with convincing healthcare-related online Phishing scams. Whether a cybersecurity professional or regular Internet user, many were tricked by this sensitive topic.

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However, the solution is locked within a problem. Hackers will exploit the most sensitive situations, and you should beware of any emails, text messages, or phone calls that force you into quick action. Education remains your first line of defense. If you know what tactics they use, you will identify them and avoid rushing into risky action.

Even though cybersecurity software has its limits, it should accompany you when necessary. Virtual Private Networks upsurged during the lockdowns because they provide secure remote access to the Internet, which was so important during the Work From Home period. Furthermore, they are invaluable on public Wi-Fi networks with close-to-zero cybersecurity measurements. Cyber-aware travelers who hastened to voyage once the borders opened packed a secure VPN for the best safety.

Education coupled with adequate software is what brings you closer to unbreakable security. Sure, you will never reach the 100% fool-proof state. But if you continuously update your security kit, hackers will shift their attention to more easy targets.

The Future of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity experts live during trying times when billions of people spend their money online without knowing the basics of online safety. The future looks both promising and frightful.

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Firstly, we can expect more Cloud-based services. Storing data in a Cloud is more cost-efficient, and you can access the information whenever you have an Internet connection. This is how you can access your Facebook photos from any device you connect to the Internet.

Remember that even renowned privacy-friendly companies like Apple leaked sensitive celebrity photos on iCloud. The lesson is to remember education and precaution: beware and be aware. Using secure Cloud storage has many security benefits (your device is way easier to hack), but don’t put absolute trust in any system.

Lastly, computer scientists and physicists predict quantum computation will render current encryption algorithms useless. The predictions are so solid that some hackers are already storing encrypted data to decrypt it once they somehow manage to afford a Quantum Computer. Luckily, this will not happen in the upcoming decade, probably even longer. However, celebrities should not trust current encryption for their nudes because some hackers will wait twenty years to expose them.

Last Words

To summarize, the best cybersecurity is a personal responsibility. Think about the worst-case scenario, and know that it is probable. If you use additional cybersecurity software efficiently, the chances of getting hacked are minimal. But they are never zero. That’s why it’s best to evaluate the risk and use the Internet smartly.

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