How To Build An Effective Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Strategy

Every marketer in today’s digital marketing industry knows the importance of marketing, especially video marketing. Video marketing has become the new best thing in the marketplace. It is opening up doors of opportunities for brands across the globe.

That being said, building an effective video marketing strategy is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of effort, time, and money goes into creating a strong video marketing strategy that can truly impact your audience. Nonetheless, it is a given that once you build a good enough strategy, you are bound to boost sales while simultaneously expanding your client base. Explore below a complete guide to building an effective and worthwhile video marketing strategy for your brand. 

Some Statistics About Video Content 

Video content serves as a powerful form of digital marketing, especially for storytelling. It can influence the minds of your viewers drastically. Moreover, it can highly impact the efficiency and success of your content marketing efforts and promotional campaigns as a whole. For example, if you’re an e-commerce business you can use a screen recorder to introduce a new product to the market, show a potential customer how it works, and increase the chance of a sale. It only offers more and more benefits to brands. In addition to the already pleasing benefits of video marketing, what makes it ideal is the fact that it gives brands a chance to deeply connect with their audience. You can thus form much more loyal customers over the course of time.

Given below are some statistics that might pique your interest. 

  • As per video marketing statistics, video content was consumed by about 80% of users across the globe in 2019.
    Social media videos are known to generate about 1200% more shares than texts and images combined. 
  • About 87% of advertisers make use of video content in their advertising strategy.
    Mobile users are heavily consuming video content. The percentage of the same increases by over 100% each year. 

Such statistics prove just how impactful video content can be if you use it rightly. However, the real question is- how exactly do you build a robust video marketing strategy? Here are some tips and tricks to help you along your journey of digital marketing. 

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1. Build a Simple SEO Strategy 

SEO isn’t solely relevant for your website or blog posts. It is a great tool for videos. According to the latest study, YouTube has now become the second biggest search engine online. People often make use of this network for exploring certain videos. Moreover, they also use it for searching specific information just like they normally do on Google. 

It isn’t very difficult to make your videos easily visible on YouTube. Some tips that can come in handy for video SEO are as follows- 

  • Incorporate Keywords into the Video Descriptions. Also, make sure to include YouTube links on your website. Maintain 70 characters’ worth of description so that your YouTube viewers can get a gist of what your video is all about. 
  • Add eye-catching titles to grab the attention of your viewers. Titles are an excellent way to briefly inform your viewers about your video. It is also essential to plan out which keywords you want to utilize in your videos. 
  • Make use of the tags carefully. It is a good idea to use tags with distinguishing keyword variations. Consider all the elements that people might be looking for when watching your videos and make sure to incorporate them. 
  • Give importance to link-building. The overall number of links that potentially lead to your video impact the keywords rankings. 
  • Make sure to add an appealing thumbnail as it’s the first thing that your viewers will notice when exploring your video. 

2. Address Your Message in the Video Clearly 

The best way to get more views on your respective videos is to offer sufficient information to your viewers on what exactly you wish to accomplish from the video. The information your video contains will be the deciding factor of if or not your prospective viewers will continue watching your video. You can also make an audiogram to boost your video marketing.

Experts suggest that people tend to watch your video only after seeing the titles first. Thus, you want to ensure adding a catchy title and description to your video. 

Additionally, make sure that your video is short and sweet. Not many people are fond of viewing videos that go on for 15-20 minutes. It is very easy to get distracted and stop watching long and boring videos. A few ways to make your videos clear and educational are- 

  • Jot down a precise and educational synopsis. Make sure to highlight the key features and benefits so that your viewers are intrigued to continue watching your video. Whether you are going to discuss the benefits of certain email verification software or social media marketing trends, make sure to highlight the key features and benefits so that your viewers are intrigued to continue watching your video. Moreover, plotting the core points of your video is a narrative. 
  • Additionally, it is important to transcribe your videos. This is a great way to make it easier for your viewers to read the video content in text format. 
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3. Flex Your Social Credibility 

Flexing your social media credibility is a great way of building your video marketing strategy. Subtly showcasing your credibility and strong online presence in your videos is an excellent approach towards boosting conversions whilst building trust among your customers. About 50% of consumers find user-generated content such as customer testimonials handy. 

There is a myriad of ways of showcasing your social credibility. From talking about the different customers that have invested in your brand to displaying likes, votes, comments, and views, make a bold impression on your audience and add value to your brand. 

You can also offer video testimonials and case studies related to your products and services from your respective consumers. 

4. Optimize Your Videos 

Once you’ve made a significant impact on your viewers through your videos, you want to consider making the most out of your video and generating conversions. All you really need to do is optimize your video carefully by centering your attention on conversions. 

One of the easiest and convenient ways of doing this is by adding an effective call to action. Online marketers know just how essential a call to action is. It plays a fundamental role in summarising why you made the video in the first place. Your call to action should thus depend on your business goals. The key is to keep the video as engaging and light-hearted as possible. You should also bear in mind that a good online video editor can go a long way towards better optimization of your videos. A few other tips for optimizing your videos include- 

  • Determine the right time for publishing your videos. This way, you can boost your views in the initial 48 hours. 
  • Make sure to offer incentives as it is a great way to grab the attention of your viewers. For instance, give discounts to the viewers who view your video in the first few hours. 
  • Draft creative content. Video content is a tactic used by every other marketer today. Thus, staying unique and true to your brand is the only way you can stand out in the marketplace. 
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5. Determine Your Distribution Outlets 

To make sure that your videos reach the right audience, it is extremely important that you publish your videos at the right distribution channels. Delivering your video content to your target audience can be difficult if you haven’t researched and determined who your target audience is in the first place. Here are some tips to consider when building your video marketing strategy. 

  • Upload your videos on your website. Even if this doesn’t bring much traffic, it can create a sense of enthusiasm for new visitors to your website, thereby boosting your website’s performance. 
  • Make sure to upload your videos on YouTube and other essential platforms.
    Share your videos directly on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and so on. 
  • Make use of high-end editing tools to create unique, engaging, and educational videos.
    Don’t forget to directly embed your videos on your emails. 

6. Promote Your Videos 

Now that you’ve covered the basics of building your video strategy, it is important to promote your videos and simultaneously maximize your reach. You can start by engaging well with your viewers. For instance, keeping polls, Q&As, asking for feedback, and replying to comments are great places to start engaging with your customers. You can even pay agents to promote your videos. YouTube and Facebook are a few of the greatest marketing tools that you can use to reach a larger group audience. Make sure to add captivating intros to your videos. 

Bottom Line 

Building an effective video marketing strategy is all about consistency, patience, and your ability to research. Along with the above-mentioned steps, it is also important for marketers to make sure that they analyze the performance of their videos. This is a great way to introspect on how well your video is doing and what you can change for it to perform better. This guide should give you basic insights into how you can build a strong video marketing strategy and gain optimal brand success.

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