How does your archetype resonate with your method of education?

Archetype resonate with your method of education

In this article we will discuss how does your archetype resonate with your method of education. Let’s begin.

Psychology is one of the scientific fields that gains more and more attention over the years. After the COVID-19 pandemic, we have noticed an increase in depressive and anxious symptoms in many individuals around the world. These mental health problems are not new to anyone, but they are more present nowadays than ever before, especially in the case of students.

But apart from therapy and solutions for coping with these stressful challenges life poses to you, psychology offers a lot of useful resources to educators too. Teaching students a specific subject might seem easy, especially if you have a solid knowledge of that topic. But you need to adapt to the learning style of each student, and also become aware of your own beliefs that might translate into your individual teaching style. So, what are archetypes and how do they resonate with your method of education?

What Are Archetypes?

Carl Gustav Jung is one of the most well-known psychologists from history, as he developed some fascinating theories that are still applicable today. One of them is the theory of archetypes that is relevant not only in a business or personal setting but in the educational one. So, there are 12 main archetypes, but what exactly are they? Every teacher or student has an archetype, so knowing what it is can help you get to know yourself better. An archetype is a pattern of behavior, an idea, or a thought that is present unconsciously in the individual. It manifests itself through recurrent events in your life, and if you take a step back and analyze it, you might discover it.

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The theory of archetypes is fascinating and apart from helping educators learn more about themselves, it can do the same with students too. So, you can encourage your students to read an archetype essay example to delve more into the topic, as you can find many free examples online. You can also assign them to write essays or even a research paper that will contribute positively to the student contract for grades. They will not have to spell for good grades as grading college papers will be done depending on their essays. There are plenty of examples online and reading more about all 12 archetypes will help both you and your students understand more about unconscious ideas and behaviors present in each of us.

The Influence of Archetypes on Methods of Education

Analytical psychology is essential as it helps individuals analyze their way of being and behaving, getting an insight into their inner world. We each have a pattern of thoughts, ideas and behaviors inherited. They are unconsciously present there and manifest themselves in many situations. As a teacher who has the role to educate students, and inspiring and motivating them, being aware of your archetype can help you understand yourself better.

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At the same time, it helps you with your method of education, as there are lots of distinct approaches to the same problems. Finding out which your archetype is helps you discover parts of yourself you did not see or consider before and that might or might not resonate with your method of education. Archetypes define your voice and provide you with a clear purpose, but also tailor your teaching methods. You, as an educator, are a storyteller.

You influence students and have a huge impact on them. Are you a Hero or an Explorer? Are you a Ruler or a Caregiver? Are you a Magician or a Creator? Each archetype is focused on something, such as building a connection, providing structure, or leaving a mark. And this way of being has an influence on your method of education.

Final Words

Analytical psychology is valuable in today’s educational environment as it provides both teachers and students with valuable insight into unconscious habits and thoughts. As an educator, being aware of your individual archetype is crucial as it makes you behave in a specific way in certain situations. It resonated with your method of education and as your goal is to inspire and motivate students, knowing your archetype will help you understand yourself better.

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