Top 9 Stunning SQL Project Ideas For Absolute Beginners

SQL Project Ideas

In recent times, data has become one of the most important things in the world. Every work is done with the help of data. In the IT sector data is like a treasure that is kept safe within the department. Data also gets stolen sometimes. So for storing, manipulating, and retrieving data, we use various types of language and software.

One of the useful languages for this work is SQL (Standard Query Language). There are many SQL Project Ideas that people often go through in daily life and we have brought some of them in this article.

What is SQL?

SQL is a computer language that stands for Structured Query Language. It is mostly used for manipulating, retrieving, and storing data. SQL has been there since 1970 and it is now the most common method for accessing data from databases.

SQL is very common among engineers for software development but data analysts also prefer to use it. Work that is performed in excel can also be performed in SQL.

Sums, counts, minimums and maximums, and other aggregations can all be carried out using SQL, but over considerably bigger datasets and on numerous tables at once.

9 Stunning SQL Project Ideas For Absolute Beginners

Some of the best and most Innovative SQL Project Ideas are listed below for students to have an experience in areas related to SQL.

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1. Management of Student Databases

To create a project in charge of gathering student records is the objective. Saving student information is necessary for the majority of these track records. For instance,  student details, such as name, address, grades, and other performance and attendance indicators, as well as information about specific departments, may be included.

2. Library Management System

Creating a management system for libraries. A management system that can search for titles and allow customers to issue specific books.

This system monitors library books. This automatic approach is simpler to use than handling it manually.

3. Hospital Management System

To create a project in which patients will each have a distinct Patient ID. Complete patient information, including name, address, and phone number, followed by a description of the condition being treated for. The physician will deal with patients, one physician may treat many patients. Each doctor will also have a distinctive ID.

The patient and Doctor will be connected. Hospital admissions are possible for patients. There will thus be various room numbers as well as rooms for operation theatres and ICU. For the upkeep of the hospital and patient care, there are a few nurses and ward boys. A charge will be created based on the duration of treatment and the number of days.

4. Payroll Management System

To create a project in which all employees of any organization will be entered (each with a unique ID). The number of days will be submitted based on the joining date and the date that the salary was generated.

Basic compensation will be determined based on the position held by the employee and the department. Then, components such as arrears and charges for the hostel or bus, security, welfare fund, and other items will be subtracted. How many days the employee did not show up for work?

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5. Restaurant Management System

To create a project in which the restaurant keeps a database of the selection of foods and drinks it offers. It is a good restaurant management practice. In addition to serving cuisine on-site, the restaurant also accepts online orders through its website.

Orders placed over the phone are also accepted. There are also some discount systems so that premium customers can receive discounts, and the customer record is kept up to date.

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6. College Management System

To create a project where many departments can be found at a college. Every department may offer any number of courses. A department may have several instructors working there, but a teacher is only permitted to work in one.

There is a head for each department, and a professor can only be the head of one. Any number of courses may be taken by a teacher, but only one teacher may enroll in a course at a time. Any number of courses may be chosen by a student, and any number of students may enroll in a given course.

7. Hotel Management System

To create a project where a hotel has a bunch of different activities, including the front desk, booking and reservations, banquet, finance, HR, inventory, material management, quality management, security, energy management, housekeeping, CRM, and more.

There are a few rooms in the hotel, and they fall into several categories. Each room is priced differently depending on the kind of accommodation. To oversee the services offered to guests, a hotel employs several people. A consumer can reserve a room by paying cash at the hotel or online.

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The customer record, which includes the client’s name, address, check-in and check-out times, etc., is kept in the hotel database. Customers are given meals and drinks by the hotel, and a charge is generated for them when they check out.

8. E-Ticket Booking Database System

This project is one of the best for beginners. Users will be able to book tickets online using this database, and you may select a domain like an airline or rail tickets, for example. For instance, you selected airline tickets.

Users of this system may easily make online reservations for tickets. To avoid user misunderstanding, be careful to ban those seats that have already been reserved. include the name of the airport, the route’s specifics, the airline, and the customer’s information.

9. LyFi

To create a project in which a smartphone application is used to control a home’s lights through wifi. It is simple to use and allows customers to manage their home’s lighting while lounging on their couches and using their phones.

LyFi is used to dim the lights in homes as well as turn them on and off. It can also be used to operate other appliances.


In the end, your thinking abilities will improve as a result of all the above-listed SQL Project Ideas, and you will be able to relate your knowledge of SQL to practical uses.

Use such SQL Projects Ideas whenever possible so that you may practice database normalization. By working on these projects, you can advance your abilities.


Q1. Is SQL still in demand 2022?

Yes, SQL language is still in demand in 2022 and in the future. On the other hand, according to the full dataset released by Stack Overflow, approximately 70% of data developers including data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, and so on use SQL, while 61.7% use Python.

Q2. Is SQL easier than Python?

Based on two factors both languages are easy as well as difficult. When viewed as a language, SQL is much simpler than Python because the syntax is smaller and there are fewer concepts in SQL. However, when viewed as a tool, SQL is more difficult than Python coding.