Best Ways to Transfer Money Internationally

transfer money internationally

If someone wants to move to another country and they need to transfer money, you might be puzzled with the different ways to money transfer methods that are accessible in the market. That is why you might be thinking about where one can go to transfer their money, how much it would cost, and what is the best method to transfer money internationally.

If you are confused with all these questions, then you are at the right place as this blog will help you with the relevant details on the best way to transfer money internationally. This will provide you the details of what are the important parameters for money transfer and ways to send money, and much more. This blog will also help you to trust the banks and services that use the safest methods to transfer money internationally.

There are various different types of money transfer companies that provide the transaction of money through online media. To make sure, one easily saves their money while transferring to another country, and this blog has provided tips for that. Now, let’s go to the exact meaning of an International Money Transfer and what are the best methods of it.

What is the meaning of the International Money Transfer?

The International Money Transfer means that one can send their money to the company which is situated in another country or the individual who is living in another nation. The money can be transferred either through the bank (which is called as traditional way) or using the specific money transfer service providers. The money can be received via any of the electronic means or in cash.

There is a wide variety of transferring money that can be transacted through peer-to-peer payments (P2P) or SWIFT that is popular nowadays, and its users are increasing day by day, and its mainstream has outcomes in the reduction of additional fees which is because of the enhanced security and speed. As per the US Treasury, to keep the data into context, SWIFT is able to handle $5 trillion of transfer per day, which provides an overview of the market’s size of this International Money Transfer.

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What are the parameters that are essential for money transfer?

When one is considering what the parameters that need to take into consideration while transferring money to oversea are, there are three factors that are explained below:

The exchange rate

As everyone knows that the exchange rate of currencies of countries is important while someone wants to transfer their money to other nations. But, recently, several laws are implemented to help banks with inflated exchange rates charges. But it is essential to double-check whether one is getting the exact exchange rates or not while transfer money internationally.

Therefore, it is suggested that one should check online what is the exchange rate. Then, they should proceed to the further step that involves calling the different credit unions and banks. If they are not available on the phone, then you can move to institutions that provide information about the exchange rate, which can benefit you and to the other receiver.

Also, there are websites that show you the best deals when sending money internationally. For example, if you want to send money from USA to Canada, you’ll be able to choose from a set of providers that offer different exchange rates.

The amount of money that one is sending

It is another important point that needs to be considered while transferring money internationally. There are several companies that help you with transferring a small amount of money. But if one wants to send a large amount of money, then you have to select the company which is specialized in it. For a large sum of money, one needs to avoid banks’ use if it is possible because they might tack to high additional charges to transfer a considerable amount of money all around the globe.

Compare the transfer fees

Do not hesitate to shop around the institutions, companies, or banks that are offering the best rates for money transfer fees. Always take the fees to consider while deciding the amount of money that one wants to transfer. For example, if one wants to send $1000 dollars to his sister because she needs to pay the fees. It means that you have to send it immediately, but if you need to send $15 dollars for her birthday, then you can send it via the mail.

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What is the best way to transfer money internationally?

Through bank

There are several U.S. banks provide money transfer services, but it might be expensive as compared to digital services that are especially focused on money transfers. The bank fees are comparatively high, and there is an exchange rate markup. Banks are limited to transfer money to another bank account, but still, it can be the best way to transfer money internationally.  

Pros: It is a reliable and secure method. You can send a large amount of money without any problem.

Cons: It can cost you higher fees with exchange rate markups and might take various days for money transfer.

Western Union

It can be another best way to transfer money internationally and the oldest method that is available outside the bank. This company is known for its fast service, and they always try to maintain this reputation. One can easily send their money via their website or using their app or by visiting one of their branches. But if one requires to transfer money of almost $5000 or more, then they can try western union’s OnlineFX website for it. You can even use your credit or debit card or cash to transfer money that can be deposited to the receiver’s bank account or take the money from a Western Union branch.

Pros: It has flexible delivery options, secure methods, fewer fees, and low exchange rate markups.

Cons: It has a slow delivery process that might take four to five days to transfer money.


This is another best way to transfer money internationally, and one can easily transfer money to individuals and businesses to another nation with the help of a card or bank account that is linked with your PayPal account. Using the credit cards means you need to pay the fees as per the charges of the issuer. But if you send money through the bank account, then you can incur PayPal fees, and it varies country to country from where you are sending money and to which country you are sending. It can be a good idea to compare which can be the best option bank account or credit card to transfer money.

Pros: It is an easy and quick method to transfer money, and has relatively low fees as compared to other transaction methods for the small amount of money.

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Cons: The receiver can get the money only be setting a PayPal account, and one can send the limited account of money to the receiver.


It is a U.K. based company that provides transferring money to several nations, and it does with the help of actual exchange rates. Yes, it does not have any markups, you just need to pay the fees of transfer, and it will directly be sent to the receiver’s bank account within a few days.

Pros: It is easy to use with the mobile and online platforms that have straightforward costs.

Cons: It does not send the money instantly, it has a limit of $50,000 on personal funds transfers and business funds can be up to $250,000 daily and a maximum of $1 million annually.


It is launched in Sydney, and it has branches all around the world. Just like TransferWise, it also takes less exchange rate for a small margin when one transfers money, and it also charges zero additional fees, which makes it the best way to transfer money internationally. Besides this, it balances the rate on how often one uses their services; therefore, if you need to transfer money frequently, then this can be the best choice that saves your money. 

Pros: It is easy to use mobile and online platforms with an unlimited maximum transfer. It also offers same-day money transfer services within some nations and offers 24/7 support.

Cons: It does not transfer the money instantaneously and has a minimum limit of $150 to transfer money.

Tips by which you can save money on international transfers

There are some of the tips that help you to save money on international transfers. So, let’s check these tips:

  • If one plans to transfer a small amount of money that is not required to get there immediately, then try to avoid the use of international wire transfers.
  • Select the company which is offering the best deal on the amount that one is transferring internationally.
  • Search around and check the rate that is best for you.
  • Always double-check the exchange rates of a company.


This blog has provided all the details for the best way to transfer money internationally that include the meaning of international money transfer, and the parameters that are essential for money transfer. There are several ways to transfer money internationally, such as through banks, Western Union, PayPal, and much more that are listed in this article. You can also use tips to save money while transferring money internationally. if you need help with finance assignment, then contact our financial assignment expert. they provide you the best service at a reasonable cost.

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