Smart Side-Hustles: 13+ Business Ideas for Students Success

business ideas for students

Are you a student who is looking for business ideas for students to start alongside with your studies? If yes, then you are a student with a high wisdom and goal oriented personality, because many students believe that you can’t be a student and do business at the same time. Of Course you can do that. I have a bunch of business ideas for students that I can share with you, and you can be a student at the same time take along with those businesses, which will generate money for you and you can use that money to support yourself in many aspects.

In this article, I will explicate the recent business ideas for students, in which you can take as an opportunity for you, and with your persistence and dedication, you can earn a living while you can continue your studies too.

So before wasting time let list them and explain them in detail;

  1. Digital Marketing  
  2. E-Commerce 
  3. Cv Writer
  4. Web Designer 
  5. Tutor
  6. Handmade Craft
  7. Seo Expert
  8. Social Media Management 
  9. Photographic 
  10. Fitness Trainer
  11. Sell Ebook Version
  12. Affiliate Marketing
  13. Delivery Service 
  14. Content Writing 

1. Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is a market domain that has expanded for the past decade, and it is still thriving everyday. Every business is working on its website inorder to boost their presence in the digital world. You can start to launch your own digital marketing service, where you can focus on how to influence the media about your website. There are many high-paying digital business ideas you might explore such as being a digital marketing analyst, content writing specialist, company specialist, social media marketing agency, video marketing firm and many more. As a student i believe this will benefit you alot

2. E-Commerce

We can say that for the last decades, ecommerce (electronic commerce) has dominated in the global market due to technological advancement. E-commerce is the process of buying and selling of goods and services over an electronic network, primarily the internet. It can be from business to business or from business to consumers etc.

 This platform provides you the chance to earn a living, where you can deal with companies under contracts, on which you will be given goods and you have to sell those goods to wholesalers, or maybe from the wholesalers to retailers to the final consumer using the internet, and you can earn commission from that.

3. CV Writing 

Are you a good Cv writer? If yes, then this is a golden opportunity for you. Many students, after their graduation, find it difficult  to write an impressive CV for a job application. There is huge competition in the job market. Managers strictly scrutinized applicants’ cvs before giving the final shortlists. So applicants are looking for people who can put an impression on their CVs, so that they get the chance to be the right applicant to be employed, so you can take this opportunity to write CVs for people applying for jobs.

4. Web Designing 

Due to the advancement of technology, the global market is becoming more competitive, every business wants to be the best good or service provider, that is why we have new developments like digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization etc… all of these components are used by the businesses, but all of these can only take place when you have a website. So venture into website development and help companies/businesses develop their own websites where they can promote, give ads for their product, and you can charge huge money for that.

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Remember either large or small businesses want to have a website,so the demand is very high, go for it and you will succeed.    

5. Tutor

Are you a genius in your field of study? Take the opportunity to be a tutor in your expert area. Organize study classes, where you can help your fellow students and charge them money for that. They will be willing to pay if you are good in the area they are interested in. We have different kinds of students, some are slow learners and some are fast learners, so you target the slow learners and start your business by taking them classes, assisting them on their assignments and other work. Start with a small amount until they recognize your ability then you can increase bit by bit.

6. Handmade Craft

You might think that handmade craft is a traditional business right? But I can tell you that the demand for craft products is high. These products are used for different purposes, some people use it to give it as a gift to their loved ones and some use it for domestic purposes. You can make product like artwork,baskets, buckets, jewelry etc 

 You can make these items  and sell them. You just have to modernize it and make it look attractive.

So if you have the skills. You can use it as a business idea and you will succeed.

7. SEO Expert

Search engine optimization is an essential technique for internet marketing and SEO experts is making sure that their website remains first at the search engine result. SEO plays a crucial role in digital marketing, it helps to increase website traffic. If you have knowledge on SEO it is a great opportunity for you to work with high companies  because it is a tool that is playing a vital role in businesses and companies.

8. Social Media Management 

Nowadays, students are very adept at social media. It is a good idea to direct your social media expertise into lucrative businesses by offering social media management services. Companies have realized the importance of social media and are employing young students to manage their social media. Having a vast knowledge in this area can open your door to be employed in a prominent company to manage their social media. This could be you,so wakeup and grab the opportunity. Get the knowledge about social media and then get the chance to work with large companies and you can earn and start your own business in the future.

9. Digital Photography

As a student you can start a digital photography business, which can earn you money and you can venture into it as a business of your own. Digital photography has completely revolutionized the industry and made the film based photography industry obsolete. In today’s time, many youths are benefiting from this business, they got the chance to travel to many places just to run a show. As a student there are many school events, where you can render your service and get something out of it such as induction day, graduation ceremony, school sport events and many more. So this is among the business ideas for students you can adopt.

10. Fitness Trainer 

There are numerous people who have the passion of going to the gym for physical exercise, and they want to build body muscle, but they don’t know how to start nor do they have a trainer who can guide them. This gives you the opportunity to open a gym station and be a trainer. You only need a station and the training materials, then inform the people and you also do advertisements, or write posters and paste them to the public, this can also be a business idea for you.

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11. Selling Ebook Version

With the rise in e-commerce and technology the best classic business you can adopt can be selling ebooks out- of- copyright works. You easily convert out-of-copyright works into audio or ebook format and then sell them to popular platforms. With less effort, also little knowledge you  can adopt this business and you can be ranked among the top business ideas for students. Not only that, you can also open it as a business where you can earn a lot.

12. Delivery Services

Being a delivery service man and at the same time a student is not and it is a way of earning a living. Many youths are acquiring jobs from this, and with time they can establish their own business, why not you as a student?  We have many companies that are looking for this service, companies like amazon, flipkart, zomato mesho et.. so this is a moment where you can start earning money for yourself and take along with your studies. Later in the future you can grow your own business on a large scale when you are able to save at the moment you are working.

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These 2 Are The Best And Affordable Business Ideas For Students That You Can Start With: 

13. Affiliate Marketing 

This is a simple internet business where you can promote a company product online, and you will get commission from the sales of the brand. As a student you can be able to do this and it can’t affect anything from your studies. Inoder to succeed in this business you have to choose a company product that is well recognized, affiliate the product to the buyers by giving them a clear insight about the product, its benefit and you can also give demonstration on how to use the product if there is necessary. If the customers buy the product you will get a commission on that. The most important thing in affiliate marketing, is to convince the buyers to choose the product you are promoting over its competitors.

How Can I Become An Affiliate Marketer?

Basically, there could be six steps that can help you become an affiliate marketer. Let us discussed them below:

  1. Choose A Niche

When starting affiliate marketing, finding a niche is the first thing to start with. Firstly, you choose a niche based on popularity, profitability, market 

demand etc.. you can choose some popular niche as;

  • Health and fitness
  • Blogging and making money online
  • Technology
  • Fashion shop
  • Personal finance 
  1. Find The Best Affiliate Program

In affiliate programs, there are two types: affiliate network and in-house program. An affiliate network can either have macherant, where you have to sign in and create an account for the program or you can have the publisher which is already created; you only choose from the programs available and then publish. It is the best for beginners.

  1. Choose A Publishing Platform

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that, you can do it at any platform such as websites, youtube,social media, podcast etc,

  1. Produce Traffic

You can generate traffic by creating good content,you can do it in writing content or video content.

  1. Promote Your Affiliate Links

This is where you promote your link by convincing customers. You can do it by posting ads on facebook, attracting customers, uploading videos and many more, and making use of the media to get in touch with your customers.

After all, you have to adopt very wish tips to maximize your affiliate earning by following this tips:

  • Open and promote a brand that you believe in and it has high market demand.
  • Be transparent 
  • Build relationships and trust with your audiences 
  • Create a quality content
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With these you can succeed in your affiliate marketing. yes!

14.  Content Marketing 

Content writing is among the prominent business ideas for students, it has given them the opportunity to enhance their creativity and showcase their talents. In today’s time, we can say content writing is flourishing at a high speed and it has boosted the market for digital marketing as well. 

Content writing plays a crucial role in our today’s time such as providing product descriptions, press releases, and many more. Visitors to websites are provided with accurate information with right references.

This is an opportunity as a student to start writing essays, articles or any topics which you know will be high traffic on that topic, and this cannot interfere with your studies. With this you will earn money on that, just provide content with high traffic with good references and you can succeed.

How To Start Content Writing For Your Business?

You can start your content writing with just four simple steps, but remember that there can be challenges involved too, but you can seek help from web developers to assist you.

The four steps are as follows:

Make A Plan

This is the first step in everything that you are doing. In this step you are clear on your business model, creating your business plan, identifying your audience,and there should be crystal clear on all the details about  how you are going to run your business, and remember about the organization also, which is among the most important in your business and content writing business. Do not forget to choose a niche, because niching make it easy for you to find your way out. In your niching you can consider the following

  • Is it profitable?
  • What is your professional experience?
  • What are you passionate about? 

After this point, you can choose the name of your business, type of writing                          you are going to adopt, and then move to the next step. 

1. Set Up The Technical Aspect

This step could be the hardest part, because it is where you have to set up a professional website, so get a way out in this step can difficult, the reason is that, we have many websites and they competition could be high, but luckily there are many options for web hosting and sites builders which are easy and affordable to get such as, wordpress, webflow, spotify etc. You only need to buy a host and a domain and you will get your website within a couple of days. So what is included here is that, websites creation, portfolio, and your social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

2. Organize The Logistics

Logistics will involve registering your business,hiring good writers, setting up a tax account,and also keeping a strong privacy and security of your details. Also keep separate of all the necessary things with your personal information details.

3. Find Clients

This is the last step in how to start a content writing business, and it is among the most crucial parts, because content writing is a competitive and a challenging thing too. The most difficult thing is when you are new to the clients, it is not easy for them to trust you at the starting point, and you have many competitors who are making sure they are the best, so here you to have the right platform, where you can get in touch with the right clients for your service. There are many platforms where you can get clients like facebook, instagram, cold emailing, twitter etc..  


At this juncture we can conclude that, there are many business ideas for students that you can take alongside with your studies, and there can be no interference in your study. With the advancement in technology, we have e-commerce business, content writing, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and many business ideas for students which you can start with and you can be earning a lot of money from that. You only need to have a strong wisdom and then dedicate yourself to the business of your choice and go on with it,you  just need to believe that it is possible to carry out a business alongside your studies, so do not feel lazy to grab these golden opportunities around.