31+ Easy Small Business Ideas To Become Entrepreneur In 2023

Easy Small Business Ideas

We live in a world where opportunities are all over, you only need to identify what your passion is, then you can grab it in an easy way. When we look at the business areas, there are many easy small business ideas with less investments that you can start up with. 

These small businesses have solved the problem of unemployment rate in many countries. Many youths are engaged in these businesses, and it has helped them to earn a living, and it has also increased their standard of living.

It might seem hard for some people, but with proper planning and preparation you can start your own small business and become self-employed. Don’t forget that there are companies like Tailor Brands here to help you get started with all things legal and branding, lend you a hand in starting your own business already backed up by professionals. That way, you focus on your business full-time while a trustworthy company takes care of behind the scenes stuff for you.

So let us discuss in detail what could be the easy small business ideas.

What Is Small Business Idea?

This refers to potential entrepreneurial ventures that can be started with limited resources, typically operated by a small team or even a single individual.  There are many types of small business, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company(LLC), cooperation etc.

Characteristic Of Small Business

  • Limited capital 
  • Owned by few peoples 
  • Easy to established 
  • Low profit margin 
  • Simple  business structure 
  • Limited government regulation 
  • Operate in a small scale

Categories Of Easy Small Business Ideas

There are numerous small business available  which you can start up with, let us categories them in to following; 

BloggingFood truckOrganic farmingConsultancy Car washing
Affiliate marketer Ice cream Poultry farming Tutor classesBarbing salon
YoutuberCoffee shopFlower plantingDifferent language teaching Car driving 
Online tutorPersonal chefBee keepingScholarship application Child care
Influencer Chocolate makingDairy farming Soft skill teachingDelivery 
Online reselling Open a bakery shopTree farming Career guidance Housekeeping 
Freelancing Fast foodFertilizer distributorMaintenance 

Now let us explain these small businesses in detail, for that you will choose which easy small business you will adopt.

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I. Online/Digital Business

  • Blogging: Blogging is a content marketing tactic where you create content related to anything you want, it can be about a product or services, in order to increase its visibility. This could be an opportunity for you to earn money.

You can select any topic or any hobby and then write about it, and if you get more traffic you can earn a lot

  • Affiliate marketer: Nowadays you can become an affiliate marketer, where you can earn commission from companies, you only have to promote the company’s product and at the end you can earn a living with that.
  • Youtuber:  Youtube has provided you the opportunity to sit at home and earn money. Simply write contents, upload videos and share them to youtube, once you get many subscribers, you will get the opportunity to earn a huge amount of money. 
  • Online tutor: this is also part of the easy small business ideas, nowadays you can earn money by tutoring online classes, where students usually visit to do assignments, so you can do an online tutor by helping students with those assignments and you earn a living with that.
  • Influencer marketing: This is also a way out, it involves collaborating between a popular social media  user and brand to promote the brand and you can get paid for that.
  • Online reselling: You can start an online reselling business on many platforms like amazon, flipkart, ebay etc.
  • Freelancing: In this case you can offer service as freelance writer, designer, programmer, or marketer and you will get something out of it.

Ii. Food Services

  • Food truck: In a food truck, you can lease the van and get any sizable truck, where you can prepare food and sell to the people. It is among the easy small business ideas you can adopt.
  • Ice cream making: The ice cream is the friend of the children. This is also a small business you adopt, by making ice cream and selling it. You make different sizes with different prices.
  • Coffee shop: If you are able to target this at stations like bus stations, railway stations, and many public places, where you prepare coffee of different choice like coffee with milk and without milk you will really earn something out of it.
  • Personal chef: If you are a good chef, this is an advantage for you to venture into personal chef business, and can target market places where people are busy all time and they don’t have time to cook. You can earn a lot in this case by making delicious food and selling it to those people. 
  • Chocolate making: Chocolate is almost everyone’s favorite, so you can make chocolates in different sizes with different color and range of prices and sell it to the customers.
  • Open a bakery shop: We have many food items that you can bake and sell, such as bread, cakes, pizza, snacks, et.. 
  • Open a fast food shop: People are so busy that they cannot wait for food that can take longer, so you can take this opportunity to open a fast food shop where you can sell food items such as patty, french fries, chili potato, chili chicken, doughnut etc.
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III. Agriculture Business

  • Organic farming: You can call this eco friendly. If you are able to adopt this farming system and then succeed, you will enjoy huge benefits, because it involves using the ecological way of farming where all toxic chemicals are not used, and it is free from pollution, and the people prefer organic products to any other product. This can increase your sales and profit too.
  • Poultry farming: This is becoming a lucrative business nowadays. This is a branch under animal husbandry, where domesticated birds are raised, birds like ducks, turkey, geese and many more. You raise money in this business.
  • Flower farming: Flowers are used in many festivals, and many people admire them. Some people buy them and put them inside their rooms, others give it as a prize and others use it for decoration, so you can grow flowers and then sell it to such people.
  • Beekeeping: Thousands of people are benefiting from beekeeping, they generate money from this farming by producing honey and selling to people, so you can also adopt this farming system and start your small business.
  • Dairy product: We have many people who are benefiting from dairy products. This is among the easy small businesses you can venture into, we have a large number of people who drink dairy products everyday. You either be a supplier or you can have your own dairy shop and sell in retail.
  • Tree planting: This business may take sometimes before you can see the benefit, but once it start to grow you will get a huge benefit from it, because trees are used for many purpose such as making chairs, tables, beds, boats and many furniture, you can export these trees where they  are late process into plywood, cardboards etc.
  • Fertilizer distributor: Many suppliers are unaware how to distribute fertilizers, so you become an agricultural extension officer and guide them on how to distribute fertilizers and you earn money on that.
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IV. Academic Business

  • Consultancy: If you are a professional person you can adopt consultancy, where you will provide advice to people and you will get paid.
  • Organizing tutor classes: We have many fields of study such as science stream, commerce, arts, etc. You can organize tutorial classes and where you can earn money from the students.
  • Teaching different languages: This is a business where people who can speak different languages are adopted. They teach people many foreign languages such as English, French , Hindi, Spanish etc.. so you can also do the same by teaching your language to other foreign nationals and get something from that.
  • Online scholarship application: Many students struggle to apply for scholarships online, so this could be an opportunity to adopt this, where you can help students in online application and you can charge them money for that. 
  • Soft skill teaching: Nowadays, this skill is highly needed in many organizations, and employees with inadequate soft skill are really in need of this. So you can open a coaching center and teach students and employees under this aspect.
  • Career guidance: Many students are unaware of how to choose their career, after high school they find it difficult to choose a suitable career, so you can be an adviser on that. 

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 V. Service Business

  • Car washing: Among the easy small businesses can also be a car washing service, and it is very cheap to start. You only need a few material items and a large area then establish your business.
  • Barbing salon: This is one of the easy small business ideas, where you render services to people by barbing, if you can barb in different styles it can generate a lot of demand for that.
  • Child care: Adopting child care is an easy way you can get a job, because nowadays we have parents who are working almost 12 hours a day, so they find it difficult to give parental care to their children. That is why they are looking for someone who will help with that so that they can concentrate on their office work. This can be an opportunity for you.
  • Delivery service: This is also a way to start, where you can render a delivery service to many companies and earn commission.
  • Housekeeping: We have people benefiting from this service. This is where you are employed to render services to a particular compound. Your work is simples like, cleaning, mobbing, laundering etc.
  • Maintenance/repairer: You render services to people by repairing damaged items such as mobile repairing, car repairing,motorbike etc.


We can say there are numerous easy small business ideas available, it is left to you to select your choice and which one you are comfortable with. Millions of people are adopting these businesses and earning a lot of money from that. 

Now it is your choice to choose among the ones we discussed above, and you can earn a living by adopting any of these small businesses, with that you can increase your standard of living.

Remember, sitting like that without doing anything is not the solution, wake up and start your small business today.

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