6 Tips to Learn Data Analytics As a Beginner

Data Analytics As a Beginner

Possessing the ability to extract and analyze data to get information is essential to the success of any business or entity in these times when the collection and storage of data are prevalent. With the advancement of technology that changed how we interact with data, data analysis developed and has become an integral part of the daily running of affairs in a business or organization as it helps them in decision-making. If you have decided to pursue a career in this field, check the following tips on how best you can learn data analytics as a beginner.

Tips to Learn Data Analytics As a Beginner

1.  Start With the Basics

An aspiring data analyst should be curious and creative and begin by mastering essential data analysis skills like statistics fundamentals to learn center and spread measures, hypothesis testing, and probability distribution. They are also essential in data analytics because they are used to extract value from data quickly, as they help create analytical algorithms that aid in solving complex problems.

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2.  Get a Mentor

Mentors are experienced professionals because they have stayed in the field long and have undergone the challenges and successes of being a data analyst. Experienced mentors will offer their experiences in the field and tailored advice on how to succeed in this area. They will also help you deal with mistakes. You can create a personal relationship with a mentor to turn to them anytime for tips, counsel, and advice. Many data analytics forums and communities offer mentorship programs to help beginners learn and grow their skills.

3.  Obtain Qualifications in Data Analytics

While looking for employment, potential employers will need to see if you are qualified in data analysis. You can obtain qualifications in various ways, but this depends on your current level of education and familiarity with the discipline. You can become a data analyst by learning online, which offers flexibility to study anywhere so long as you have internet access and a computer. Getting a Graduate Certificate in Analytics through an online program is less expensive than pursuing it at a university. You can complete the course and get certification within eight months at a fraction of what you could pay at a university.

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4.  Learn About Data Visualization Tools

Being a data analyst means that you will be utilizing various tools to present data through graphs, charts, or images visually. Data trends that would otherwise be complicated can be solved using visualization tools, which are vital for businesses as it helps them to pay attention to areas that indicate errors. A good data analyst knows how to use various data visualization tools to help communicate data findings and aid in seamless data interaction. During job seeking, learning about tools such as Tableau or Power BI will put you at an edge over other candidates since the devices are becoming more popular in data analytics.

5.  Look for an Internship Opportunity

The internship opportunity allows you to meet experienced people in data analytics, which will help boost your skills before you start practicing in the workforce. During the internship, you will be able to learn how big data analysis projects are completed without requiring you to take much responsibility for any part of the job. Interact with your colleagues and employers with the same mindset throughout the internship while engaging in meaningful conversations, which will provide you with insight and improve your skills.

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6.  Practice Regularly

You can start by analyzing simple datasets and gradually move to more advanced ones. Platforms like Kaggle provide datasets and problems for you to practice. Improving your skills in analyzing data from different industries can greatly enhance your abilities. Work on personal projects daily because you will have several opportunities to put your new skills into practice. Conduct different exercises and complete projects recommended by your curriculum.

Joining professional associations, attending conferences, and subscribing to relevant journals and newsletters can keep one informed about the latest trends. Following industry leaders on social media and participating in online forums can also be beneficial.


People who want to succeed should consider data analytics, as it has influenced all aspects of our lives and acts as a catalyst to business success. It enables them to make plans, understand, and meet customer needs while maximizing profit. While there may be a lot for beginners to learn and get familiar with at first, with some dedication and hard work, learning data analytics as a beginner isn’t impossible. This field will put you on edge not only during job seeking but also for personal development.

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