Excel Vs Google Sheets: Differences Everyone Must Know..!!

Excel Vs Google Sheets

Excel and Google Sheets are widely used to save data in the form of a table. Both have rows and columns to save the data and use many of the same formulas to do work in it. But there are also many differences between them and in their functionality. In this blog, we will discuss Excel vs Google Sheets. 

Microsoft launched Excel in 1987. A lot of users use it. A large number of industries used it to save their data. It is easy to use, and Microsoft provides many updates for this to become user-friendly. It is widely used offline. While Excel is an offline application, so it has some limitations. 

Google LLC developed Google Sheet in 2006. It covers this limitation and is widely used by online users. It has a more user-friendly behavior as compared to Excel. It is easy to share files in real-time. Sheets are straightforward to use, but when data load is going to be high, it slows down. Excel has more functionality as compared to Sheets.

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Let us first discuss Excel And Google Sheets, and then we will move to Excel vs Google Sheets. 

Microsoft Excel

MS Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft. It helps in data storage, data manipulation, and bringing out the information, which can help companies’ strategic decision-making process. Microsoft launched it in 1987. 

Google Sheet

Similar to MS Excel, Google Sheet is also a spreadsheet application. It also works like Excel However, it is in the developing stage compared to excel, but the platform is developing advantageous features. Google Sheet can also work in real-time, so it is easy to excess by many users. Google acquired it in 2006.

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Excel Vs Google Sheets: The main fundamental difference between Excel and Spared sheets.

Basis of differenceExcelGoogle sheets
DevelopmentMicrosoft develops Excel to save data in row and column format. It was developed in 1987 and is available in Microsoft office.Google LLC develops Google Sheet. It was launched as a pack of G Suit in 2006. It is available in your Gmail account.
The number of languages sportedExcel is available in 91 languages.It is available in 83 languages.
Online and offline availabilityIt can be used in offline mode.Google Sheet is available in both offline and online modes. So can many numbers of users can be used at a time.
Cell availability In excel, 17 billion cells are available.In google sheets, around 2 million cells are available.
Collaboration Excel is mainly used offline, so it is not familiar with collaboration. Only one user can be used simultaneously, which is less familiar than Google Sheet.As compared to Excel, Google Sheets is a preferred application for collaboration. Many users can use it.
Tools Availability Excel was developed many years ago, so it has many more valuable tools than google sheet.Google Sheet has fewer tools as compared to excel. It is in the developing stage.
File Sharing 
In Excel, we have to save files first and share them using other apps like Mail. It is not a real-time application to share the data like Google Sheet. We have to send files separately.The Google sheet file is saved online automatically. We can share easily using the share option available in the top right corner. And it is also easy to send by Mail and another useful app.
Data sets capabilityMicrosoft develops Excel to handle large data of industries. So it has a large number of data sets.It was developed for small data sets by Google. It goes slow when data sets go high.

Chatting facility while on work
As we know, Excel is an offline application, so we can not do a chat while using Microsoft Excel.Google sheet provides this feature while you are using Sapred sheets in the right sidebar.
SupportMicrosoft provides the training and online documentation which helps the user to operate.Also, Google offers online training to run. It also provides a soft copy user guide we can get help from this feature.
FeaturesExcel has more features as compared to Google Sheet. Some advanced features are forecasting, SmartArt graphics, linking to external data sources, etc.Google Sheet also contains resizing, text formatting, inserting, etc.  But Google sheets might require some advanced features such as adding SmartArt graphics and language changes.
AdvancedExcel spreadsheet comes with the best analytical tools and data storage capacity.Comparatively not advanced as having limited functionality and is in still developing stage.
Excel vs Google Sheets

Excel vs Google Sheets: Conclusion

So it will depend upon the user’s choice to choose one based on their requirements. If users want to hold a large number of data, Excel is the best choice. On the other side, for small business purposes,  if users want to collaborate online more, then google sheet is best for that. And do advanced analysis by using various functions. Those who have a small database or require a real-time update from their team will prefer Google sheets.

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We hope you found the Excel Vs Google Sheet blog beneficial. Also, with time, more and more features and development are coming in the Google sheet, which brings Google sheet in line with excel.  If you need any assistance related to the excel assignment, feel free to contact us. We have experts to solve all your Excel-related issues.

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FAQ’s(Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Goggle Sheet the same as Excel?

No, it is not the same as excel. Although it works like Excel in which a lot of difference is present. Like toolbar and number of cells are more in Excel.

Which one is better, Google Sheet or Excel?

Both are good at their end. If you use fewer sheets in your work and want to collaborate, then Google Sheet is more comfortable.