155+ Graph Theory Project Ideas for Students (Updated 2024)

Graph Theory Project Ideas

Looking for some great ideas for Graph Theory Project now is the time to prove yourself different from others. Today we will dive into the fundamentals of graph theory, algorithms, social networks, graph labelling and much more. 

We will be taking a long route having more than 155 graph theory project ideas allowing us time to explore the hidden structures and applications with a view to increase the problem solving ability and application of graph theory in real life. Choose an idea wisely as

 it represents you and your thoughts in front of others.

Today we will start first by understanding the meaning of graph theory and then segmenting into different categories. Then we will be listing project ideas individually for all of them. Now allow us to guide you towards the new and exciting sides of graph theory.

What is graph theory?

Graph theory is a study of graphs which are mathematical structures showing relation between two or more objects. It lies under the branch of mathematics and is a network of points connected by lines logically on data available.

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Basic: Graph Theory Project Ideas

1. Development of a Graph Visualisation Tool

2. Application of Graph Theory in Social Network Analysis

3. Optimization Algorithms using Graph Theory

4. Graph Theory in Transportation Networks

5. Game Theory and Graph Models

6. Graph Theory Applications in Biology and Medicine

7. Analysis of Internet Structure using Graph Theory

8. Graph Theory in Computer Networks and Communication

9. Graph Theory in Image Processing and Computer Vision

10. Graph Theory and Machine Learning Algorithms

Project Ideas On Graph Algorithms and Data Structures

11. Implementation of Dijkstra’s Algorithm for Shortest Path Finding

12. Design and Analysis of Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithms (Prim’s, Kruskal’s)

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13. Development of Efficient Graph Traversal Algorithms (BFS, DFS)

14. Comparison of Graph Traversal Algorithms on Different Graph Structures

15. Implementation of Floyd-Warshall Algorithm for All Pairs Shortest Path

16. Optimization of Depth-First Search for Large Graphs

17. Study and Implementation of A* Algorithm on Graphs

18. Parallelization of Graph Algorithms for Distributed Computing

19. Building and Analysing Graph Data Structures (Adjacency Matrix, Adjacency List)

20. Analysis of Topological Sorting Algorithms

Project Ideas On Network Flow Optimization

21. Max Flow and Min Cut Algorithms in Network Flow Problems

22. Implementation of Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm for Maximum Flow

23. Optimization in Transportation Networks using Network Flow Models

24. Study and Application of Edmonds-Karp Algorithm for Max Flow

25. Analysis of Network Flow Algorithms in Different Network Structures

26. Solving Assignment Problems using Network Flow Optimization

27. Multi-commodity Flow Algorithms in Networks

28. Network Flow Models in Resource Allocation Problems

29. Application of Network Flow in Computer Networks and Routing

30. Network Flow Optimization in Supply Chain Management

Project Ideas On Spectral Graph Theory

31. Spectral Analysis for Community Detection in Networks

32. Graph Partitioning using Spectral Methods

33. Study and Implementation of Graph Laplacian Eigenmaps

34. Spectral Clustering Algorithms on Graphs

35. Applications of Spectral Graph Theory in Image Segmentation

36. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors Analysis for Graph Connectivity

37. Spectral Graph Theory in Signal Processing on Graphs

38. Spectral Embedding for Dimensionality Reduction in Graphs

39. Spectral Techniques for Graph Drawing and Visualization

40. Spectral Analysis for Studying Graph Properties and Structures

Project Ideas On Random Graphs and Probabilistic Methods

41. Generation and Analysis of Random Graph Models (Erdős-Rényi, Barabási-Albert)

42. Probabilistic Methods for Studying Phase Transitions in Random Graphs

43. Dynamics of Epidemic Spreading on Random Graphs

44. Random Graph Models in Social Network Analysis

45. Application of Random Graphs in Internet Topology Study

46. Percolation Theory and Random Graphs

47. Community Detection in Randomly Generated Networks

48. Analysing Connectivity Properties in Random Geometric Graphs

49. Random Graphs and their Role in Complex Systems Modeling

50. Probabilistic Methods for Analysing Properties of Randomly Generated Networks

Project Ideas On Graph Colouring and Labelling

51. Chromatic Number Algorithms and Their Analysis

52. Applications of Graph Colouring in Scheduling Problems

53. Labelling Schemes for Graphs and Their Efficiency Analysis

54. Distance Colouring and Its Applications in Network Design

55. Vertex and Edge Colouring Algorithms and Comparative Study

56. Frequency Assignment Problems using Graph Colouring Techniques

57. Graph Labelling for Wireless Sensor Network Localization

58. Harmonious Labelling and Its Applications in Graph Theory

59. Online Graph Colouring Algorithms and Competitive Analysis

60. Graph Labelling for Fault Diagnosis in Networks

Project Ideas On Planar Graphs and Graph Embeddings

61. Algorithms for Testing Planarity and Planar Embedding

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62. Dual Graphs and Duality Theorems in Planar Graphs

63. Planar Graph Colouring Algorithms and Four Color Theorem

64. Applications of Planar Graphs in Map Graphing and Cartography

65. Graph Embedding in Surfaces: Toroidal and Spherical Graphs

66. Planar Separator Theorems and Their Applications

67. Planar Graphs and Algorithmic Problems in Computational Geometry

68. Planar Graphs in VLSI Layout and Circuit Design

69. Graph Minor Theory and Planar Graph Decomposition

70. Planar Graphs and their Role in Algorithmic Graph Theory

Project Ideas On Algebraic Graph Theory

71. Spectral Graph Theory and Algebraic Connectivity

72. Graph Automorphisms and Their Applications

73. Matrix Representations of Graphs and Their Properties

74. Algebraic Graph Theory in Coding Theory and Error Correction

75. Graph Isomorphism Testing using Algebraic Techniques

76. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Graphs and Their Algebraic Interpretations

77. Algebraic Graph Theory and the Tutte Polynomial

78. Graph Homomorphisms and Applications in Algebraic Structures

79. Quotient Graphs and Their Algebraic Properties

80. Algebraic Graph Theory in Graph Reconstruction Problems

Project Ideas On Graph Theory in Computer Networks

81. Routing Algorithms in Computer Networks using Graph Theory

82. Network Topology Design and Analysis using Graph Models

83. Graph-Based Analysis of Internet of Things (IoT) Networks

84. Traffic Flow Optimization in Computer Networks using Graph Theory

85. Fault Tolerance and Resilience in Networks using Graph Algorithms

86. Graph Theory Applications in Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

87. Security Analysis and Intrusion Detection using Graph Models

88. Network Centrality and Influence Measures in Computer Networks

89. Graph Theory Applications in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Networks

90. Graph-Based Modeling for Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Systems

Project Ideas On Graph Theory in Social Networks

91. Community Detection in Social Networks using Graph Clustering Algorithms

92. Influence Maximization and Spread of Information in Social Networks

93. Structural Balance Theory and Triadic Closure in Social Graphs

94. Opinion Dynamics and Polarisation Analysis in Social Networks

95. Homophily and Link Prediction in Social Graphs

96. Role of Graph Theory in Recommender Systems for Social Networks

97. Epidemic Modelling and Disease Spread Prediction in Social Networks

98. Dynamics of Rumor Propagation in Online Social Networks

99. Analysis of User Behavior and Engagement using Graph Metrics

100. Social Network Evolution and Graph-based Temporal Analysis

Project Ideas On Graph Theory in  Bioinformatics

101. Protein Interaction Networks Analysis using Graph Algorithms

102. Genomic Sequence Assembly and Graph Theory Applications

103. Comparative Genomics and Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction using Graphs

104. Metabolic Pathway Analysis using Graph Representation

105. Protein Structure Prediction using Graph Models

106. Graph-based Approaches for Disease Gene Identification

107. Evolutionary Network Analysis and Graph Theory in Bioinformatics

108. Drug-Target Interaction Prediction using Graph Algorithms

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109. Graph Clustering for Functional Annotation in Biological Networks

110. Visualisation and Analysis of Biological Networks using Graph Theory

Project Ideas On Game Theory and Graphs

111. Evolutionary Graph Games and Strategy Dynamics

112. Influence and Cooperation Dynamics in Social Networks using Game Theory

113. Network Formation Games and Structural Analysis of Graphs

114. Strategic Interaction and Equilibrium Concepts in Graph-based Games

115. Graph Theory in Algorithmic Mechanism Design for Resource Allocation

116. Graph-based Modeling of Multi-agent Systems and Game Theory

117. Nash Equilibria and Stability Analysis in Graphical Games

118. Coalition Formation Games and Power Structures in Networks

119. Graph-Theoretic Approaches for Evolutionary Game Dynamics

120. Applications of Game Theory in Routing and Network Protocols

Project Ideas On Dynamic and Evolving Graphs

121. Temporal Network Analysis using Dynamic Graph Models

122. Dynamic Community Detection in Evolving Graphs

123. Link Prediction and Time Series Forecasting in Dynamic Networks

124. Influence Maximization in Temporal Social Networks

125. Epidemic Spread Modeling in Time-Varying Networks

126. Dynamic Graph Embeddings for Node Representation Learning

127. Evolutionary Dynamics and Structural Changes in Dynamic Graphs

128. Graph-based Analysis of Streaming Data and Online Networks

129. Anomaly Detection and Change Point Analysis in Evolving Graphs

130. Dynamic Graph Visualization Techniques and Tools

Project Ideas On Graph Theory in Machine Learning

131. Graph Neural Networks for Node Classification and Link Prediction

132. Graph Representation Learning using Deep Learning Models

133. Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning Algorithms

134. Message Passing Algorithms for Graph Convolutional Networks

135. Graph Embeddings and Their Applications in Recommendation Systems

136. Graph Clustering and Community Detection for Unsupervised Learning

137. Graph Regularization Techniques in Supervised Learning Tasks

138. Graph Attention Networks for Graph-structured Data

139. Transfer Learning across Graph-structured Datasets

140. Explainable AI using Graph-based Interpretability Techniques

Project Ideas On Spatial Graphs and Geometric Representations

141. Spatial Network Analysis for Urban Planning and Infrastructure Design

142. Geometric Graph Embeddings for Location-based Recommendation Systems

143. Delaunay Triangulation and Voronoi Diagrams in Spatial Graphs

144. Geometric Spanners and Approximation Algorithms in Geometric Graphs

145. Routing Algorithms in Geometrically Embedded Networks

146. Sensor Placement Optimization using Spatial Graph Models

147. Geometric Graphs in Wireless Sensor Networks and Coverage Optimization

148. Spectral Analysis of Geometric Graphs and Their Properties

149. Geometric Intersection Graphs and Applications in Computational Geometry

150. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Graph Analysis for Environmental Studies

Project Ideas On Graph Theory in Cryptography

151. Graph-based Cryptanalysis and Cryptography Algorithms

152. Key Distribution and Secure Communication using Graphs

153. Graph Isomorphism and its Role in Cryptography

154. Authentication Protocols using Graph Theoretic Structures

155. Graph-based Cryptographic Primitives and Cryptosystems

156. Network Security and Intrusion Detection using Graph Models

157. Steganography Techniques using Graph Embeddings

158. Quantum Cryptography and Graph Theoretic Approaches

159. Secret Sharing Schemes based on Graph Structures

160. Cryptographic Protocols for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies using Graphs


As we are ending this discussion of Graph Theory Project Ideas, we hope that this variety of project ideas containing more than 155 ideas has lit a flame of innovation and creativity in you. Graph theory has great applications in algorithms, spectral graphs, machine learning and computer networks etc. It provides numerous ideas for innovative and creative ways of learning.

So whether you are a teacher or a learner these ideas offer you a lot of knowledge and unlock new limits of innovation and exploration. So choose a project that is feasible and matches with your skills, interests and education level. Now it is time to turn these ideas into reality and save yourself from being ordinary. Best of luck!

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