How Long Does It Take to Learn Code From Scratch?

How Long Does It Take to Learn Code

If you work in tech-oriented or related fields, then you might have heard of the term “coding”. Well, coding actually means writing code. Code can be any algorithm, information, or instruction. This makes the computer system work as per our needs. This code is written to ease manual efforts. Whatever your system is capable of can be handled and operated by a code.

So, how long does it take to learn code? Is coding for everybody? What are some applications of code? If you have these questions then you will get all the answers in this blog.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Code?

At the beginning of this blog, I stated the term ‘tech-oriented’. Obviously, tech-oriented or related people are more familiar with coding. But coding is not limited to only-tech people. Anyone can learn to code.

 A BTech student learns coding within 4 years of his/her graduation. So, it is clear that coding is beneficial for tech-oriented and related fields. But that does not mean a non-technical person cannot learn to code. However, it is not necessary that everyone learn to code to implement it everywhere.

Now that we know who can code, let us learn about coding languages. There are over 700 coding languages present globally. It becomes impossible to learn all these languages. However, you need to learn only a handful of these languages. Most people start their learning from C and C++. 

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These are taught in most institutions as the first language. Python and javascript are being popular nowadays. This is because they are easier to learn when compared to others. Many coding languages are getting deprecated or being vanished from the market.

Many people enroll in coding boot camps to learn how to code. Most coding boot camps last three to four months. On the other hand, it will usually take 6-12 months to learn code. But if you want to know how long does it take to learn code from scratch then it will take more than 18 months or maybe 24 months.

Which language to learn?

Since there is so many options present, which language to learn is a valid question. This totally depends on which field you are in or want to go to. If you want web development as a career then you should focus on learning HTML, CSS, and JS.

There are many other frameworks that can help you grow more in this field. For backend purposes, you can learn C, C++, Node.js(frames work of js), java, etc. There is Python which can be used almost in every part of development.

There are languages used for testing such as Ruby and Python. For data science, we have the 2 most famous languages Python and R programming.

How To Learn To Code When You Don’t Know Where To Start

There are 3 ways using which you can learn to code:

1. University

You can opt for a 4-year or 3-year degree program. Btech, BCA, BSc in computer science, or any other computer-related degree. There are a lot of universities offering these programs. In starting years you will learn about basic programming.

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However, you can only learn a limited number of 3-4 programming languages. You are asked to build a project in your final year. This is a test for what you have learned throughout the course. With a degree, you get the added advantage of getting recognized.

2. Coding Bootcamp

One of the efficient ways to learn to code is through a coding Bootcamp. The duration of a boot camp is around 3-4 months usually. However, there are certain companies or institutions that offer 6 or more years. These camps focus primarily on a particular field. Be it web development, data science, app development, frontend, or backend. You are assigned well-trained and experienced mentors.

Following the Bootcamp, you can become a job-ready junior developer. The skillset required to become a junior developer will be taught to you. Also, you get hands-on experience. And an opportunity to work along with skilled and senior developers.

Many of these boot camps offer you placement support along with resume-building services. The cost of these boot camps can start from Rs5000 and goes up to Rs 1,50,000. These boot camps offer certificates too. Who should attend boot camps:

  • Those who want to learn at a fast pace.
  • Someone who learns best working on the projects practically.
  • Anyone looking for a particular field of development.

3. Self-taught

The most affordable option to learn to code is self-taught. There are a ton of methods you can refer to if you want to learn them yourself. Many websites and applications offer paid and affordable courses. There are also free options such as W3schools, youtube, stack overflow, and many more. You can learn at your own pace and for any number of hours, you wish to like.  The only downside to this option of not being consistent. You can learn 3 to 4 languages in a period of 6 to 10 months. Also, you can check your skills by building a project using what you’ve learned.

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Demand for coders

The Tech industry is growing day by day. In this field, a coder is an essential part of the development team especially. Once you learn to code you become a valuable asset. Also, you get job security in this field. If you are a proficient coder then you can earn even by freelancing.

The salary offered to a coder varies in the range of 2.5 Lakh per annum to 25 Lakh per annum. Rest depends upon the company and experience. Statistics tell us that the software industry will grow by 22% from 2020-2030. 


Learning to code will be beneficial for you. You need to learn to implement the code you learn. If you are waiting to learn to code then this is your cue. If you are planning to step your foot into the tech industry then coding will help you a lot. No need to feel pressurized by the number of languages out there. You just need to be proficient in 3 or 4. Adding a skill will only help you grow further. 


Q1. What are some of the easiest coding languages to learn?

HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, and Java are among the most simple high-level languages to learn. You can learn these languages on your own using textbooks and online courses, or you can enroll in a coding Bootcamp.

Q2. Why does programming take so long to learn?

Learning programming takes a long time because it is a highly technical skill that many people must learn from scratch. Learning to code also takes a long time due to the vast variety of related tools and languages. If you have little computer experience, it may take several months to feel comfortable programming basic applications.