Best Ever Strategies On How To Be Good At Math by Experts

How to be good at math

Many students feel that they are terrible at mathematics and will not improve in maths. They need to know that this is not true. Here is the question that arises is “How to be good at math.” There are lots of people who think that math is tough to understand.  Some people used to search for various shortcut tricks on the internet to solve their math problems. If students want to know how to be good at math, they need to know that they have to invest their time to learn maths. Yeah, I agree you need to learn some formulas, but you will love solving a math equation once you get used to it. Math is just like art; you need to polish your skills with basics. Once you get to know the basics of mathematics, you will go to play with formulas. Math is an exciting subject people hesitate to practice because it takes some time to learn math. In this blog, we will discuss maths, some important math tricks, and how to learn math.

Why do we study maths and how to be good at maths?

Math may have no connection in most people’s lives, but this could not be true. Without realizing it, we all use mathematics daily. We are splitting a dinner bill when we go out with our college or school friends. We are used to managing our pocket money, etc. These are very common examples that we do in our daily life. A problem-solving skill involves going over every detail of a problem to find the best solution. Math enhances our ability to solve problems in all phases of life. So, the next time you think that you will never need to use this math skill again. You have to reconsider: math concepts and the techniques problems come every day in ours life!. It would help if you had a few ideas about how to be good at math. We will discuss this further in this blog.

Let us discuss why students struggle with maths 

The fact that many students struggle with math is not due to a lack of attention. There are many reasons why students are not interested in math as a subject. Before we get into the methods for helping students to succeed in math problems. We need to know some of the common reasons students struggle how to be good at math.

  1. Lack of basic knowledge or basic concepts are not clear

The basic problem that students face when learning math is a lack of understanding of the basic concepts. Basic concepts are essential. If your basic concept is not clear, you will face many problems. For example, if you run a computer system, you need electricity just like that if you do maths, your basic concept must be clear. Students will only improve about how to be good at math if they have a good command of the basics.

  1. Teachers play a vital role 

Teachers Have to prefer Easy-to-understand teaching methods. This helps students to make them feel comfortable with maths. The techniques, steps, and formulas taught are often challenging to understand and difficult. Many students find math difficult to understand. They face many issues in solving questions at home or after class and then think about how to be good at math. In this case, teachers must change their teaching methods. They have to adapt that method which can be easy to understand.

  1. Lack of Practice

As we all know, if you want to grow in any field, you need to invest your time in that field. In maths, you need to do practice as much as you can. Teachers can only teach you how to solve the questions, but that’s not enough. You have to improve your skills on your own. Teachers can prefer Easy-to-understand teaching methods. They can help you to understand the concept rest is on you. Practice will give an idea of how to be good at math easily. Practice makes a man perfect.

  1. Attention difficulties
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When we solve various questions, multi-step problems are common in math. Students must complete several steps to find a solution. This requires that students must focus when a teacher teaches on how to be good at math. When teaching complex math steps, students often lose focus and become distracted during the lesson. As a result, they may overlook crucial steps in the problem-solving process. Then they have to struggle with math later on when attempting to solve problems on their own.

  1. Basics Concepts are learned but not understood by students

Students usually learn how to perform an operation through repetition but do not fully know the meaning. Memorization of tables has always been a part of primary school. A student may only know that “3 x 3 = 9” because the student memorized it rather than fully knowing the concept of multiplication. As a result, many students benefit from visual images when learning multiplication and division. The truth is that every student learns differently, and it can be difficult to help each student’s individual learning style in a classroom setting. That’s the reason self-study is important when you start recognizing things with your own. You will start learning properly. If your basic concepts are not clear then how can you search about how to be good at math? Focus on basic concepts that are must to enhance your math skills

  1. Many students consider maths as a complex subject

This is an example of the self-creation myth: students expect it to be difficult, and it is. When students expect math to be challenging, they are more likely to give up when they don’t understand something. A negative mindset like this can quickly ruin your esteem, motivation, and performance.

Let’s discuss some common tips on how to be good at math.

  1. Try to solve problems on your own

Every time you solve a math problem, make yourself comfortable with the question. Try to solve it alone. If you are new to any topic, first clear all the topics related to that question. When you understand all the basic terms, try to solve that question again. This will help you a lot in basic math understanding. It will also enhance your confidence level to solve maths questions.

  1. You have to be positive with maths

If you want to know how to be good at math, you have to be positive with math. When people start solving a question, they think they can’t do it due to a lack of a positive attitude. If you worked hard with math equations in school, college, and at home with a positive attitude, you would learn things better. It would be best if you are very positive when you have to solve math equations. A positive attitude is essential. It will keep you motivated and feel confident as you attempt to sharpen your math skills. If you have a negative attitude, you will surely get frustrated. If you think that you are not good at solving maths, you have to work hard. A positive attitude is necessary to know how to be good at maths.

Always solve math equations with a positive attitude if you are struggling with math equations. Don’t think you are bad at math or you can’t do that. Instead of this, believe in yourself and break that brick. Give some time and practice, with some hard effort. Everything you need is a positive attitude. 

  1. Get help from teachers to know how to learn maths
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If you get stuck on a question or don’t understand basic terms, teachers can help you learn more effectively. Do not hesitate to contact your teacher if you want to learn more about basic terms. They will also motivate and make you more comfortable with math. You can have one-on-one conversations with your teacher. A teacher can adequately teach you. You can ask them any question you want because they are your teacher and know how to be good at math.

  1. Don’t just skip a topic because you’re good at it

Many people believe math is not their cup of tea. Just because of this, students avoid taking an interest in some difficult topics. They don’t put that necessary effort into solving those equations. Know that the idea that people have a natural aptitude for math is a myth. According to studies, anyone can learn math with little effort.

  1. Practice math seriously

People also have difficulty with math because they do not take it seriously. They believe it is fair to be poor at math or to laugh about it. While you should not feel bad about your struggles with math, you should treat it as a serious subject. When you take it seriously you will surely grasp a lot of knowledge. This will give you an idea about how to be good at math.

  1. Always stay motivated

The only way to improve your math skills over time is to practice. There is no such thing as a magic trick that will instantly improve your skills. All you have to do now is stay focused. Keep up with your studies and seek assistance when necessary. You can become a math whiz with some practice and dedication.

  1. Always Solve maths questions in a distraction-free atmosphere

If you’re not a math genius, make sure you’re studying in an environment that allows you to focus. Before you sit down to practice, make sure you’re in a place where you won’t be distracted. Find a quiet place away from the various distractions. A study room is necessary when you need to focus on your study. Always try to reduce the number of distractions in front of you. Try to avoid things like your cell phone etc. If you want to listen to music while you study, try to choose soft music. A piece of loud music can be very distracting for your study.

  1. You Need to Know How to be Good At Math

As we all know, practice makes you perfect. This statement directly implies when you are doing maths solutions. Maths need your dedication. If you want to improve or enhance your score in math, all you need to do is work hard and practice as much as possible. All you need to do is practice daily, and don’t skip your daily task. Stick to the schedule and always try to find time to solve maths  

  1. Step By Step Process: How to learn math

When you start solving math equations it is very important to follow step by step process. For example, if you are solving a simplification question you have to follow the BODMAS rule.

  1. Always try to find the logic and process involved in solving problems

How to be good at math? As you know, math is a sequential subject. Many people believe they have to memorize concepts and formulas. Instead, focus on learning the fundamentals of math. You’ll be able to remember an equation more quickly if you understand how and why it works. Although math theory appears to be difficult, you can begin to understand it with a little effort. Do not be afraid to ask why in math classes. For example,

  1. What makes the Midpoint Theorem, Remainder theorem so effective? 
  2. How does the Quadratic equation work?

Simple memorization is difficult and less effective than understanding Basic concepts. If you know why an equation makes sense, you’ll be better prepared to double-check your answer.

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These are some points that you need to remember if you want to know how to be good at math

How to be good at math: Speed Math

There are a lot of tricks that help you to solve math questions easily. These tricks are very simple and help you to solve some simple calculations easily. Let’s discuss some of them.

  1. Divisibility rule of no. 3

If the sum of the digit of given no. is divisible by 3 then the number is Complete divisible by 3 . Let’s take an example

Let the number is =37626

We have to add these digits



24 is divisible by 3

So 37626 is divisible by 3

37628/3= 12542

Let’s take one more example 

  1. Divisibility rule of no. 4

If the last two digits of a number is 0 or divisible by 4. Then the number is also completely divisible by 4. 

Example 31563756

56 is divisible by 4 

So the number is also divisible by 4. 

 Keep that in mind that for even or odd numbers, the divisibility rule is different.

  1. Squares of no. ending with 5

If you need to find out the square of any number less than 100

Example 85*85= 7225

What you need to do is just multiply the last digit of both no. 5*5=25

Now multiple 8*(8+1) 

8*9= 72

answer = 7225

Let’s take one more example 


5*5= 25



Answer is 4225

All you need to do is multiply 5*5; you will get the number’s last two digits. Then add 1 to tens place digit and multiply them to get the first two digits. Just try once you can do it easily. 

You can do this with no. greater than 100 also, but all you need is your multiplication must be fast. 

Ok let’s take one more example  


5*5=25        (last two digits is 25)

10*11= 110

Answer is 11025 

  1. Product with number 5 (Even number)

Example 8888*5=44440

If the number is even you just need to divide the number by 2 and put 0 at the end. 

Example 246*5 

Divide 246 by 2 


Put 0 at the end 

Answer is 1230

Example 846264

No. is even 

Divide 846264 by 2 = 423132 

Put 0 at the end 

Answer is 4231320

  1. Product with number 5( if the number is Odd )

245*5 (subtract 1 from the number to make it even)


Now apply the same trick 

244/2= 122

Put 0 at the end


Not add 5 to this no. 

1225 = Answer 


563-1= 562

562/2= 281 

2810 (put 0 at the end)

2810+5= 2815 is the answer 

  1. Product with 25 (With even number)


Divide 62584 by 4 

We get 15646

Put two zero at the end 


Once you practice these tricks you will start solving these types of calculations within seconds 

There are a lot of tricks by using them you can solve complex calculations easily. 


This is the end of our topic, “How to be good at math.” Studies show that if you want to be good at maths, you need to practice questions as much as possible.  There is only one way to become good at math, and that is your dedication. Daily practice maths questions at least for an hour. We have a team of experts who can help you with your math homework. I hope you get a better idea about how to be good at math. Try to invest time in learning basic formulas. This will make your basics clear and help you always to score better results.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why math is so hard to Solve?

Doing Math seems complicated As it takes a lot of time and enthusiasm. Many students do not believe they have enough time to “get” math tutoring. As a result, they fall behind as the teacher progresses. Many students go to more complex concepts with unstable foundations. We usually end up with an unstable structure that will finally collapse. 

What are the basics of maths?

The basic operations of mathematics are generally considered as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Other mathematical concepts are built on top of the four operations mentioned above. These concepts, combined with various numbers, factors, lcm, and GCF, prepare students to learn fractions.

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