Importance of Mathematics

Top 10 Importance of Mathematics in Everyday Life

Why is math important, or what is the importance of mathematics? These are some kinds of questions that the students search. But what are the reasons behind asking these questions? 

Have you ever wondered about it?

Maybe not!!

In 2005, Gallup conducted a survey in which they asked the students to specify the subject name that they find the most difficult.

And unsurprisingly, maths is the subject that students find the most difficult one. So, before understanding why mathematics is important, let’s find out why students find maths as a nightmare.

Once you know the reasons, it would be easy for you to understand why you should know the importance of mathematics. These reasons can also help you to know how you can help the students with their mathematics problems.

So let’s find out why students find maths the most difficult subject.But before that let’s find out some interesting things using maths and other subject knowledge.

Below are the patterns that are made by a student using the knowledge of physics and maths integrated with programming skills. I hope these will definitely motivate you to learn why mathematics is important.

Why do students find maths a nightmare?

Struggle to relate to 

The learning experience can enhance when the students relate their subject to real-life situations. But because of the advanced and challenging concepts, students are not able to relate maths to real-life examples. That is why they also do not exactly know why is math important for them.

Answers could only be right or wrong

Several students say that they can just know whether their answer is right or wrong. It becomes quite difficult to deal with the problem if it is incorrect as they do not know exactly where they did it wrong. As a result, students get frustrated with maths.

Need a lot of practice to master the concepts

“Practice makes a man perfect,” and it is not only applicable to maths. All subjects need practice. But students who do not enjoy doing maths problems find practicing math queries a difficult task. But if students do not practice the maths concepts, it would lead to unclear conceptual knowledge. 

Can the education system and teachers help students to improve their interest in mathematics?

Yes, teachers and the education system can help students to improve students’ interests. Nowadays, students focus on their test scores instead of taking practical and conceptual knowledge. Remember, test scores are important but not sufficient to develop students’ interest in any subject.

But if we understand the quality educations’ objective, i.e., to enhance the skills rather than enhancing only the grades, then teachers and the education system need to do a lot more.

Innovative and new learning programs require to be applied. For this, they can integrate available technologies to enhance the creativity, confidence, and imagination of the students. Students require effortful learning and hands-on experience to enjoy the learning journey. 

NOTE: Statanalytica can also help the students to get the reason why is math important. Below are some of the key points to understand the importance of mathematics. So, check them and know how maths can help you in day-to-day life. Once you know the importance, you will definitely get the confidence to learn mathematics. 

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Reasons: Why should students study mathematics?

  • It has been seen that Mathematics supports the development of critical and logical thinking. 
  • It provides kids an effective power to analyze, describe, and change things. 
  • Moreover, Mathematics is considered the language of science. 
  • Maths can be applied in each aspect of life. That is why it is considered an important subject.

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Why is math so important?

The most significant reason for studying math is that it helps in building problem-solving skills. Moreover, all citizens require to understand how to think analytically about a problem. With the habits of studying and thinking about mathematics, you can train your brains to explore solutions more logically.

Let’s get started on the importance of mathematics in our life.

1. Math is good for the brain

A study done by Dr. Tanya Evans at Stanford University proved that the students who solve math problems in their daily life have higher logical skills than those students who don’t solve the problems.

Apart from that, the students also solve math problems for their brain exercise.

To make our bodies stay fit, we do exercise. In the same way, to keep our brain healthy and active, we need to do brain exercise.

There are plenty of ways to do brain exercise but the most effective and robust way to do brain exercise.

Check your brainpower by solving the below-mentioned queries:

Find the weight of the fox.Solution: let bear’s weight = x, rabbit’s weight = y, fox’s weight = zX +x =120 => 2x = 120 => x = 60 kgY +x =70 => y = 70-x => y = 70 – 60 => y = 10 kgX+z+y = 90 => 60+z+10 = 90 => z = 90- (60+10) => z = 20 kgTherefore, the weight of the fox = 20 kg
Solution: 2 + 5 = 3 + 4
Solution: This is following a pattern(4)^1 = 4(4)^2 = 16(4)^3 = 64(4)^4 = 256

2. Math helps you with your finances

Math is also helpful with your finance. With the help of math, you can easily make your financial budget.

You can calculate how much money you have and how you can spend your money. Almost every single human in the world uses math for their finance.

The salaried person uses math to calculate their expenses and salaries. On the other hand, the businessman uses math to calculate their profit and loss.

They also use it to calculate their loans and many more. It emerges the importance of business mathematics and also playing a crucial role in business accounting.

Let’s take an example of it; you want to double your money in some specific years. For this, you can use the 72 rule that is applied to the rate. 

For example, you have $ 10,000 to invest at the rate of 3% yearly. It means that your money gets doubled ($20,000) in 24 years (72/3 = 24 years). Similarly, $ 40,000 in 48 years (that is 2*24 = 48 years). This is the technique by which you can estimate your net worth given on a specific return rate.

3. Math makes you a better cook

Math is quite useful for the cook. Because in almost every recipe, there is a need to put the ingredients.

Such as one teaspoon turmeric, a tablespoon of garlic powder. As well as the half-cup of flour is the same thing as eight tablespoons of flour.

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Therefore to make anything delicious, the cook needs to know the perfect measurements of the ingredients.

Apart from that, if the cook needs to cook food for many people. Then they need to know how many ingredients are required to cook food for those number of people.

Most recipes are created to serve 4 or 6 people, but only math can help you calculate the ingredients to cook food for more than six or more people.

As per a renowned online resource, “Math Central,”- mathematics exists in each recipe that cooks in the kitchen. So, how is maths useful?

Suppose you want to cook a recipe at a USA restaurant, but the chef originally made the recipe for London.

Here, you need to apply math to change the metric measurements to the standard units. Moreover, you must have knowledge of the mathematical units, such as dozens and all.

It helps you to understand how much quantity you need to make delicious food. Baking needs an understanding of the ratios. Without it, you do not bake things accurately.

4. Better problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is one of the most important factors in our life. Math is one of the most effective ways to increase your analytical thinking.

As I mentioned earlier, it also helps us to improve our logical thinking. Both this analytical thinking and logical thinking help us to become better problem solvers.

In this way, we enhance our ability to solve the problem more effectively. The more we solve mathematics problems, the better we solve real-life problems.

Let’s take an example of a problem-solving question:

In the given picture, each triangle has 3 dots. Analyze the pattern to calculate the number of dots in the 7th layers of triangles.Here you can see that there is a sequence that follows in this example:It means that the 7th layer has 36 dots. 

5. Every career uses math

There is no profession in the world that doesn’t use math.

We know that mathematicians and scientists rely on mathematical principles to perform their basic work.

Engineers also use math to perform their daily tasks. From blue-collar factory workers to the managerial level white-collar professionals, everyone uses math in their work.

The use of math may vary for them; likewise, the blue-collar workers use basic arithmetic to operate efficiently in the assembly lines.

On the other hand, blue-collar professionals use advanced math to make managerial decisions. The importance of mathematics also becomes crucial in the time of salary getting paid to the employees.

Check the list of jobs that use math in the below-mentioned table:

Informatics nurse specialist: Used in the development, design, and change of digital healthcare systems.Accountant: For examining financial statements, accounting records, or financial reports to evaluate accuracy and similarity with account standards. Computer programmer:  It includes various evaluations and analyses. Understanding algebra, arithmetic, geometry, statistics, calculus, and their applications can help the programmers.Data scientists: They create and implement algorithms to get useful solutions from the massive information.Financial analysts: They assess the results of stocks, study business trends, evaluate financial positions and their goals, and make investment recommendations, as per the BLS (the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

6 Great career options

Mathematics offers a great career opportunity for students. In most careers, employers want to hire employees who can solve complex problems.

If you are good at math and have a keen ability to solve complex problems, then you are at the top positions for applying for many jobs.

Finance analysis and cost estimation are part of every business.

Therefore there are excellent career options for the students to get math-related jobs.

The importance of mathematics is not just limited to the mathematician; even a fashion designer, a chef, a tailor, a barber, all these careers require mathematics knowledge.

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Construction manager: $95,260Commercial pilot: $86,080Diagnostic medical sonographer: $74,320Registered nurse: $73,300Electronics engineering technician: $65,260Aircraft mechanic: $64,090Cardiovascular tech: $57,720CNC machine tool programmer: $56,450Electrician: $56,180HVAC technician: $48,730Carpenter: $48,330Auto mechanic: $42,090Motorcycle mechanic: $37,600Pharmacy technician: $33,950Mobile application developer: $107,510Computer programmer: $86,550Computer animator: $75,270Project manager: $74,2091Landscape designer: $69,360Video game designer: $64,9931Radiologic technologist: $60,510Mechanical engineering technician: $56,980Architectural drafting technician: $56,340Plumber: $55,160Diesel mechanic: $48,500Commercial truck driver: $45,260Optician: $37,840Photographer: $36,280


7 Math for Fitness

Math is quite useful to stay fit and healthy.

With the proper understanding of math, we can calculate how much food we require in our daily life. How much calorie intake we expect to stay fit.

Apart from that, when it comes to food choice, we can calculate which food will give us how much calories and fat.

Thus we can make the right decision about which food we should eat to get healthy.

Besides, when it comes to gyming, we also calculate how many reps we should do to pump our body and get it into shape.

From calorie intake to calorie burning, you can calculate almost everything with the help of math. 

It helps you to get better statistics of your fitness.

Count for 5 setsWhile a person warms up by jogging with high knees, they need to count to 100 by 5 seconds before switching to another activity.Math Fact for Jumping JacksA person solves problems and solutions with jumping jacks. That is, 2 + 6 = 8 jumping jacks. Go further!

8. Helps you understand the world better

Do you know that everything in nature is based on math?

Even the math offers us the golden ratio formula, which allows us to get the beauty of anything.

If you want to judge the beauty of something, then you can perform the golden ration on that thing to declare it beautiful or not.

Apart from that, you can also find the mathematical figure in the real world, likewise the hexagonal bee combs, spider webs, triangle mountains, and many more.

Every single part of nature is based on math.

You can also put the math calculation to understand nature creations. 

Honey Bees, masters of geometry, use hexagons to make the honeycombs.

A great sequence of numbers, The Fibonacci Sequence, is found everywhere in nature: in seashells, pinecones, trees, leaves, and flowers.

9. Time management

Time is the key to success for everyone. Therefore we have to be more calculative for time management.

Math helps us to do better time management. The importance of math is reflected in time management tasks.

With the help of math, you can make a wise decision on how you can spend your time effectively.

Suppose that you want to reach somewhere, and you have a few minutes, you can calculate the minimum time you will require to reach the destination with various modes of transportation.

On the other hand, if you are doing your homework, you can also calculate how much time will require to finish the homework.

Especially during your mathematics exams, you can calculate the time that will take to solve the particular question.

Time management is also emerging the importance of mathematics in society.

Suppose you need to take a bus to go to the office and need to arrive by 9:00 AM. The journey takes almost 20 minutes. Moreover, you need 10 minutes to the bus stop from your house and 10 minutes to the office from the bus stoppage. If the below-mentioned are the busses timings, which bus can you take at last to get on time to work?
a)7:50 AMb)7:20 AMc)8:50 AMd)8:20 AM
(d)- is the correct answer. As the time from home to bus stoppage is 10 minutes and from stoppage to the office is 10 minutes, it results as (10+10) = 20 minutes. Similarly, the journey takes 20 minutes. The overall timing is 20 +20 = 40 minutes. Subtract 40 minutes from 9:00 AM. It results at 8:20 AM. It means you have to manage your time so that you reach the office on time by using the last bus.

10. To Save Money

As I mentioned earlier, math helps calculate your finance. But do you know that it also helps you to save your money?

Ya, most of the time, we spend money on unwanted stuff. Math helps us to calculate how much money we will lose to buy that stuff.

Apart from that, life is all about risks. Almost every single person in the world takes the financial risk to become rich.

But only a few get success. Math helps you to calculate the risk before investing money in some financial scheme. 

Ryan wants to save the money for his birthday that is in the upcoming months (i.e., after two months). His expensive are:

  • $150 on electricity
  • $420 at the supermarket
  • $160 on phone and internet
  • $650 on rent
  • $100 on transport
  • $115 on insurance (car, house)

He also has some other needs like: 

  • $100 hair
  • $200 eating out
  • $60 clothes
  • $600 movies
  • $500 fun things

He decides to save his money for 2 months and eliminate movies and fun things. That helps him to save $2200 for his birthday. How?

The expensive for movie and fun things is $600+$500 = $1100

He decides to save it for two months that is 

$1100 * 2 = $2200 


The importance of math is getting more crucial with every passing year. We know that there is always uncertainty in the world in terms of economic crisis.

To get rid of these problems, we need to have excellent command over math. It will help us remain stable at the time of the financial crisis. So always remember why is math important and try to learn the new concept of maths daily.

Now the statistics students may get to know the importance of mathematics in the real world. If they are still getting unclear, then they can get in touch with our math hw experts. They will also provide them with the best math assignment help services at nominal charges. We are also offering the best math homework helper in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of mathematics in our daily life?

Making financial decisions.
Shopping at the most favorable price.
Balancing the checkbook.
Enhancing problem-solving skills.
Cooking delicious food.
Understanding loans for schooling, trucks, cars, homes, or other purposes.
Playing music.
Figuring out the time, distance, and cost of a journey.
Understanding sports (just as team statistics).

What is Mathematics the study of?

Mathematics is considered to be the study of various structures, quantity, change, and space. Moreover, mathematics is a journey for definitive, absolute solutions and answers. It is used in all aspects of life to get solutions to each problem effectively and systematically.

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