How to Learn Python Programming in Interesting Ways


Python has become the most used programming language. Mainly all the big companies also use python programming language. It is also used in artificial language and other important aspects of computer science. Learning python language is difficult, so the need of How to learn python programming has emerged. Thus this article will help you to know Python language and how to learn the same.


Python is a programming language originated and created by Guido Rossum in 1989. It is an object oriented language and is efficiently designed for rapid prototyping of complex applications.  It has its own extensive libraries and interfaces for OS system calls. Python language has a characteristic of being extended to C or C++. Many big companies are using this programming language like Google, NASA, Youtube etc. 

If you are learning Artificial Language then also you need to know How to learn python programming as this programming language is vividly used in Artificial Intelligence.

It has also been used in Natural language Generation , Neural Networks and other advanced streams of computer science.

How to learn Python Programming

1. Consistency

Consistency is very important if you want to learn anything as practice makes you perfect. So, if you want to learn the Python programming language then you have to code every day. Thus, you should practice it daily in order to learn it as commitment to coding daily is a necessity of learning a language.

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2. Write it

Second tip on how to learn python programming is to make notes. When we are learning a programming language it becomes difficult to remember everything we learn. So it is always suggested to take notes of what you learn.  Thus, as a new programmer, you should also take notes out of your learning. These notes will help you to remember them for the long term as writing notes by hand is beneficial for long term retention.

If you are working on small programs then taking notes by hand will help you to plan your code before starting it. It will make the whole process easy and speedy.

3. Interact

It is always suggested for python learners that Interactive python is one of the best learning tools irrespective of your stage of learning. So the next tip is to use an interactive python shell.

4. Take breaks

‘Human minds need breaks.’ When we learn a programming language our mind gets exhausted and tired and if we don’t take small breaks in between then it can hamper our efficiency of learning. So the next tip on how to learn python programming is to take a break after every 30 minutes or 50 minutes as per your comfort and needs.  

In the process of debugging, breaks are especially crucial as if you find difficulty in bugging and you can’t sort it then always take a break to freshen your mind. It will help you to improve the efficiency of the brain.

In breaks, you can walk or exercise or just can relax but you should not use your mobile phones or laptops.

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5. Be a Bug Bounty hunter

Debugging is a tough process and it becomes tougher when you are writing complex programs. Sometimes continuously working on the program can put bugs into code. And debugging becomes frustrating for all of the programmers. So instead of these embrace yourself and become a bug bounty hunter.

While hitting a debugging, you should have a methodological approach to help you to find out the loop holes and the breaking points. It will help you to fix them and work effectively and efficiently. This is the most important guideline on How to learn python programming.  

6. Good Company

When you are learning how to learn python programming, it is very significant to surround yourself with the other students who are also learning python language. It will help you to grow and learn together. You can share your study tips and notes with each other.

7. Teach others

Teaching is the best method to learn anything. When you teach a python to others then first you have to be well versed with it and when you teach others your doubts get clear and it boosts your confidence and knowledge that is why it is the best methodology for How to learn python programming. For teaching others, you can also record videos of teaching or you can also teach yourself.

8. Pair Programming

Pair programming is a method by which two programmers or developers can work at one workstation in order to complete a task. In the process the both perform the role of driver and navigator by switching. Driver is a person who writes the code whereas the navigator is a person who navigates that it guides in problem solving and also reviews the code written by the driver.

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This technique has many advantages as it gives you a chance to write a code and to review the codes written by others. It will help you to learn how others write codes and you can ensure the accuracy of your own codes.

9. Ask questions

Asking questions can help you with How to learn python programming. You should ask questions to improve your learning but while asking questions make sure you are asking good questions. Good acronym stands for

G – Give context to explain your question

O – Outline your suggestions to such question as it will help to limit the question

O – You can also Offer the guess

D – Give Demo of what is happening including a traceback error and code.

10. Make something or anything out of learning

It is a very helpful small exercise for beginners to gain confidence in python, so the next step for how to learn python programming is to build something when you have acquired some knowledge. It will help you to grasp and remember the programming.


Python is an important programming language and it deeply focuses on code readability. The learners of this language mostly ask how to learn it. Thus, when you are stuck with how to learn python programming then you should definitely focus on the above tips as they will help you learn python effectively and efficiently. Moreover, it will make the process of learning interesting.

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