Useful Guide on How to Submit Assignment on Google Classroom

how to submit assignment on google classroom

Numerous educators are trying to find the solution for how they can assign an assignment to their students, manage their teaching process in the classroom, and communicate with their students to solve their queries. Google Classroom assignment guidance helps the teachers and students submit and evaluate their assignments in a more convenient way. Learners can submit their assignments on Google classroom by login to the Google Chrome student profile option.  

Google classroom is one of the best online techniques that can handle students’ homework and assignments easily. It aids by less depending on technology but more on the education process. One might be thinking about how to submit assignment on Google Classroom and how much time it will take to become an expert to use this classroom. Well, you don’t require to be an expert in utilizing this classroom. Just go through this post, here we have discussed what Google classroom is and how to submit assignment on Google classroom.

Some details about Google Classroom

It is a free online service created by Google for studying for students as well as teachers. It uses to organize, distribute, and grading assignments. These can be arranged externally, practicing any paper. The principal purpose of Google Classroom is to utilize the process of allocating records among teachers and students.

This classroom assists teachers and students in teaching and can be appropriated to organize and assign assignments. This is most beneficial for collaboration among teachers and students, learning from a range, and much more. Learners can compare this classroom with Showbie and numerous other online learning platforms.

It is installed on the top corner of Google Drive and Google Docs, which indicates that it is very uncomplicated to employ and essential for several teachers. But this does not address it as boring. Google Classrooms have several surprises that can be seen along the process. Before moving to the details about how to submit assignment on Google classroom, let’s check what one can do on Google classroom.

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Things that can be done with Google Classroom

Numerous students investigated the question of what are specific things that one can do in Google classroom. What signifies the reason for using these classrooms and what one can perform with it? What Google classroom own form you? Firstly, we clarify that Google classroom is completely free of cost. You do not need to use its advanced version that might burn a hole in your pocket. 

Once the installer has completed all instructions to set it up for you, one is ready to practice it. Within a short time, one can recognize the method of how to create an account on google classroom. First, let check why Google classroom is recognized as a huge deal. Here is the list of the things that can be performed in Google Classroom:

Attach features, data, and practice material

Teachers can give their students information and messages regarding the lesson. Incorporate study materials regarding education in the report. The reporting teacher will resemble in their students’ Google Classroom stream. Therefore, students can explore everything quickly. They can incorporate elements from a Google drive correlated with the lessons of Google Classroom, involving papers and photographs from their PC, including a YouTube video or other contact that need to visit by your students. It is as simple and manageable!

Add assignments/homework

It is comparable to that of the announcement. Teachers and students can post an assignment to the class. It serves an identical process, but here one gets the option to enter a due date and grade itas per the performance. It will familiarize the students when they are required to do an assignment and display in their Timeline. Intake a few minutes, and one can also incorporate a BookWidgets assignment to it.

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Grade the students’ assignment

After it, teachers can review and grade the student’s assignments that are submitted by students. There is a section for feedback from a teacher’s comment. The educators can assign the assignment back to the students if required. The tab “Marks” introduces a grade record of all students’ assignments, along with their grades.

Guide students

Obviously, the students need to share their comments. Or, on the other hand, not? That is totally up to teachers! They can maintain permissions, allow students to post and comment, comment, or just the teacher to post and remark. Teachers are also allowed to email their students completely.

Now, let’s check details on how to submit assignment on Google classroom using the above features on writing assignments on Google classroom.

How to submit assignment on Google Classroom

  1. The foremost thing that you need to do is log in to Google classroom and select the Stream tab shown to the desktop.
  2. After that, select the assignment that you want to submit.
  3. Type the title of the assignment and an optional description of it. The description is the best place to add guidance for the assignment.
  4. Mention the due date to replace it if required.
  5. To mention the time, select Add Time of day on the due date that the assignment needs to be submitted.
  6. To add to the assignment if one has elements, select the appropriate symbol:
  • YouTube play button It allows one to attach a YouTube video to the assignment. When selecting this button, they can look for the video on YouTube or copy-paste the URL of the YouTube video. At the point when they look for a similar video, YouTube returns directly in a similar window, and they can also preview the video, so there is no compelling reason to visit the YouTube site.
  • Link: One can hit the link option to paste in an external URL to their assignments. 
  • Paperclip: This is one of the alternatives that connect a paper to the assignment. One can transport the record from their hard drive that can be put away on their Google Drive.
  • Google Drive: It allows the option to joins a paper to the assignment. However, it gets one benefit to Google Drive to find the documents.
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7. Teachers can elect permissions for whatever the students can arrange for assignments one has transferred or a survey from Google Drive. Select the drop-down option from the list to allow students to perform the following actions: 

  • Inspect only: Select this option if teachers require the whole of their students to examine a related document; however, not revise it. It is useful for reference elements as it was. 
  • Edit: Select this dilemma if teachers need the entirety of their students to make modifications to a similar document. This is adequate only if students are relied simultaneously to draw upon an individual assignment.
  • Make a copy for individual students: To pick this stock if a professor needs each student to have their own replica of the assignment. Students can shift and transform in the assignment independently. This is best for a run-of-the-mill schoolwork assignment in which the students are responsible for their tasks.

8. Once the assignment is finished, each student receives an e-mail announcement of the assignment. The assignment shows on the Stream page of class, where one can observe how many students have perfected their assignment.

Sum Up

In this blog, we have included all the relevant information regarding How to submit assignment on Google Classroom and how Google classroom works. We have also included information regarding what are the things one can do in Google classroom, which will help you on how to submit assignment on Google classroom. One does not have to be an expert to manage these classrooms. They need some basic guidance about Google classroom, which we already included in this article.

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