Handy Tips on How to Write an Assignment From Scratch

how to write an assignment

How to write an assignment has become a prevalent question among students as writing an assignment is an essential part in a student’s life. As marks and credits are assigned to assignments therefore, the need to write efficient assignments is also very important in order to fetch more marks. But the question arises how to start an assignment or how to write an assignment and so forth. This article aims to help you in writing a good assignment by following the given steps. 

Steps : How to write an assignment 

Following are the set and crucial steps to be followed regarding how to write an assignment

1. Plan

  • First step in how to write an assignment is to plan your assignment. While planning you have to contemplate each and everything about the assignment. For planning you have to be well versed with how to start an assignment. So under this step you have to do preliminary research to understand the assignment thoroughly. Then only you can write assignments proficiently.
  • Think about all the aspects of the assignment and accordingly break the assignment into smaller blocks to make it easy. It will help you to make short goals to achieve the main goal that is to write an assignment. 
  • Thereafter you have to give a deadline to all of these short goals. So that you finish your work effectively. 
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2. Analyse the question 

  • The second step in how to write an assignment is to analyse the question involved in the assignment thoroughly. It will help you to get the wider picture of the assignment and thus to know what are the essentials of such assignment. 
  • Read the question slowly and cautiously to understand what is expected from you to answer in the assignment. 
  • To analyse the question carefully you can rewrite the question as it is a determined method of understanding a question. 
  • Examine and check the meaning of words given in question if you don’t know to get a better understanding of the question. 

3. Time to draft outline 

Now to write an assignment, you have to first draft the outline of an assignment. 

  • In outline you will decide the points you have to include in your assignment.
  • To decide the structure of your assignment that is to decide what will. You include the introduction, Main body and conclusion.
  • Most importantly to decide the outline of the main body as for all the points you will include in the main body, you will have to do intensive research km the same. Wide research will help you to support Your arguments with evidence like references, facts, statistics etc. 
  • The most takeaway part of how to write an essay is to draft outline as outline would be based on the type of your assignment.
  • For example if you have to write an essay then you have to make the outline as per the genre of your essay. 
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4. Research

Now you are required to do research on how to write an assignment. This step is important to gather the information in respect of assignment. 

Here you will collect all the information without filtration. Then after collecting all the details and information , you will filter out the most relevant information to write an assignment. 

Quality of your assignment would depend upon this step, that is how much effort you made to gather and filter the relevant information. 

You will have to evaluate the width of information on the basis of questions asked in the assignment. 

You should be very well versed with the concept of research and how to do efficient research and what are the proficient sources of information and so on. 

5. Write your assignment 

By now if you have followed all the steps of how to write an assignment then you must have all the essential things you need to write your assignment. 

Write your first draft 
  • As you have already prepared your outline so you just need to fill up the gaps. 
  • Write the key points for each part of the assignment.
  • Don’t worry about word limits, just pour your heart into words.
  • We always write conclusions first as it is easy to jump into conclusions so you can leave the introduction part to write it lastly. 
  • Don’t invest much time on this draft as it is just a skeleton. So you can make it perfect afterwards. 
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Final draft
  • Read your first draft carefully and examine whether it is making sense to the asked question. 
  • If you are convinced, then use the proper words to make it formal and structural assignment. Make sure your words flow in the right direction. 
  • Leave it for a day and then revise it again next day and then give the final touch up if required. 
  • Compile it and make a reference list and bibliography. 

6. Cross check and proofread

  • After finishing your draft, the last step you have to follow in how to write an assignment is to double check and proofread your draft. 
  • Correct if there are any grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Most importantly 

  • Check whether you have answered the question properly and efficiently. 
  • Check the structure and outline of the assignment.
  • Ensure that the content is logically ordered and arranged. 
  • Check the reference list and bibliography.


Now assignments have become a major part of our lives as everyone has to do assignments. With this the importance of Writing an good assignment arises. Thus there are certain steps which you have to follow to write a good assignment so before writing an assignment you should know how to write an assignment.