Getting Bored..?? Let’s Play Popular Google Doodle Games

Popular google Doodle Games

Popular google doodle games: Google’s main search page is kept new with fun doodles that rotate every few days. On rare occasions, the doodle becomes a playable game. After their time on the homepage has expired, these games are archived and can be played again. These basic web-based google games doodles are ideal for passing the time without any downloads. 

The Google Doodle Game team creates high-quality games to celebrate anniversaries and other occasions and raise awareness about current issues. These games usually range between 2 and 20 minutes, though some might continue for up to an hour or more. When you are free and frustrated from assignments or homework you can play these games.

There are many options such as Pac man google game, snake game, Halloween google doodle, and many other popular google doodle games. Enjoy! We’ve produced a list of ten of our favorites for you to peruse. Read this article to get familiar with all google doodle games.

Top Most Popular Google Doodle Games

Google Doodle Game: Baseball

The Baseball Google Doodle game was unveiled on July 4, 2019, and what better way to commemorate Independence Day than with a Google Doodle. To make things even more intriguing, you play food games similar to those found at a baseball game, such as hotdogs or nachos with cheese, while the opposing team is made up of peanuts. This is one of the most popular google doodle games.

A random food item appears on the dish when you first start the game. When the pitcher tosses the ball, press the Spacebar to swing your bat. The pitch’s speed and style will change as you collect more points. When you strikeout, the game is over. Find out how many points you can get!

Baseball: Popular Google Doodle Games

Google Doodle Pizza Game

Google Doodle frequently features interactive mini-games on its homepage to commemorate special occasions in unusual ways. Today, Google is honoring Pizza, one of the most popular Italian foods enjoyed worldwide.

How to play the Google Doodle Pizza game

A pizza-themed puzzle game is Google’s new in-browser game, which you can play directly within your browser tab. To improve their score, players must slice their pizza according to the order and watch the toppings and slices indicating as most popular google doodle games.

Slicing the Pizza is done by ‘cutting’ the Pizza by clicking and dragging the mouse (or your finger on a phone) across the screen. Players must determine how they will cut their pizza to achieve the required number of slices in the allotted time. The higher players score, the more exactly a pizza is cut and the more evenly distributed the toppings.

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All you have to do is go to the Google homepage in your preferred browser to play the popular google doodle games. This includes smartphone browsers as well as browsers on your Mac or PC.

Pizza: Popular Google Doodle Games


Basketball, a single-player time-passer that continues the sports theme, allows you to shoot in rings. This was part of a four-day Google Doodle run, during which you could also put your soccer, slalom canoe, and soccer talents to the test. These four games were played over one billion times in four days, according to Popular Google Doodle games leader “Ryan Germick”.

The game’s fundamentals are straightforward: simply press and hold the spacebar to gain strength, then release it to shoot. Time yourself to see how many balls you can catch in 30 seconds! You will miss if you build up too much (or not enough) strength.

Basketball: Popular Google Doodle Games


Pac Man google is a timeless classic, so it’s only fitting that we start our list with this world-famous arcade google doodle game from the 1980s. To celebrate Pac-30th Man’s anniversary, Google released this entertaining Doodle on May 21, 2010. Chew on some dots, various fruits, and maybe even a ghost.

The goal of the PAC man google game is to remove all of the dots from the stage while avoiding the ghosts. It’s game over if a ghost touches you. The arrow keys on your keyboard are used to control Pac-Man. If you want to play with a friend, double-click “Insert Coin,” and Pac-Man will appear! The A, S, D, and W keys or arrow keys are used to control Pac Man Google.

Pac-Man: Popular Google Doodle Games

Coding for Carrots

The Google Doodle games team published Coding for Carrots to commemorate 50 years of Kids Coding and created popular google doodle games. This basic drag-and-drop game for youngsters introduces the concept of coding by perfectly sending the bunny to collect carrots using building blocks.

An arrow points in a specified way on each block. To accomplish each level, players must place the correct blocks in the exact order to guide the rabbit over the platform and gather all of the carrots available. The sequence grows more challenging as the difficulty increases.

Coding for Carrots: Popular Google Doodle Games

Pony Express

In the nineteenth century, the Pony Express (google doodle game) was a letter transportation service. On April 14, 1860, the first successful delivery took place. As a tribute to that heritage, the Google Doodle team created a fun Pony Express popular google doodle game where you gather mail while riding a horse and dodge obstacles.

To play, players must maneuver the rider up and down with the up and down arrow keys, respectively. There are three levels overall; attempt to gather all of the mail on each! Collect as much mail as possible, but you have to avoid cacti, fences, rocks, holes, and other potential hazards.

Pony Express: Popular Google Doodle Games

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Loteria is a classic Mexican card game known as Mexican Bingo. In contrast to bingo, the pattern you must create on your card changes from game to game. This is the second most popular Google Doodle games in which several players can participate! The announcer displays a card, and you must rapidly determine if your card matches the one on the announcer.

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Listen for the announcer to call out the card, glance at it, and check your card to see if it matches. Drag and drop a bean onto the card if you do. Wait until the announcer shows the next card if you don’t. Good luck! This is a game of chance. To win this google doodle game, you must match the needed pattern.

Loteria: Popular Google Doodle Games


We’ve all made the mistake of swallowing an entire spicy pepper. We strive to get rid of the searing sensation, filled with instant regret, as soon as possible. We now know that rushing to the fridge and grabbing a gallon of milk is the best way to relieve discomfort. The Scoville Doodle, created in honor of Scoville’s 151st birthday, lets you show that fiery pepper who’s boss by chunking a scoop of ice cream at it.

You’ll see a bar with a circle going back and forth at the bottom of the battlefield. Try to stop the circle as close to the middle of the bar as possible when hitting the pepper with a scoop of ice cream. By clicking your mouse, you can bring the circle to a halt. The peppers become hotter as you advance. Test your skills to see if you can defeat them all! Due to increasing traffic, it becomes one of the very popular google doodle games.

Scoville: Popular Google Doodle Games

The Garden Gnomes

Have you ever wanted to use a catapult(A catapult is a ballistic device that uses no gunpowder or other propellants to hurl a projectile a long distance) to launch garden gnomes several meters across a garden? Now’s your opportunity to shine! The Garden Gnomes is a Google Doodle game that provides some background on the history of garden gnomes, including their genesis and how they’re manufactured.

This google doodle game’s goal is to hurl the gnomes as far as you can across the garden using your catapult. The more flowers they plant, the further you throw them. To play, hit the spacebar once to ready the catapult and release the gnome. 

The Garden Gnomes: Popular Google Doodle Games

Doodle Champion Island Games

The Doodle Champion Island Games is one of the longest popular Google Doodle games, lasting approximately two hours. This was supposed to be released before the 2020 Olympics. However, due to the pandemic delaying the event by a year, the Google Doodle team had more time to work on it, bringing even more fun to the table than expected.

To play, navigate your character throughout the globe map and take on each obstacle presented to you. Each game has its own set of controls, so be sure to read the instructions thoroughly. Compete in every competition to see if you can reach the top of the leaderboard.

Doodle Champion Island Games


Meow-loween is one of the frightening popular Google Doodle games created in 2016 to commemorate Halloween. The player plays Momo, a cat that must save the School of Magic from the assault of ghosts in Meow-loween.

Each ghost has a symbol that appears above their heads in this game. To return the ghost to the realm of the unknown, the player must draw the symbol with their mouse across the screen. You must act quickly because the longer you play, the more ghosts will arrive!

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Sonic-like Pangolin Game

Pangolins are the most trafficked animals on the planet, and they are on the verge of extinction due to poachers hunting them for meat, medicine, and fashion. In 2017, Google created a love-themed Doodle in honor of the endangered pangolin on Valentine’s Day to raise awareness of the issue.

The pangolin is a type of pangolin that lives in Google Doodle is a side-scrolling game similar to Sonic. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the pangolin and the spacebar to make it jump. Collect as much stuff as possible and reach the finish line before the timer runs out.

Sonic-like Pangolin Game

Halloween Google Doodle: Google Doodles Halloween

Halloween Google doodle is one of the popular Google Doodle games Magic Cat Academy is a series of Halloween-themed browser games made as Halloween google doodle. Magic Cat Academy, the first version, was released on October 30, 2016, and Magic Cat Academy 2, the second sequel, was released on October 30, 2020.

The Halloween Google doodle shows an underwater cat and a slew of spooky fish, ghosts, and other sea creatures. To participate, go to the Google homepage and look for the Google Doodle, which features the word Google printed in ghostly letters and the letter “o” transformed into a “play” button.

Halloween Google Doodle

Snake Game : The Google Snake Game

Google created the google snake game to celebrate its 19th birthday, which launches a spinner that prompts 18 of its previous Easter egg games and quizzes, as well as one new game dubbed Snake. When you search for “snake,” “play snake,” “snake game,” or “snake video game,” you’ll see a “Play Snake” card at the top of the page. 

Snake Game: The Google Snake Game

Rubik’s Cube: Popular Google Doodle Games

The Rubik’s Cube, which has six colors, six sides, and 54 squares, has been around since 1974. The Rubik’s Cube Doodle was launched by Google in 2014 to commemorate 40 years of aggravating people all over the world. By twisting and turning the blocks, the goal of this game is to get each side of the Rubik’s Cube to be the same color. To play the Google Doodle version, click and drag your mouse to rotate the Rubik’s Cube or spin the blocks. 

Rubik’s Cube


As you read In this blog, we get different popular google doodle games available. If you are getting frustrated or need to spend some mind in fun gaming. There is an option you don’t need to install anything. Just click and play lots of google doodle games online with your friends.  

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do any of the games need the use of a joystick?

No, a joystick is not required.

Is the system or browser restricted in any way?

No, there aren’t any such limitations.

What are other gaming sites?

There are several gaming sites to challenge your inner competitive side, some of which include:

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