Top 8 Types of Python Frameworks You Should Learn

python frameworks

Python is the most popular programming language. Python Frameworks is the collection of certain packages and modules for writing web developments and applications in python language. It is a crucial concept of programming as it helps to cover even the minute details of the program like Sockets or protocol etc. That is why it is very important to know what is Python, framework and Python Frameworks and what are the significant python frameworks. This article is inclined towards all such information.

What are python frameworks?

Python is one of the popular programming languages. Python is best programming language for developing desktop GUI websites, web applications and applications. While a framework is basically a set of modules and packages that are used to write web applications.

So Python framework is a framework used in python to monitor the programming tasks.

The major advantage of frameworks in python is that it deals with all the low level details also like protocols, thread management, sockets and so forth.

Python framework works as a platform to develop software languages in python.  Framework in python is used by developers to build programs for a specific platform. Python frameworks are generally used for applications oriented fields.

Why do we use frameworks in Python?

Python is a high level integrated and dynamically-typed programming language. It is used to implement object oriented programming language i.e. OOP. It is the most used language as it has its own unique syntax and this is why it is different from other programming languages like JAVA, C, and C++ etc. It is also Very easy to learn and understand. Now, developers use frameworks in this language to make code and other applications. Framework in this language provides you a defined and simple structure so that you can work upon the core logic of the application instead of wasting time on other elements.

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When you start development with Python programming then you will need a platform or code to proceed and such a platform is called a framework and it becomes a python framework. While deciding a framework you will have to look into the complexity of the application so that you can choose the best as per your need.

Importance of Python Frameworks

Python is considered as an open-source and object oriented programming language, so it has its own organized source code. Python is used for a number of web applications and other things related thereto. It can easily embrasure with frameworks as frameworks allow less coding and easier customization as well. Thus, python framework helps the developers to do jobs faster.

  • Frameworks in python help to build games, applications, educational programs, etc. faster and better.
  • Framework in pythons makes it an open source, efficient and secure. It also helps in proper documentation and integration.
  • Frameworks in Python also help to reuse the code for common HTTP operations.

Python Frameworks – Application oriented fields

Following is the list of some python frameworks that are mostly used for application oriented fields. Thus following python frameworks are very useful for python developers.

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1. CherryPy

It is considered a minimalist web python framework. It is very useful on the latest python versions and it can also be used on androids. This python framework has been in use for the past 10 years.

The most takeaway of this framework is that it can run several HTTP servers simultaneously. And it also contains a flexible plugin system. Through Appoptics, developers can ensure the performance of this.

2. Web2Py

It is considered as flexible and the most portable python framework as it does not need any configuration. This framework uses the LDAP system for authentication. It is the most popular as it has an inbuilt ticketing system to monitor errors and because it supports many database engines. It cannot be used in old versions of python.

3. Django

This Python Framework is very popular as it is an open-source framework which helps to make all the things faster and scalable. This framework is always updated in order to cope up with the recent versions of Python. This framework supports several database engines and Instagram, Washington and Pinterest are the popular ones. It is considered easier for beginners.

4. Pyramid

This Python framework supports routing and authentication as well in the applications. It is mainly used for developing large web applications like CMSs. It is comparatively flexible and thus can be used for both simple and complex projects. This python framework is also very useful for prototyping a concept.

5. Flask

Flask is the most suitable framework to make a standalone app.  It has by default a Jinja template engine. It is mainly used by developers to write APIs, RESTful services etc. That is why flask is open ended to unique systems.

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6. TurboGears

This Python framework is basically a single file app and is easy to be used in python. It has a flexible ORM with multi-database support and thus can be used for all types of projects whether simple or complex. In this Python Framework, documentation is very simple and you can easily make a ready to extend application expeditiously.

7. Pylons

This is an innovative python framework as it makes error tracking very easy for online debuggers. It is used by many developers as an open source framework.

8. Bottle

Bottle is a micro python framework. It was initially used for building APIs as it compiles everything in a single source file. It does not depend on any other factor apart from the standard library.

This framework is very suitable in Routing and templating. It also helps to access in order to form data, file uploads, headers and so on. This python framework has a built in development server which supports other WSGI capable HTTP servers.

Thus, Bottle python Framework is very useful for building prototyping, simple personal applications and learning web framework organization.


Python frameworks have become an important part of python language because these give a platform to developers to develop web applications and applications. It is very important to use a framework in python as it allows the python to monitor and access even the smallest information. There are many Python frameworks but above mentioned are the most popular ones. If you still finding it difficult to learn python programming. and you need python expert help and python project help then contact us.

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