The Best Ever Guide on Python Programming Basics For Beginners

python programming basics

Python has become a world’s top most programming language. It is used by many large companies for their projects like Google, YouTube etc. This is why the need to learn Python Programming has emerged. Python language has a number of similarities with Perl, Java and C language. But there is some definite difference between them which makes Python Completely different from those languages. If you are an absolute beginner of Python learning then you must start with Python Programming Basics. This article will help you to understand what Python Programming is and the other basic concepts of Python.


The first thing to know for python programming basics is to learn what python is. In 1991, Guido Van Rossum created a programming language and named it as Python. Python is an object oriented programming language. This language is generally used for Software Development, Mathematics, and System script and most prominently for web development.

 It is considered as the dynamic and high level programming language. It is a free open source and interpreted language which is object oriented and works in a procedural or functional way.

Since it is a dynamic language thus we don’t need to type variables in language. For example, x = 20and here x can be anything like integers or string etc.  

Python Programming Basic Concepts 

Following are the  Python Programming Basics Concepts which are very important especially for absolute beginners. 

Python Variables

Python Variables is an interesting feature of Python as it allows you to store any value in memory location. It basically works as memory location in python. It can store any value and then if you need to use that value. Whenever in the code then you can just put the variable holding that value.

Since python is not a strongly typed language so you have to mention the type of variable in the program according to the value it holds. 

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Python arrays

Suppose you have to fill the same type of more than 300 values in a program. Then how will you do as you can’t do that through one variable. In that case you will use the second important python programming basic concept. That is the python array. Array can store multiple values in it and then you can use them accordingly. 

Python control statements

There are basically 3 following python control statements to control the order of execution of the program. These control statements are based on certain values and logic already present in the python.

Continue control statement

With the help of this statement in python you can directly skip the statements already available in the loop. And then you can directly proceed with the next iterations.

Break control statement

With this you can stop the loop already contained in the python and thereby you can easily get the control of the program in an implicit manner out of the loop. 

Pass statement

Through this you can do a statement syntactically as it is a null operation.

Python syntax

The next very python programming basic concept is python syntax. Python syntax is basically a predefined rule of usage for predefined words called as keywords present in python language. As our normal language, it is a set of rules to know what keywords Mean in python. 

Python Indents

It is used to make the block of statements so that they can be executed through decision statements. 

Unique python indents is a technique to define the extent and purview of the block of statements. 

Decision statements in python 

It is also the python programming basic concept especially if you are learning it. 

There are 3 decision statements in the python through which block of statements are executed Importantly. 

  • If statement – is the easiest to function as it has only one step. According to this statement if the given condition for the execution of the block is true then it will be executed otherwise not.
  • If else statement – according to this statement, if the first condition is true then it will execute the block but if it is false then it will execute the other prescribed block of statement. 
  • Nested if else – it is an extended version of if else statement. According to this statement-
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If the condition 1 is true then it will execute the the block of statements

And if it is false then it will check the second condition.

Then if the second condition is true then it will execute the second Set of statements and if it is also false then it won’t execute any statement.

What does Python do

If you want to start learning with python programming basics then you must be aware about what python can do. Following are the usage of Python Programming language –

  1. The basic and prominent use of Python is on a server in order to create web applications. It has become the most used language in today’s world as many large companies use python for their web applications like Google, YouTube etc.
  2. Secondly you can use the python for creating workflows alongside software.
  3. It can easily read and modify the files in a program so it can be connected to the database system.
  4. If you are concerned for your big data and complex mathematics then it has become easy with the advent of Python. Because it can be used for handling data and for performing complex mathematics.
  5. It is used for fast prototyping.
  6. It can also be used for production ready software development.

Features of python: python programming basics

1. Easy coding

As we have already discussed, it is a high level language of programming so you can learn it very fast as compared to other [programming languages. Similarly it is very easy to code in python and even a beginner of programming can learn python very easily and fast.

2. Open source and free

You can easily avail the python language online and that too absolutely free. That is why it is an open source and free programming language. It is the most python programming basic characteristic.

Conclusively, you can also easily download online and you can also share it very easily.

3. Graphical User Interface (GUI)  support

You can easily create GUI very easily and quickly by using python modules such as PyQt4, PyQt5 etc. Among all python modules, PyQt5 is considered as the most popular option with a view to create graphical apps with python.

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4. Extensible

Next thing to know about python programming basics is that it is known as an extensible language. As you can write python codes into other languages also like into C or C++. And thereafter you compile that code in such languages.

5. Portable Language

It is the most portable language as according to python programming basics. We can run python code written for windows on other platforms like UNIX or Mac or Linux etc.

Thus, we don’t need to change the code as we can use the same code on other platforms too.

6. Integrated Language

It is an integrated language because you can integrate it with other programming languages like C or C++.

7. Library

You are learning python programming basics so you must know that python has a very rich standard library. It provides a set of modules and functions to write codes for each and every thing. Python has many libraries like regular exercises, browsers or unit testing etc.

8. Python Installation

Don’t panic about how to install python. As installing it is quite easy and simple since the time Linux and UNIX contain the latest Python. Moreover, nowadays Windows computers and especially HP have Python already installed. Python installation is the most python programming basics so you must first sort this.

Significance of Python

Following are the advantages of Python language to understand the python programming basics

  1. It works on different and several platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, Pi etc.
  2. It has its own simple syntax which is quite similar to the English language.
  3. Python also has a syntax which helps the developers and programmers to write codes for programs even with less lines as compared to other programming languages.
  4. It has its own interpreter system which allows the developers to execute the code as soon as it is written by him. Thus, it makes the Prototyping very easy and fast.
  5. Since it is an object oriented therefore you can treat python in a procedural or functional way.
  6. The latest version of python that is Python 3 has certain more interesting and significant features
  7. Python can be written in an integrated development environment like Thonny, pycharm or Eclipse or Natbeans etc.


Python has become one of the significant programming languages in the world. So everyone is in a way to learn this language. It is an object oriented, open source, integrated and high power language. So if you are also concerned to know the Python Programming Basics. Then you should start with what the python is and what are its features and significance. Get the best coding help python from the experts.

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