An Ultimate Guide on Python Programming for Kids

python programming for kids

Python is one of the significant programming languages of the world. It is object oriented and an open source language. So everyone can learn python programming through a browser only rather than installing it in their operating language. It is considered as an easy to learn and maintainable language, so even kids can start learning python language. This language can read English language instead of binary language that is 0 and 1 which makes it quite easy to learn python programming for kids. If you also want to learn python programming basics and a guide to study the same then this article will help you to understand the concept of python programming especially made for kids.

Why is python programming the best choice for kids to start programming?

Python programming is an easy language and it has many other features which make it easy for kids to start learning programming. Following are the features of python programming for kids –

1.  Easy Learning

Python programming is known for its easy learning. It implies even if you are completely new in the programming world then also you can easily learn python. This is because of the syntax of python which is very easy as compared to other languages. In python you don’t have to take stress over complex variable types or use of brackets for group codes and so forth.  It is also called a beginner friendly language.

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2.  Heavy demand

Python programming has become the top most programming language in the world. Many big companies are also using python for their various programs. And this is why Python developers have become the second highest paid developers in the USA. So the python language has become a large platform for earning because of its high demand in the world.  All the developers are also learning python to cope up with the hike in Python. So if you are searching for python programming for kids then you must be aware about this feature.

3. Easy web development

Python programming has a feature of lightning with the other languages of web development like PHP, ASP etc.  It also has commendable frameworks like Flasks, Pylons and Django etc.  All this makes web development easy for python and thus it is considered as ideal for web development.

4. Efficient for Machine learning and AI

Python is also known for its rich library which consists of TensorFlow and Scikit-learn. Its rich library also creates a need to learn python and it attracts especially the beginners. This is also one of the reasons that python programming is widely used for Machine learning and AI as it simplifies all the tasks of AI as compared to other programming such as MATLAB.

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5. Raspberry Pi

Python is widely used for Raspberry pi. Raspberry is a kind of pocket size computer mainly used for large applications like robots, gaming consoles and toys. This also attracts learning of python programming for kids.

6. Corporate friendly

Python is one of the favorite languages for corporations as all the major companies use python for their numerous projects. For example Google, NASA. YouTube, Disney etc. These companies use python in their core projects.

7. Big community

 Python is considered as one of the big programming online communities in the world because of its

wide features and programs. This is also a reason many developers learn python programming and always start with learning python programming for kids.

Tutorial – Basics of Python programming for kids

Learn the following concepts of python especially to be learnt by absolute fresher like kids –

1. Open Source

It is an open source language; it means you don’t need to download it in your equipment. Mainly all the computers and laptops have recent versions of python in themselves only but in case it is not present in your device then you don’t need to install it you can directly access it through the browser.

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2. Interactive

Python programming for Kids is best because it is an interactive language whereby you can actually interact with the interpreter while writing codes for your program.

3. Portable

It is the portable language as you can use this language on any other hardware program also and it will have the same interface on all the platforms.

4. Extendable

Python is an extendable language which means that we can add even low modules to its interpreter and

These modules then help the programmers and developers in customizing their tool efficiently.

5. Scalable

If you are searching python programming for kids then you must know that python programming provides you a better platform and structure for large programs.

6. Easy to maintain

Python is mainly known as it is early to learn because it has only few keywords and simple structure to learn. Likewise, it is easy to read. Thus it makes this language very easy to maintain.


If you are an absolute beginner or you want to teach your kids programming then python programming is the best language to start with. Python programming language is an open source, object oriented and highly interactive language. The need to learn python has also increased because it is an easy language and is used by many large companies like NASA, YouTube etc. So you can teach these concepts to kids as these are the basics of python programming for kids. Get the best python assignment helper and python assignment answers from the experts.

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