Python vs Matlab: Which One Is the Best Language

To differentiate between Python vs Matlab is always a major concern. The world is becoming more scientific and statistics oriented. That’s the reason scientific computing environments are getting more popular over the past decade. These environments provide more flexibility to the scientists and engineers.

Like no other programming languages in the world. These languages are offering powerful toolbox along with the simplest command languages. The most remarkable thing of these programming languages is this you can easily visualize whatever you compute on these languages. Today I am going to share with you the major difference between Python vs Matlab.

What is Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language. You can run Python on any platform. It means Python is platform-independent. Python is offering the most straightforward syntax; it means you can code easily within this programming language.

Apart from that, if someone other than work on your Python code, then they can easily read and append the code. It is the most significant language from the past decade, and you need to write a few lines of code to as compared with Java and C++ to perform any task.

Python is written in portable ANSI C. So that you compile and run the code on any operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and many more. It works similarly in all the platform. Python allows you the flexibility to code in a mixed environment.  

Python is a high-level programming language, and it is very similar to MATLAB. It provides dynamic typing and automatic memory management, as I mentioned earlier Python offering the most straightforward syntax. It means that you can easily convert your ideas into the coding language.

If you have the free license of Python, then you will get the libraries, lists, and dictionaries. It helps you to achieve unlimited goals in a well-organized way. It also works with a variety of modules that help you to start quickly with Python. 

Advantages of Python

  • Execution by the end to end development.
  • Open-source packages( Pandas, Numpy, scipy) 
  • Packages of Trading(zipline, pybacktest, pyalgotrade)
  • Most prominent language for general programming and application development
  • Can work with other languages to connect R, C++, and others (Python)
  • Fastest general-purpose language, especially in iterative loops.
  • Fastest general speed especially in iterative loops
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  • Immature trading packages
  • All packages are not compatible with each other
  • Smaller community as compared with other languages.

What is Matlab?

MATLAB is another powerful programming language in the world. It is a high-level programming language. MATLAB stands for  Matrix Laboratory. That’s why it is considered as the powerful technical language for mathematical programming.

It is offering the best mathematical and graphical packages along with various built-in tools for problem-solving. You can also develop the graphics illustrations using MATLAB. MATLAB is one of the oldest programming languages in the world. It was developed in the late 1970s by Cleve Moler.

Some experts also consider it as a successor of FORTON. In the early days of MATLAB, it was an interfacing software for easy access to Forton libraries for numerical computing without the help of FORTON.

In the year 1983, the GUI version of MATLAB was introduced by John Little, Cleve Moler, and Steve Bangert. After rewriting the MATLAB code in C in the year 1984, to the formation of MathWorks. Nowadays, MATLAB has become the standard for data analysis, numerical analysis, and graphical visualization.


  • Fastest computational and mathematical platform primarily linear matrix algebra 
  • packages for all fields of mathematics and trading at the commercial level
  • integration of all packages with a concise script
  • Most effective and stunning visualization of plots and interactive charts
  • As a commercial product, it is well tested and supported
  • It provides multi threaded support and garbage collection effectively.


  • Impossible to Can execute – for execution you must translate it into another language
  • Expensive
  • The problem of integration well with other languages.
  • It is quite hard to detect biases in trading systems. For this, extensive testing is required.
  • Iterative loops perform worse in MATLAB. 
  • Not capable of developing stand-alone applications.

Comparison Between Python vs Matlab

Language Used in Python and Matlab 

As I mentioned earlier that Python is developed in portable ANSI C. It is a general-purpose programming language. We use Python to develop various computer applications and software tools.

There is no need to worry about that Python program will run on your system or not. You can run the Python program on all the platform. Because it has the same libraries even in a mixed environment.

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MATLAB is entirely professional then Python. It is used for commercial maths, and it is considered as the best mathematics programming languages.  MATLAB is also developed in C.

It is also offering the specialized toolbox that helps you to test several tests on scientific and scientific and engineering applications. Matlab also has a more comprehensive numerical functionality as compared with Python. Because MATLAB is based on mathematics. 

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Python is full of various libraries that allow you the freedom to do more than enough with Python. Python libraries will enable you to do multiple things such as create web services, download the file, comparison of data only with the help of a few line codes.

The Python libraries are well focused on the general-purpose programming language. It also contains some modules for operating systems. That can control the operating system functionality such as threading, networking, databases, etc.

On the other hand, MATLAB doesn’t provide robust libraries. It is offering the standard library that is having the sturdy toolboxes to solve the complex and straightforward mathematics problems without any hassle. 


The reason to compare between Python vs. Minitab is the similarity between these two languages. Both of these languages are simple to use. There is no need for the declaration of variables, user-friendly GUI, and many more features are similar.

But when we talked about the developing environment, MATLAB is far away from Python. Python provides an entirely open environment and works with the integration of other external tools.

On the other hand, MATLAB is specially designed for mathematics functions. It is used for numerical analysis, graphical visualization, signal processing, etc. MATLAB is also platform-independent; it means you can run the same program on any platform. 


Indexing used in the array. Like other programming languages Python also support the 0 based indexing. It provides the flexibility to work with C, C++, and Java. In 0 based indexing the array initiate from 0, rather than 1. You can also index the array using the negative numbers. Which makes the creation of the algorithms in Python easier than ever.

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On the other hand, MATLAB support one-based indexing, which is quite helpful in vectors and matrices. But it is not familiar with other programming languages. 

Performance of Python vs Matlab

Python is far better than MATLAB in terms of performance. Python is more expressive and also readable than Matlab. For solving significant scale problems, the Python libraries become sophisticated for writing CGI scripts and utility programs. MATLAB provides more reliable graphical capabilities than Python. Because graphics relies on external packages.

Summary of Python Vs Matlab

Now you get the idea about both languages. We have gone through with the best comparison between Python vs Matlab. Both of them are high-level programming languages.

We use them for both science and engineering work. In the end, we can say that Matlab is a programming language for scientists and engineers who work in the computing environment.

On the other hand, Python is a general-purpose language to develop web and apps. It is also playing a crucial role in data science. Python is even more readable as compared with MATLAB. But when we talk about the large scale problem, then undoubtedly MALAB is more convenient than Python. 

Now it is over to you that which one works best for you between Python vs Matlab. Also, avail the best Matlab assignment help and Matlab homework help from our experts at nominal charges.

Python vs Matlab: Which One Is the Best Language
Python vs Matlab: Which One Is the Best Language
To differentiate between Python vs Matlab is always a major concern. The world is becoming more scientific and statistics oriented. That's the reason scientific computing environments are getting more popular over the past decade. These environments provide more flexibility to the scientists and engineers.
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