6 Different Examples of How Statistics and Data Software Saves Small Business Time and Money

Save Small Business Time and Money

There’s vast value to be mined from data of all types, and the most efficient way to extract it is with the right software.

Contemporary solutions and platforms can solve all sorts of small business conundrums, keeping costs to a minimum and freeing up employees to take on more pressing tasks rather than being bogged down in menial number-crunching.

Once you understand just how varied and versatile modern software services designed for data analysis can be, you’ll be able to justify adopting them. Here are just a few examples to expand your horizons and whet your appetite.

Marketing Automation

Selling your products and services to customers requires the right approach to marketing, and there’s ample data out there to determine the best strategies for your industry and your audience. The key is to use this info in the right way, which is where marketing automation tools enter the fray.

From social media-focused software to email marketing suites, from AI chatbots to platforms which can personalize ecommerce experiences based on past purchasing history, there’s lots to uncover in this arena.

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Payroll & Taxes

Whether you write your own tax calculator program or use an established software service to do the heavy lifting, it has never been easier to handle your payroll obligations as a small business owner than it is today.

It’s not just filing returns and keeping up with salary payments which is simpler, but also the recording and oversight of expenses and other important aspects of your finances which becomes quicker and easier thanks to the latest and greatest tools.

Delivery Route Planners

Any business that delivers goods to customers and clients deserves to harness the benefits of software like the Circuit Route Planner.

As well as analyzing historical data on things like traffic to provide recommendations for the most fuel and time-efficient routes to take, cutting edge services in this sphere can use up to the minute information to reroute delivery drivers according to changing road conditions.

This means you don’t need to spend hours manually plotting out routes, or keeping fleets of vehicles on time. Automation rides to the rescue once more, with data pulled in from all sorts of sources to orchestrate a seamless experience for the end user.

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Small business have to know exactly where every penny is being spent to avoid waste, and data holds the answer.

There are platforms aplenty in this niche, many of which tie in with the aforementioned payroll software and accounting tools.

Decision-makers are empowered by statistics, because they are able to make choices that are founded on solid evidence, not wishful thinking.


For a small business to thrive, it needs a website that is well-optimized, allowing it to appear on search results pages above its rivals. As an example, in the saturated world of the healthcare industry, it is best to take advantage of marketing, especially for starters. There are guides to follow for a better understanding of the strategies, check them out here.

Web traffic analytics platforms can do much more than keep tabs on the number of visitors you’re receiving. It’s a breeze to see where they’ve come from, how they are using the site, how long they hang around, what parts of each page draw their attention, and what causes them to leave.

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If you’re at all concerned about SEO, and other important elements like conversion rates, there’s a whole host of packages out there that let you drill down into all sorts of data points and pull out meaningful insights, in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do the same by hand.

Employee Performance

It’s useful to know how team members are faring, and we’re not just talking about top level performance stats like sales.

Today’s analytics tools can take a deeper dive into what makes each employee tick, allowing you to get a bigger picture of their performance over time, and provide better support to them so that they can live up to their potential, rather than being held back by issues you couldn’t otherwise interpret.

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for ways to save time and money in your small business, statistics and data software will blow you away. Of course you need to choose the right solutions and use them in the right way, from which point on you’ll be untethered.

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