Why Data Science Is Such A Popular Career Field

Why Data Science Is Such A Popular Career Field

Data science is a popular field today as a simple function of supply and demand. Twenty years ago, the field barely existed because technology and the way humans and devices in the world connected to each other simply did not exist. When network computing, smartphones, and the world wide web were innovated, it was almost an overnight success. As such, the demand for data scientists occurred seemingly overnight. Methods of turning computer scientists into data scientists took much longer.

Today, that gap between the demand and supply of data scientists is still very present, with the need for data scientists at an all-time high. Salary expectations are in line with this demand, with new data scientists being able to make nearly six figures in the first year. Training opportunities have exploded as well, with the ever-changing landscape of technology blazing trails for the data scientists of tomorrow. 

Learn more about why this is such a popular career choice today, and how you can get started in it.

Experience Job Growth and Satisfaction in Data Science

Data science is a field for computer geeks and nerds, and it offers an incredible amount of job satisfaction. Today’s world offers so many more tools to perform the job effectively, and with that comes more opportunity.

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The field today is growing annually, and is expected to grow by 22 percent between 2020 and 2030. A quick perusal of the job boards would confirm this. The jobs are there, and there are many jobs there to consider. These are jobs that provide job satisfaction, with starting salaries that are amenable to today’s needs. However, these jobs also offer upward mobility. Starting salaries for data scientists are considerable, and with the right company, an employee can be very happy. The everyday work of the data scientist is also very rewarding, yielding an incredible amount of job satisfaction.

Form the Biggest Decisions in the World in Data Science

A key reason data science is such a successful field today is in its demand. The world needs data scientists to be informed. This need is driving the demand, but it is also driving the choice of data science as a popular career field. Every organization in the world generates data daily, and data scientists need to know how to use that information effectively.

This data is used to form consumer decisions, inform both public sector and private sector change, and drive behavior that shapes the economy and social impacts on the world. Data is important today. Scientists that understand how to inform accurately on this are among the most important jobs and skill sets in the world.

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Earn Well in Data Science

A key reason most people go into certain professions is the salary and compensation that the field offers to new candidates. Due to the demand and expertise needed in this field, the starting salaries here are significant. In the United States, starting salaries begin around $95 thousand, and average at $110 thousand annually.

It is estimated that today’s data scientists can see salary growth of $2 to 2.5 thousand annually for every year that they work in the industry. The salaries and compensation for data scientists are key drivers for today’s applicants. For every dollar invested in learning this career, there is a significant payoff.

Learn Data Science Easily

Twenty years ago, when the world of computing was just about a few computers in the office, a dial-up connection, and an IT department that was learning as the company was, data science could not exist. The programming language of yesterday was not what it is today, and everyday items used in networking today weren’t around. With every update on software applications or hardware devices, the world changes a little bit. Yesterday, that made learning data science very difficult. Today, it makes learning data science easy for the skilled candidate.

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Today’s techie can learn data science from books, online courses, white papers, conferences, and many other opportunities where the field is taught. The best data science courses will help the potential candidate tap into their pre-established passion in the field, and customize their learning towards their own unique goals. 

Learning data science has never been easier for the motivated candidate that can learn these skills, and wants to. Interested candidates need only spend time researching the field and the job boards to determine what companies are looking for today. The learning opportunities are there once those requirements are determined.

Become a Data Scientist

There are many reasons why data science is such a popular career choice today, and is often cited as the most popular tech field to enter. 

This is a field with a high starting salary, a high demand for talent, and an easy entry point for motivated candidates. 

When you add the rewarding nature of this field into the equation, it is an incredible opportunity to consider. 

Become a data scientist today, and see the difference for yourself. You become part of the solution as a data scientist, and that is perhaps the greatest reason of all to become one.