Top 8 Software Security Research Topics in 2023

Software Security Research Topics

In this post, we mentioned the top 8 software security research topics that you can try in 2022. Software security research is as important as software development. In the past few years, cyber security is becoming an essential part of the software field. Finding and fixing vulnerabilities in the software is not as easy as finding an online one. Software security is itself a costly process along with development. Companies and Organizations tend to hire freelancers for the security of the software. Taking the security of software lightly and easily can be very impactful. A single vulnerability can deplete the whole software.

Due to this reason, many colleges or organizations focus on software security. Thus, they give the task of creating research on the same. If you too are asked to build research papers on software security then this post is for you. You will get Software security research topics in this post.

Top 8 Software Security Research Topics in 2022

Below are the top 8 software security research topics that you can try in 2022:

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1. Moderator Factors of Software Security and Performance Verification

The aim of this research paper is to identify the moderator factors that are influencing information verification and security. These factors are really the key points when it comes to software security. You can classify and categorize these moderator factors. These factors tend to support each other. The purpose of this research could be for supporting these moderator factors. How do these affect and prevent the systems for security? Many software organizations do not pay much attention to these moderator factors.

2. Open Chance and Risk Management Process Supported by a Software Tool for Improving Urban Security

The software development life cycle includes a lot of risk management and detection. This can reduce the risk in almost every phase of development. There are certain tools that can be used to prevent the software from exploiting. This research can be focused on the tools and methodologies. Fundamental requirements and usage for risk management and tools. There is a proper cycle of risk management. Which includes risk identification and analyzing the risk level. Establishing the context, and treating the risk. You can include how to treat the risks.

3. Measuring and modeling software vulnerability security advisory platforms

The aim of this research is the resulting time series. To collect information about the events associated with the software vulnerabilities. You can project the flow of information across many platforms through security advisories in the form of a model. There are queues that delay information propagation. These delays can impact the visibility of information.

4. Software-defined network (SDN) architecture and security considerations for 5G communications

The 5G communication technology has become a standard communication technology. The research will be about 5G network management frameworks. The question that arises is why there should be a software-defined network. That will be the beginning of the research paper. The antennas used by the 5G networks are controlled by a few hardware technologies. This completes the hardware implementations, thus there is a need for software. Since the software will be used security should not be ignored in any situation. This can be a fascinating topic for research.

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5. A security pattern detection framework for building more secure software

You can present the importance of security patterns. Improper and inconsistent patterns can produce vulnerabilities. Thus, improving the patterns can make the software more secure and trustworthy. Proper analysis and pattern matching are required to produce stable and safe software. The only issue here is that there is no benchmark available for evaluation. So evaluating the software based on the pattern can be a challenging task.

6. Detection and Prevention from DDoS Attack Using Software-Defined Security

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. DDoS attacks are getting quite popular and frequent these days. In this, an attacker attempts to disrupt or overwhelm the infrastructure of a server by overflowing the traffic. This results in the crashing of the site or even making the site crawl slowly. There are many tools and methods to prevent these attacks. Software-defined security is a new method for prevention.

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7. Finding Software Bugs in Embedded Devices

The agenda of this topic is to find the bugs in the embedded devices. Embedded devices are more prone to software bugs as compared to any other software. Since their execution is often associated with the hardware and peripherals, their defense mechanism is very weak. They are opaque which makes the analysis part very difficult. You can include all the challenges we face while finding the bugs.

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8. Information Security in Software-Defined Network

Software-Defined Network(SDN) is very beneficial for security purposes. It can provide centralized control and automation. Scalability is another important factor in SDN. Building a research project on this topic can bring out the real benefit of Information security. You can learn how to implement it.


This is the end of this post which is about software security research topics that you can try in 2022. Security of software has become a very important part. Researching this can make it easy to prevent software breaches. Above mentioned are a few software security research topics. You can choose anyone you wish to build a research project on. There are many more topics apart from the ones mentioned above. You can choose a topic based on your comfort and understanding.

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