The Best And Trending Business Essay Topics For the Students in 2023


As businesses are accelerating rapidly day by day, it is obvious for business

school students to get business essay topics for writing. It could be about finance, marketing, and management. But the problem is to have the best topic for writing.

There are various business topics; definitely, you will get confused about which topic you should choose. 

Are you one of them who feels at sea while choosing a topic for the business essay?

Don’t worry about that when we are here to assist you.

This blog will give you the trending business essay topics for your effective writing. Apart from this, we also provide you with the best tips you should follow to write an impressive paper.

Tips for selecting the best topic for a Business essay

Your essay should involve comprehensive information and an eye-catching hook to grasp the reader’s attention and compel the reader to read the entire essay with excitement. Moreover, in any type of essay, the writing process consists of the concerns of topic selection, research, notes collection, outlining, and others. Numerous topics are there to select from the business field. 

So to search for a proper topic, you should know numerous business fields. Be patient while choosing your case, research the selection and keep in mind the assignment’s goal, instructions, and guidelines by the teachers or professor.

Here we are sharing some tips to help you in selecting the best topic for the essay paper.

  • Try to choose an argumentative topic that can run well with your thesis statement.
  • When you are writing your essay, describe your research to find information on your question.
  •  To prove your research, explore the business websites regarding their development and growth and make them relevant.
  • You can consider the topics from finance, marketing, management and expound on their tactics/strategies.
  • If you want to write about the reasons for business failure, also give solutions and suggestions regarding the hurdles.
  • You can talk about a renowned business and share their success stories.
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Topics for business law

If you have in-depth knowledge of the business law field, you can choose any topic related to this area. Take a look at some effective issues to cover in your business essay.

  • What are the methods of treatment for accidents in the workplace?
  • What could be the measures to mitigate Racial discrimination and gender insensitivity?
  • How is it good or bad to exclude from antitrust legislation?
  • How age discrimination impacts the workplace?
  • Why are maternity leaves important in all the countries?
  • Why do companies demand signing contracts before joining?
  • What are the reasons behind sexual harassment and the ways to curb it?
  • What are charters and copyrights, and how they safeguard the organizations.
  • Expound the terms of product liabilities and legal methods/approaches.
  • What do you think about paternity leaves? Give your point of view.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Affirmative action?
  • Expound the terms of product liabilities and legal methods/approaches.
  • Do some companies hide information from their customers? Is it legal or illegal?
  • Mention the reasons why they do so.
  • List out legal issues that curse the business.
  • What are litigation Procedures, and can companies deny them?
  • What are the ways to detect bankruptcy?

Topics for business management

Business management plays a vital role in any organization. You can choose a topic from business management concepts that will help you to achieve your goal. Select a topic from the following-

  • What do you think about modernization management?
  • What are the techniques to calculate the performance of employees?
  • How to empower employees?
  • What are the criteria to get promotions?
  • What are the pros and cons of unprepared business downgrading?
  • List out sexual harassment protection policies in the workplace?
  • What are the leadership and headship skills, what are the differences?
  • What do you mean by modification and change supervision?
  • Should companies offer equal opportunities policies for all employees?
  • Why is it essential to foster a positive environment in workplaces?
  • Why do some companies apply codes of dress to their employees?

Topics for business ethics-

It is another exciting area for business essay topics.

These topics are related to the ethical issues in organizations and will help you write a unique essay. You can choose a correct topic from the below list-

  • Does nepotism affect the business? Discuss
  • Is discrimination detrimental to performance and productivity?
  • How can businesses play a role in curbing environmental pollution?
  • Is it okay for businesses to deny the adverse impacts of cigarette smoking for their profit?
  • Do word-of-mouth agreements exist in the business world?
  • Is it logical to pay an employee as per the marital or family status?
  • Is it legal to consider religious, political, and cultural circumstances in a business?
  • In any corporation, what ethical issues can take place?
  • How to handle labor abuse?
  • What is the importance of advertising in any business?
  • Is it legal to add hidden charges by service providers?
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Argumentative business essay topics

In an argumentative essay, you need proper research. In addition, you can gather details from interviews, surveys, observations, etc. If you want to conduct a complete investigation, it is mandatory to know about the topic and other aspects. Moreover, if you know all perspectives deeply, it will assist you in describing a statement and support it with the help of evidence.

Also Read

Here are some argumentative essay topics

  • What are the benefits or losses of merging for a business?
  • Is leadership a skill to learn, or is it innate?
  • How is it beneficial for businesses to utilize the labor market?
  • Does a handsome pay scale is essential rather than other incentives to motivate the employees?
  • How innovation differentiates the leader and followers?
  • What will happen if a company is facing a financial problem or on the verge of insolvency?
  • Are social media platforms helpful to boost the company’s performance?
  • How is labor turnover an effective way to enhance the loyalty of labor?
  • How brainstorming plays a key role in improving the efficiency of a company?
  • What is the reason that virtual companies are earning more profit these days?
  • Is it ideal for providing a good working environment rather than a high salary?

Persuasive Essay Topics

If you intend to write a persuasive essay, you need to choose a suitable or relevant topic and present your perspective regarding it. In addition, you have to offer evidence to prove your opinion. This is a persuasive essay, so your main focus is to persuade the audience and compel them to agree with you. If you want to write a best persuasive essay on business, then consider one of these topics-

  • Do you think the dress code for the employees is an unnecessary burden on them?
  • Huge companies should not target the smaller areas. Give your opinion.
  • Do you agree the reason behind the failure of a business is poor leadership?
  • Any organization should not promote smoking in the workplace.
  • In the recruitment process, the managers should avoid the smoker.
  • Inventive employees should get a reward because of the risks they are involved in.
  • The work environment is responsible for the quality and productivity of the organization.
  • Social networking is a must-have platform for business endeavors.
  • Rather than imitating the strategies of other companies, a company should have innovative ideas.
  • One of the best ways to improve the productivity of any organization is through team-building initiatives.
  • A robust educational background(degree) does not ensure a fortunate business.
  • All businesses should accept the green principles.
  • Virtual businesses are more profitable than traditional ones in the future.
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Additional tips for writing a business essay

Include proper heading with subheadings

Always remember the title should be eye-catching in order to grab the attention of the reader. You are lucky if you have a list of topics to choose the best one. furthermore, use various terminologies regarding your essay. Heading and subheading will help you for the clarification of the reader.

Make a fascinating Introduction

Your first paragraphs should be appealing. You have to describe the primary factors of your topic. Give background information, the significance of the topic. Keep in mind the first impression is the last impression. By making an exciting introduction, you can captivate the reader.

Present the evidence in your support

You have to provide evidence to support your main idea. Give appropriate reference to the reader and serve them reliable and credible content. You can use studies, surveys, experiments, discoveries as your evidence.

Answer the Question

You have to be focused on the goal of your essay. Try to give relevant descriptions to the reader. It is advisable not to use irrelevant data. Concentrate on what you have to answer.


In conclusion, it is obviously confusing to choose the best topic from the list of hundreds of business essay topics. To overcome your confusion, we have prepared a list of various issues regarding the business essay. If you are interested in any specific area, you can choose the topic concerning that area to boost your writing. 

I hope the above list of topics in this blog is helpful to get out of confusion. We also offer some additional points to assist you in your writing process. Get the best MBA essay help from the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to add in a business essay example?

Print a copy of your first draught and go over it thoroughly. Make use of a checklist to identify any grammatical and stylistic errors, weak arguments, or areas for improvement. The following questions could be included on a sample checklist:
Have you responded to the essay question?
Is the information correct and up to date?
Have you used arguments and examples to back up your main points?
Have you cited all of your sources?
Is the language precise and clear?
Are the spelling and punctuation correct?

What are the two types of business essays?

Examine the essay prompt.
In general, there are two kinds of essays you might encounter in business classes. To begin, you may be asked to write an essay on a business or situation, also known as a case study. Second, as an alternative, you may be required to write a discussion essay.

What is the format of a business essay example? 

Making an outline plan for your essay will help you organize your main arguments and ideas so that they appear in a logical sequence when you write the essay. Make a list of the key points for your introduction, main body, and conclusion. This process will also help you generate ideas and digest and analyze the information you’ve gathered.

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