How to Write a Research Paper- A guide From Professionals


If you are a student who is studying in any college and university, then you need to write down a research paper during your masters and Ph.D. level. Writing a research paper can be an uphill task for most of the students; therefore, they start seeking out any online help on a research paper. And that is why we are here to help you we can help you out with your “how to write a research paper” query by providing the structural format for it. So, that you can get to know the best format and way of writing a research paper.  

Here are the steps which you need to follow to write a good research paper, as well as a checklist for you. So that you do not forget any of the steps while writing a research paper. Writing a research paper can be a challenge for you, but as practice makes a man perfect, in a similar way, you need to practice writing a research paper,  as it is a crucial part of your academics.

Here are a few steps on how to write a research paper

The following step will aid you to write a good research paper, so let’s start with nothing, and finalized it with a well-structured research paper. So these steps are:

  • 1: Get familiar with the research paper.
  • 2: Select a topic for the research paper.
  • 3: Carry out the research.
  • 4: Systemize research.
  • 5: Design a thesis for it.
  • 6: Generate an outline.
  • 7: Write a research paper.
  • 8: Edit the data of the paper.
  • 9: Check the grammatical mistakes of your paper.
  • 10: Proofreading and submit it.

Get familiar with the research paper

It is a crucial part of the research paper writing, as you have to understand what your professors are expecting from you. Several students do not give importance to this step, but this can be a cause of low grades in your assignments. Spend enough time on your assignments. Look and understand every point that is provided by your tutors. Check out all the information that you have received from your tutors. If you find any difficulty, then clarify it from your tutors before selecting any topic so that you can enjoy the research and its writing.

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Select a topic for the research paper

When you understand what your tutors ask you to write, then it’s time to determine the topic of your writings, now you can select a topic which is of your interest so that you can enjoy the process of research. There are some cases where you have to select a controversial topic so that you can show your abilities differently. Always use the instructions provided by your tutor to select a topic for your research paper. 

The research writing paper can be used as an opportunity to learn something new. So that you can be an expert on that particular topic until the end of the research, but there is no need to know each and everything right now.

Carry out the research

There are three things that you have to keep in mind while carrying out the research, that are: 


There is no need to read out full written paper, and you can not do that too. Just read comfortably the key points and the arguments that you want to include in your research paper.

Search out the reliable sources

Gather all the resources that can help you out in your research paper. Find the keywords and then search them on the internet and gather all the relevant information related to your topic. You can ask your tutors to help you out with your research paper writings and with the process of the research paper.  

Don’t ignore the relevant information

You can find several resources that can help you out with the research key facts and figures, therefore, try to get all the information that you can gather from the different sources. 

Outline the research paper

Creating an outline means structuring your paper, and this can be the initial step on how to write a research paper. Try to mention all the examples, requirements, or guidelines related to your research paper in your outline process. This can help you to plan the writing of your research paper. If you are planning to write four to five paragraphs in your research, then make sure that the selected format must be making sense. 

While creating an outline, think critically on the topic that you want to explain in your research paper, and the format of your writings then organized them in a well-structured form. Start with the powerful introduction, then the body part, and finally, the conclusion part. When you outline the structure of your paper tries to avoid bad argumentation in your paper. Take your time for outlining the process and content of the research paper so that it helps you to gain good grades in your academics.

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Format of writing a research paper

The research paper consists of the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Let’s discuss format in detail:

The introduction

This is the right place where you can write down the background of your data and the details of the rest of the article. Always try to draft a strong opening statement so that it can engage the readers. As it is an academic research paper, it does not mean that you have to write something boring and dried content.

Explain the objective of your paper and how you should organize to approach that particular topic. You have to keep in mind that you must include a thesis statement in the introduction part along with the answer of three important questions:

  • What is the topic of this research paper?
  • Why am I going through it?
  • How does this article proceed to the next paragraph?

You can answer these questions by the following method

Set the text

Offer the general idea about the main topic, detailed the situation so that the readers have the idea of your topic and the claims that you are making and support.

Describe why this topic is crucial

Explain to the reader why they must care about this topic and continue their reading. Your main objective is to generate compelling and convincing writing so that the readers continue their reading and can act upon it.

State the thesis statement

Draft a sentence to support with logos, a balanced emotional appeal, and author credibility.

Initial a map of your topic

The reader of your research paper must know the pattern of your writing. Therefore your introduction must contain a map of what is going to be discussed in upcoming paragraphs.

The body

The most challenging part of a research paper is that several writers do not know the exact way of organizing the data in your paper; therefore it becomes necessary to outline the research paper. Keep in mind that outlining the text is just a guideline; it can be flexible as per your writings. 

There is a way to keep the pace of the article and that is by using the thesis statement and topic sentence. Always check the similarities and logical order of your thesis statement and topic sentence. Avoid to get ruled by the source of your research paper, use them for a resource with the relevant data for your writing.

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After structuring the initial paragraph, writing the other paragraphs into topic sentences and read them out in a single time. Avoid the repetition in a single paragraph as it seems to be boring. If two paragraphs are describing the same element, then they should be mentioned in different ways. Check the rhythm of the writing while proceeding from one paragraph to another.

The conclusion

The conclusion is that it helps the reader about the arguments of the paper by providing them with a sense of finality. Follow the subject of the paper, summarize how the article’s claim proves your thesis statement. Provide the research paper a sense of definiteness with supporting the claims of the introduction. Try to summarize the key points of your research paper’s introduction. 

You may discuss the general results of the claims, outline what this paper provides to the future students and try to suggest some questions that can be raised from your research paper arguments but do not try to answer them. 

Try to avoid

  • Provide new arguments or information.
  • More space than the required.
  • Beginning with the phrases that represent you are finishing your writing.

Edit, proofreading and submit

When you finally draft the research paper, there is a need to check the paper so that you can check all the grammar mistakes and other mistakes like punctuation, the format of the writing, the writing style, and much more.

After this, you have taken the proofreading from 2-3 times so that you can check out that you have mentioned all the information related to your topic or not. In the end, you have to find out that your research paper is able to answer all the questions that can arise in the head of the reader or not. Therefore it is mandatory to check this point. If this is not so, then try to mention all the answers in your research paper.

Finally, when you are satisfied with your research paper, then you can submit it to the tutor who assigns it to you. 


As we have discussed all the key points on how to write a research paper, this may help you out. But if you still find any difficulty regarding the research paper writing, then you can avail our services on how to write a research paper. We will provide you the relevant information at an affordable price within the deadlines. Our customer support executive is available to you for 24*7. We are offering the best research paper help to the students. If you are looking for the best research paper writing service. Then we are here to provide you the best help with research papers.

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