How to Write In Different Types of Business Essay Format


Writing an essay in business essay format might sound stressful but it will not once you know the proper format, content, and subject. The format is very important because it helps in presenting the content properly. And makes the essay stand out. There are other things after format that matter when you’re trying to write the best essay possible.

One such thing to always remember while writing a business essay is to always provide relevant references supporting your argument. Before diving directly into the format, here are a few tips that you can use to make your essay look like an excellent piece of work. 


Having an outline before you start writing can help you improve the essay a lot more than you think. Outlining helps you jot down the points that you are required to work on while writing. Often having complete knowledge about the subject matter is not enough, because you should also be prepared for how you’re going to present it. Presentation is the key to make any piece of writing strong and clear. And outlining helps in sorting the abundance of information about the topic in a presentable manner. Therefore one should always consider drawing an outline first.

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Answer the Questions

Read and understand the question that has been asked. Examine keywords like “what”, “why”, “when”, “describe”, “explain” and so on. And while writing, you answer them all and make sure the essay does justice to the question. Answer everything that has been asked and is needed.

Basically, there are two types of business essay format. One is called a case study and another is a discussion-type essay. Both of the two types had been discussed briefly for better understanding. From the format and the matter that you can write in it, everything is included.

Formats for Two Different types of Business Essay

For Case Study

Usually, business essay formats have two types. One of the types is called “case-study”. Where you’re given a particular topic or situation to talk about. In this kind of business essay, the main focus should be on the problem that is present in the given case. And in the essay, students are expected to solve and answer the problem. The main context in this type of format should be about solving the problem. 


In the first paragraph write down a little bit about the matter that is to be discussed. Discuss everything that you’ve understood about the given situation. Along with the introduction, you can also give a hint of how you’re going to address the given matter. And you can also add a definition of the business terms for better understanding. 

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This business essay format must include the background of the situation(case study). 

Main Argument

In this part, include everything that you’ve researched and is necessary according to the subject matter. Add all the points that collectively support the argument with all the logical reasoning. And also discuss a counterargument and give your personal opinion on it, so that you don’t leave out anything.


When you’re concluding the essay. You should conclude it by saying the final decision made with the support of logical reasoning. This part should consist of everything that is discussed in the essay above but should be simple and short on words. Arguments should preferably be avoided here. This paragraph is for results, opportunities, and any recommendations. 

Also Read

For Discussion Type

In this second type, you will be most probably given a topic to discuss. Where the particular incident may have been given and you might be asked to elaborate it. You might also be asked the impacts or causes of that incident. In this type of format, you are supposed to be jotting down all the key points and counter arguments relating to the topic. And also explaining them in a manner that supports the answer that has been asked. This business essay format doesn’t include problems but situations. So the essay requires deep information and valid arguments.

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In the first paragraph, you just have to introduce the topic so that the reader has a rough idea about what this essay is further written about. Outline what you have understood about the topic and write it down. Don’t add everything to it because that is to be discussed later.

Main Body

This paragraph is where you will write everything that you have collected about the topic. A brief piece of information is preferable. Also, make sure that your information is aligning with that of the author’s. And don’t miss out on anything, including everything that you’ve collected.


In this part, you will slightly close the whole discussion with the final results. That is supported by logical reasoning and also supports what is said by the author. None of the arguments should be included in this paragraph as that has been done and the essay should be ended with a result or conclusion. 

Check it Before Submission

Before submission, make sure you cross-check it once for grammatical errors, mistakes and if anything is missing out. Eliminate every unnecessary argument and ensure if the essay is in a smooth direction. And if the essay’s question is answered? if the main argument is supported by logical reasoning? if the essay lacks accuracy? fix it. If the language is clear enough?

Check spelling and punctuation. And give examples to make it easier to understand. The essay should be strong and well-informed. The business essay formats discussed above will surely help you sort your words and information. If you still finding it challenging then hire our business essay writer to help you.

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