Top Causes of Academic Failure Among Students

Causes of Academic Failure

Today I am going to explain the top causes of academic failure among students.

Academics in education is all about studying and reasoning.

It involves the work done in schools, colleges, and universities.

Your success in academics depends on how much practical knowledge you have.

Parents always have expectations of their children.

That’s why the students face additional pressure to perform well in academics.

Academics still play a crucial role in the success of the students.

According to the research, students who have high-level education with high grades always have a better chance of employment.

Furthermore, they always have a chance to get a high pay scale, than undergraduate students.

Nowadays, the way education is changed. These days the students do not memorize the concept of their syllabus.

Students understand the new technologies and increase their knowledge to be in the competition and be ready for the future.

In this way, students with high academic grades always have lots of options to choose their carrier.

They are understanding the new technologies and increasing their knowledge to be the competition and be ready for the future.

But scoring high grades in academics is not that easy for the students as I mentioned above that the students have added the pressure on their parents’ expectations.

There are also a lot more options that are the reasons behind the academic failure of the students.

Did you know that most of the students put enough effort along with taking enough time to prepare for the exams but don’t get the desired results?

Let’s find out the Top Causes of Academic Failure Among Students.

These reasons also answer the question, why do students fail in university? 

What Is Academic Failure?

  • Academic failure refers to a student’s inability to meet the academic standards set by their educational institution or course.
  • It can manifest in different ways, including poor grades, low test scores, failing classes, or dropping out of school.
  • Academic failure can be caused by various factors, such as learning disabilities, lack of motivation or engagement, poor study habits, or external stressors.
  • It can have long-term consequences for a student’s academic and professional prospects, including limited career options, reduced earning potential, and decreased self-esteem.
  • Academic failure can be prevented through early intervention and support, such as tutoring, academic counseling, or specialized learning programs.
  • It’s important to remember that academic failure is not a reflection of a student’s worth or intelligence and that everyone has the potential to learn and succeed with the right resources and support.

Top Causes of Academic Failure Among Students

1. Internal Organizational Factors

Do schooling factors matter for academic failure?

Of course, Yes!!!


Internal organizational factors are playing a crucial role in the academic success of the students. Quality of education does not depend on a single entity, i.e. the students or the teachers.

It is the collective effort of the students, teachers, management staff, and also the education ministry of the country. All their joint efforts can help to get the desired quality education for the students.

The school should provide basic as well as advanced facilities to the students to fulfill their academic needs. Let’s discuss the internal organization factors:-

a) Way Of Teaching

Way of teaching the enormous cause behind the academic failure of the students. We know that every school, college, and the university has its unique way of teaching.

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But only having a unique style of teaching is not enough. It should be sufficient for the students so that the students can grab the knowledge quickly.

b) Characteristics Of Teacher

The teacher is a significant aspect of every student’s life. Without having an excellent teacher, the students can’t get high marks in their academics.

Every student expects their teacher to solve all their queries effectively to expand their knowledge.

They are playing their part in academics by providing relevant information about the topic to the students. They also provide values and perspectives to the students. 

c) Educational Writing Support To The Students

Today the teachers have larger classrooms as compared with the past years. It is nearly impossible for the teacher to pay attention to every student.

And to provide them with full support while teaching in the classroom. In most cases, the schools don’t hire enough teaching staff.

Therefore the shortage of teaching staff ruins the entire quality of education. Hiring more professional teachers for providing quality education to the students is the best solution.

It was evident that sometimes, the teacher is not able to cover the entire topic within one hour. Therefore they don’t have enough time to clear the student’s doubts. 

d) Library Facility

It’s one of the crucial causes of academic failure among students. The majority of schools and colleges don’t provide a well-structured library. They also don’t provide the necessary books to the students.

We know that the majority of students like self-study to prepare for the examinations. For this, they need books from the library. But if the library is out of books then what the students can do?

2. Individual Factors

The majority of students think that going to going to the classroom to attend the lecture. And staying in the library for hours and hours is enough to score high grades in examinations.

Do you think the same? 

If yes!! Then you are not correct.

To score high grades in exams, the students need to concentrate on their studies.

For this, the students need to invest plenty of time to put their minds to studying and stay away from distractions. The students need to have full concentration to score high grades in the examinations.

Here are a few more individual factors that affect the causes behind the academic failure of the students.

a) Having A Goal

The students have to set goals for their academics. In most cases, the students don’t set the goal for their academics. Therefore they don’t get the right direction towards getting high grades in their exams. It is the major cause of academic failure. 

b) Inspiration

Inspiration is the only thing that motivates you to do something. Most of the students don’t get the desired results in academics due to a lack of motivation. The students need to keep inspiring themselves to score high grades in their exams. Inspiration is one of the crucial causes of academic failure.

c) Regularity in Class

Regularity in class is one of the major factors behind the performance of the students in academics. Therefore the students need to present in the classroom regularly to score high grades in academics. 

d) Laziness

Students are becoming lazy with every passing year. That’s why the students are getting failure in their academics. The students need to give enough time to their studies.

It will help them to score high grades in their examinations. Laziness should be avoided by the students to minimize the causes of academic failure.

e) Dependency

I have seen that in most cases, the students depend on others to decide for them. They are required to have unwanted guidance to tell them what they need. The students depend on someone else to do it for them.

3. External Organizational Factors

Most of the students don’t put the focus on these factors. But do you know that external factors also play crucial causes in academic failure among students?

Some of the students don’t have a high socioeconomic status. Therefore they don’t have access to the proper study environment for their children at home.

In this way, the students don’t have enough resources to get academic achievement. Let’s move on to external factors:-

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a) The Level Of Parental Education

Most of the parents are not well educated. Therefore they are not able to help their children in their academics. The education standard of the parents is always a significant barrier to the student’s performance.

The studies have also shown that the level of parental education plays a significant role in the success of the students.

Highly educated parents provide a suitable environment for children to study. In this way, the students get motivated to have higher education for a better future.

b) Parental Behavior

The parents have to keep their behavior soft for their children. They need not put more pressure on the students to score high grades in the exams. The parents should guide the students to do proper preparation for their exams. 

c) The Social Status Of The Family

The social status of the family is also considered one of the causes of academic failure. The social status of the family consists of the two critical things, i.e. the education as well as the income of the family.

Poor economics family is one of the significant facts behind the low grades. But if the family is unfortunate, but their social status is average, then the students can get higher grades in their examinations. Because it helps the students to meet their basic needs. 

According to the study held by the University of Medical Science (Isfahan) in 2009 by 285 students, the most common facts that cause the academic failure of students are: 
Family-Related Factor: 81.5% of the students mentioned a lack of a free environment.
Learner Related Factor: Out of 285 students, more than 90% think that a lack of motivation is the biggest factor in academic failure. 
Instruction Factor: More than 80% of the students reported a lack of professional teachers for teaching educational courses. 
Socioeconomic Factor: 76.4% of the students stated a lack of promising employment. 
These are some of the facts that affect students’ academic results.

Additional factors: What are the main causes of academic failure among high school students?

Fear of failure

It has been seen that students are always depressed as they always think that whether they clear their exams or not. 

Each student has their own capability to learn things. That is why they put a lot of effort on their end to clear their exam. 

But because of the fear, they are unable to perform well in their exams. This leads to academic failure.

Tips to overcome the fear of failure: 

  • Re-define success. 
  • Boost your self-esteem. 
  • Give yourself permission to fail. 
  • Plan to fail. 
  • Break Your Project into Smaller Tasks. 
  • Change What’s Not Working.


It is the action of delaying something. Various students can’t focus on their work. Even they are kept on delaying doing their study. 

This laziness makes them unable to complete their homework or assignment. That leads to an unclear concept about the subject topics. 

Therefore it is necessary that students must be devoted to their studies. This helps them in clearing their concepts as well as enhancing their knowledge about the subject matter.

Tips to get rid of procrastination:

  • Create a To-Do list with specific deadlines. 
  • Break bigger projects into manageable chunks.
  • Set aside time and space for work.
  • Remove distractions. 
  • Tackle the hard stuff first. 
  • Do one thing at a time. 
  • Reward yourself with breaks.

Lack of time management skills

“Time waits for none” – this is a well-known fact to all. Therefore, it is always necessary to manage your time. But some students do not have enough idea regarding how to manage their time for study. 

Sometimes, students prepare their study schedules, but they are unable to proceed as per their schedule. 

The students also face this problem at the time of exams. Therefore, a lack of time management skills can lead to academic failure.

Tips to Improve Your Time Management Skill: 

  • Schedule your tasks and deadlines,
  • Start your tasks early.
  • Give yourself a break.
  • Prioritize your tasks.

Negative thoughts

Thinking about the negative things is already in human nature. But sometimes, it overpowers the human brain and thoughts. As a result, humans are unable to make correct decisions.

Moreover, students get depressed which affects their academic life. Therefore, students do not let themself remain around the negative thoughts.

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Tips to get rid of negative thoughts:

  • Speak back.
  • Set a time limit. 
  • Change your environment.
  • Change your surrounding friends’ circle

Lack of confidence

To get success in academic life and studies, confidence is one of the major factors. Here, confidence means that students have a positive attitude towards their studies and other things. He/she has enough knowledge to tackle a problem. 

But sometimes, because of peer pressure and other factors, students are unable to develop a positive attitude. 

This leads to a lack of confidence. Because of this, students think that they can not solve their study queries or do not have enough potential to solve the question. Because of this, they do not answer the query which results in academic failure.

Tips for building confidence: 

  • Monitor your progress.
  • Do the right thing.
  • Exercise
  • Stand Up For Yourself.

Bonus point: What is the main cause of Academic Failure among high school students?

Academic recovery for high school students is more difficult: Graduation requirements vary from school to school or state to state, but all will require a certain number of points to earn a high school diploma.

Our official record starts in the US’s 9th grade (class). This means academic recovery following failure is more difficult for high school students. Not only do students need to understand the educational content for the year, but they will also need to find a way to earn the credits that they missed.

Because elementary and middle school classes do not go on a student’s final record, recovery from a failure in these grades is less difficult. 

How to deal with academic failure?

Give enough time to grave your disappointment

Time wounds all heels!!! Yes, it is true…

As time pass, you will find that your mind will become habitual of the situation. In this case, you can easily forget your failures. 

But it is always necessary that you must learn something from your failure. So, make a note that you find the main cause of failure and try to work on it.

This will help you make the changes to not repeat the same mistake in the upcoming exams or tests.

Do not rush to try new things

I didn’t try this!!! That might be the reason for my academic failure!!!

This is the common thought when the students see their classmate doing any new thing. But students must remember that they have already put a lot of effort and energy into their previous work. 

That is why it is better to review your schedule. There is the possibility that you have made a minor mistake or you are much closer to success.

Therefore, do not rush to new things by seeing your classmates. First, observe and then proceed. 

Get comfortable with your family and friends

My family and friend will hate me now!!! 

This is what a student thinks exactly after the academic failure. 

But it is not true at all that your family and friends will hate you. Both know you better. That is why they never judge their capabilities.

Moreover, they know, that this time you might be unable to put your best. Or you might not show up your learning capabilities. 

That is why it is always better to spend some time with your family and friends. This will not only feel better but also motivate you to do well the next time. 

Stay apart from negativity

Ohh!!! You got fail… Now, what will you do!!!

This is what the people say to you. Therefore, it is better to stay apart from these kind people who comment on you.

Moreover, stay motivated to keep ongoing. Remember, you are the one who knows you better. 

Therefore, never pay attention to people’s comments or ignore the negative things lying around you.

Try to talk to the people who can motivate you to look forward.

Appreciate your previous work

I did what I could, but never mind… I will do even better this time…

Exactly!!! You have already put a lot of effort into doing your best. Therefore, appreciate the time and effort that you have put in.

Failure also helps you to understand and polish up your skills. That is why learn things from previous work and add the knowledge to new learning.

Suppose you find that the previous time schedule was not up to the mark. Change it this time and work according.  

So, acknowledge your work as you have previously researched and learned something from it.

Academic failure is not just about reexamining the study methods and techniques but also a chance to do even better. Take it as an opportunity to understand and learn about your flaws and stay determined to achieve your academic goals. No matter what the result was, you have done your best. Now, this is the golden chance to work for your dream score. Remember, this is the second time that you can work well to get the desired result.
So, get up, courage yourself, move forward, learn more, and embrace failure!!!


As I have already mentioned that causes of academic failure are not dependent on a single individual. There are several reasons for this. Now you may be sure about the causes of academic failure.

There are hundreds of ways to improve the academic performance of students. The most basic method is to pay attention to the curriculum, improve students’ confidence, and most important, arrange enough resources for the students.

The school and colleges can also arrange some interactive sessions that are the best way to discover the student’s requirements.

As statistics experts, we know that academic failure also depends upon the assignment help. Low-quality assignment help always leads to you academic failure. Get high-quality R assignment help and R homework help from our experts to avoid such failures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the main cause of failure?

Lack of Persistence
Lack of Conviction
Poor Self-Esteem
Lack of Discipline
Fatalistic Attitude

Q2. What are the causes of falling grades?

The teacher is not very good.
Lack of motivation.
Goofed off.
The subject matter is very difficult.
Difficult study environment. 
Didn’t do homework.
Miscellaneous poor attitudes.

Q3. How do you deal with academic failure?

Remember the following points to move forward after the academic failure:
Calm down. 
Always ready to make hard decisions. 
Have other life dreams. Remember, you are not just living only for academia. 
Always think sideways. 
Prioritize all things straight as success does not compete with happiness

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