SAS vs R : Which One is Better for Statistics Operations

Today, I am going to share with you the comprehensive difference between SAS vs R to find our which one is best for statistics operations. Lets Start with the definition of both these technologies:-

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System. Nowadays SAS has become one of the major choices of every business. That’s why it is becoming the market leader in commercial analytics space.

SAS offers a variety of functions along with a great UI. These features help the individuals to learn this software at a rapid speed.

Apart from that the individuals also get technical support whenever they require. SAS is a bit costly and doesn’t provide the latest and most effective statistical functions.

R is an open source programming language. It was developed by the researchers. That’s why the majority of professor and researchers are using R.

The best part of R programming is that it is an open source programming language. Due to its open-source nature, all the latest techniques get released immediately with R.

This language is having plenty of documentation along with the community to helps its users whenever they get into trouble using R.

SAS vs R

1. Availability / Price

As I’ve already mentioned that SAS is commercial software, not an open source. It is one of the most expensive statistics software. Majority of professionals are not able to purchase SAS.

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But the majority of large enterprises are using this software. That’s why it is holding the larger market share than R. In other word SAS is not for an individual rather than it is for the organization.

On the other hand, R is an open source software. Therefore anyone can download it and use it by paying any charges. Price is a big concern between SAS vs R.

2. Ease of learning

SAS is easy to learn for anyone whether it is a professional or the beginner one. Basically, SAS works on PROC SQL which can be easily understood by the individuals who already understand the SQL. Apart from that SAS also offers great UI to the users along with plenty of tutorials.

These tutorials are quite helpful in understanding the SAS software. In addition, it also offers that complete user manual whenever you purchase the software.

On the other hand, R is a tough programming language. It is quite tough for the beginner to use the R programming language.

It requires lots of efforts and dedication to master the R programming language. R is a low-level programming language thus it needs a write a longer code in it.

3. Progress in the application

R is an open source programming language, That’s why it always get the latest features faster than SAS. On the other hand, SAS provides the latest features in the new updates.

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The development process of SAS is now becoming faster. On the other hand, R used by some of the professors in the past. The best part of SAS upgradation is that all its latest features analyzed in the managing environment.

On the other hand in R there are not well-analysed features comes when we get the latest update of R., In fact, R provides an open source community where the programmers and researchers do their contribution to make R better.

4. Statistical Capacity

Nowadays SAS programs and SAS stat pack a strong pack. In addition, it covers virtually the entire techniques and statistical evaluation. On the other hand, R is an open-source programming language.

Any individual can submit their program and contribute in developing the libraries of R. In this way, the most advanced cutting edge techniques always released in R. With the help of individual efforts, CRAN is holding more than 15000 programs.

In addition, there are some of the most advanced techniques like GMLET, ADABoost RF can only be accessible with R. Other than that you can also obtain some experimental programs using R. Some of the most powerful data miners also use R to construct their models.

On the other hand, SAS is paid software with technical support. SAS is used in several mission duties, where other techniques are unable to be premettired to creep in.

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All the latest development and new statistical techniques are always checked before the release of the new software.

5. Customer care support & community

R is known for its largest online community. R is an open source language that’s why there is no customer care support. If the user faces any problem with R then he/she can ask for the help in the R community.

On the other hand, SAS software provides dedicated customer care support along with the community. Whenever the user faces any problem with the SAS software, they can ask for help to technical support.

On the other hand, if they want to stay updated with the software features and new releases. Then they can ask the same in the community.


In the end, we can say that there is not a solid winner between SAS vs R. Based on the points above, we can’t say that anyone them will going to predominate the other one. You can choose the best one on the basis of your conditions and needs. If you need R programming assignment help you can take the help from our experts at a nominal cost.

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