Easy & Best 50+ Python Projects for Beginners In 2023

python projects for beginners

Python is one of the most demanded, popular, and future scope programming languages. Python is a powerful language because it is used in machine learning and Artificial intelligence. Python trend is continuously going on 2021 and beyond. Python can be a difficult language to learn. You can not learn python theoretically because programming languages learn by practice.

You can work on such projects that improve your python knowledge. If you are a python beginner, you should start working on python projects. In this blog, we will cover 24 python projects for beginners.

Why are python projects important?

Project-based learning is a method in which students learn something new and solve real-world problems and challenges. Programming projects are very useful for beginners because they learn high-level skills. Projects help to build your skills and programming knowledge. Some main points are shown below why are python projects important.

Projects boost your confidence: Projects boost your confidence because you work with real tools and feel excited to code. You will feel confident while you identify your weak points.

Technologies: When you work on live projects, you will learn new tools and technologies. You can develop a project easily with tools. Some software development tools are GitHub, Git, GitLab, IntelliJ IDEA, Stack Overflow….etc.

Software Development Lifecycle: If you develop a project from scratch, you will learn the Software development life cycle. SDLC (Software development Life Cycle) is a very important process of software creation, maintenance, or release. As an SDLC paradigm, you must learn to develop a project in an optimized and organized manner. Some points that you learn to create a python project.

  1. Plan before writing the code
  2. Execute the code
  3. Testing process
  4. Fix bugs
  5. Deploy the code
  6. Update the software product 

Master the concepts of Programming: Project is a term that is also defined as practice. If you want a master’s in coding, you should continuously practice. We all know that “Practice makes a man perfect.”The best way to learn python programming is to work on projects. You can become an expert programmer if you work on building projects. You can learn something new from projects.

But sometimes, it can be difficult for students to build python projects for beginners. A lot of questions come to mind whenever you think about project ideas. How to start a python project? Where can I start a python project? What makes a good project? Don’t worry; statanalytica experts are here to help with python projects for beginners. Our experts are available 24/7 for python project help.

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20+ Python Projects For Beginners

Here, you can learn the 24 python projects for beginners. These projects are useful for the final year, and you succeed in your career as a Python developer.

  1. Mad Libs Generator
  2. Guess the Number Game 
  3. Text-based Adventure Game
  4. Hangman
  5. Dice Roll Simulator
  6. Contact Book
  7. Countdown Timer
  8. Email Slicer
  9. QR Code Generator
  10. Binary search algorithm
  11. Password Generator
  12. Desktop Notifier App
  13. Tic-Tac-Toe
  14. Rock Paper Scissor game in Python
  15. Python Story Generator
  16. Photo manipulation in Python
  17. Animal Quiz Game
  18. YouTube video downloader
  19. Fibonacci Number Generator
  20. Pattern Printer
  21. Convert Roman Numbers to Decimals
  22. Snake Game
  23. Online Multiplayer Game
  24. Fahrenheit to Celcius Converter

Above all are some beginner-friendly python projects that you should definitely try. If you will be perfect for the beginner’s level then you can move on to the intermediate or advanced level.

13+ Python Projects for Intermediate level

Below are some of the intermediate-level python projects that you should try. 

  1. Calculator
  2. 2048 Game in Python
  3. Currency Converter in Python
  4. Random Password Generator
  5. Memory Puzzle Game
  6. Reddit Bot
  7. Text Editor in Python
  8. Random Wikipedia Article
  9. Alarm Clock
  10. Python Command-Line Application
  11. Instagram Bot in Python
  12. Steganography
  13. Slide Puzzle Game
  14. Python Pacman Game
  15. Directory Tree Generator

13+ Python Projects for Advanced Level

Here are some 15+ advance-level python projects: 

  1. Speed Typing Test
  2. Bulk File Rename/ Image Resize Application
  3. Content Aggregator in Python
  4. File Manager project in python
  5. Library Management System 
  6. Web Crawler
  7. Music Player
  8. Price Comparison Extension
  9. Expense Tracker Project
  10. Regex Query Tool
  11. Instagram Photo Downloader
  12. Quiz Application
  13. Graph Creator
  14. Face Mask detection using Python
  15. Intrusion Detection Using CCTV
  16. Credit Card Fraud Detection
  17. Sentiment Analysis

Check a Python program to Create an animal quiz

def check_guess(guess, answer):

    global score

    still_guessing = True

    attempt = 0

    while still_guessing and attempt < 3:

        if guess.lower() == answer.lower():

            print(“Correct Answer”)

            score = score + 1

            still_guessing = False

            if attempt < 2:

                guess = input(“Sorry Wrong Answer, try again”)

            attempt = attempt + 1

    if attempt == 3:

        print(“The Correct answer is “,answer )

score = 0

print(“Guess the Animal”)

guess1 = input(“Which bear lives at the North Pole? “)

check_guess(guess1, “polar bear”)

guess2 = input(“Which is the fastest land animal? “)

check_guess(guess2, “Cheetah”)

guess3 = input(“Which is the largest animal? “)

check_guess(guess3, “Blue Whale”)

print(“Your Score is “+ str(score))


Guess the Animal

Which bear lives at the North Pole? polar bear

Correct Answer

Which is the fastest land animal? tiger

Sorry Wrong Answer, try again

Check a Python program to Create a Dice Roll Simulator

import random

x = "y"

while x == "y":
	# Generates a random number
	# between 1 and 6 (including
	# both 1 and 6)
	no = random.randint(1,6)
	if no == 1:
		print("[	 ]")
		print("[ 0 ]")
		print("[	 ]")
	if no == 2:
		print("[ 0 ]")
		print("[	 ]")
		print("[ 0 ]")
	if no == 3:
		print("[	 ]")
		print("[0 0 0]")
		print("[	 ]")
	if no == 4:
		print("[0 0]")
		print("[	 ]")
		print("[0 0]")
	if no == 5:
		print("[0 0]")
		print("[ 0 ]")
		print("[0 0]")
	if no == 6:
		print("[0 0 0]")
		print("[	 ]")
		print("[0 0 0]")
	x=input("press y to roll again and n to exit:")

Check a Python program to Create a Currency Converter

# Python program to convert the currency
# of one country to that of another country

# Import the modules needed
import requests

class Currency_convertor:
	# empty dict to store the conversion rates
	rates = {}
	def __init__(self, url):
		data = requests.get(url).json()

		# Extracting only the rates from the json data
		self.rates = data["rates"]

	# function to do a simple cross multiplication between
	# the amount and the conversion rates
	def convert(self, from_currency, to_currency, amount):
		initial_amount = amount
		if from_currency != 'EUR' :
			amount = amount / self.rates[from_currency]

		# limiting the precision to 2 decimal places
		amount = round(amount * self.rates[to_currency], 2)
		print('{} {} = {} {}'.format(initial_amount, from_currency, amount, to_currency))

# Driver code
if __name__ == "__main__":

	url = str.__add__('http://data.fixer.io/api/latest?access_key=', YOUR_ACCESS_KEY)
	c = Currency_convertor(url)
	from_country = input("From Country: ")
	to_country = input("TO Country: ")
	amount = int(input("Amount: "))

	c.convert(from_country, to_country, amount)


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From Country: USD 

TO Country: INR 

Amount: 1


1 USD = 77.69 INR

Check a Python program to Create a Speed Typing Test

# importing all libraries
from tkinter import *
from timeit import default_timer as timer
import random

# creating window using gui
window = Tk()

# the size of the window is defined

x = 0

# defining the function for the test
def game():
	global x

	# loop for destroying the window
	# after on test
	if x == 0:
		x = x+1

	# defining function for results of test
	def check_result():
		if entry.get() == words[word]:

			# here start time is when the window
			# is opened and end time is when
			# window is destroyed
			end = timer()

			# we deduct the start time from end
			# time and calculate results using
			# timeit function
			print("Wrong Input")

	words = ['programming', 'coding', 'algorithm',
			'systems', 'python', 'software']

	# Give random words for testing the speed of user
	word = random.randint(0, (len(words)-1))

	# start timer using timeit function
	start = timer()
	windows = Tk()

	# use label method of tkinter for labeling in window
	x2 = Label(windows, text=words[word], font="times 20")

	# place of labeling in window
	x2.place(x=150, y=10)
	x3 = Label(windows, text="Start Typing", font="times 20")
	x3.place(x=10, y=50)

	entry = Entry(windows)
	entry.place(x=280, y=55)

	# buttons to submit output and check results
	b2 = Button(windows, text="Done",
				command=check_result, width=12, bg='grey')
	b2.place(x=150, y=100)

	b3 = Button(windows, text="Try Again",
				command=game, width=12, bg='grey')
	b3.place(x=250, y=100)

x1 = Label(window, text="Lets start playing..", font="times 20")
x1.place(x=10, y=50)

b1 = Button(window, text="Go", command=game, width=12, bg='grey')
b1.place(x=150, y=100)

# calling window

What You Will Expect After Mastering Python Project Ideas?

After mastering Python project ideas, you can expect to become a proficient Python developer with a full understanding of programming principles and best practices. 

You will have worked on various projects, including web development and data analysis, and be able to apply your knowledge to solve actual issues. 

This knowledge will prepare you for a career as a software developer, data scientist, or in any other python projects.

Moreover, expertise in python project concepts can lead to various exciting opportunities. You may contribute to open-source projects, work with other developers on innovative projects, or even launch your own software company. 

Which Project Platform Should You Use?

You may be wondering which project platform should you choose for your python project. It is very crucial to develop your software project on a specific platform. As a result, others can use your product, specifically those who lack technical expertise. Web, desktop, and command-line are the three main platforms on which developers build python projects.

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Web applications are those projects that can run on the Web. The web platform is the best for public use because anyone accesses web applications with the help of the internet. Web applications are dynamic websites that use server-side programming to perform tasks like interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases, and displaying results in browsers.

The web application project has two parts back-end and front-end. Back-end refers to servers, applications, and databases, while Front-end refers to the user interface. If you focus on your web application, you must know HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

If you work with python web projects, you can understand the front-end and back-end systems. Python-based web frameworks are Django, Pyramid, Web2py, TurboGears, Flask, pylons, and CherryPy.

Examples of Web Applications are webmail(Email for yahoo programs and Gmail), online banking, spreadsheet, and word processors. Many Applications like Social Networking, eCommerce, Shopping Cart Applications, Blogs, Content Management systems, etc. 

Web Applications are a very demanded project. Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets and cloud storage, and online sharing calendars are web applications.

Desktop GUI

Building a desktop application is the best project idea for freshers and intermediate-level Python developers because desktop applications are widely used by people all over the world. If you are developing desktop GUIs (Graphical User Interface) then no need to learn front-end technology.Many Python Frameworks for desktop applications like PySimpleGUI, PyQt5, Tkinter, Kivy, wxPython, etc.

Once you’ve created a desktop GUI, you can compile it into executable code for any operating system (Linux, Windows, or macOS).


The term “command-line applications” refers to programs/ Applications and applications that you can interact with entirely terminal and shell. There is no need for graphics or visual interfaces in the Command Line application for the users to see. In command-line applications, users can enter their input or output commands through ASCII. It has been a popular python project in recent times. Command-line applications, by definition, necessitate a certain level of command-line technical knowledge. They aren’t as user-friendly as web or desktop applications. In python, various command-line frameworks like Click, docopt, Plac, Cliff, Cement, and Python Fire.


In this blog, we have covered 24 python projects for beginners. We also covered the intermediate and advanced levels of python project ideas. You should begin with basic Python projects, then move to intermediate Python projects, and finally, advanced Python projects. This python project topic will help your confidence, python skills, and knowledge.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are some mini python projects for beginners?

Some mini python projects for beginners are:
1.Dice Roll Simulator
2.Guess the number game
3.Random password generator
4.Binary search
6.Rock Paper Scissor game in Python
7.Python Story Generator
8.Photo manipulation in Python

How do I create a project in Python?

In order to create a project in Python, you need to create a directory that contains a file named “project.py”. This is the file that will contain the code for the program.

3. How do I choose a Python project as a beginner?

As a beginner, choosing a project that matches your current skill level and interests is important. You should start with simple projects that do not require high level coding.

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